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14-08-2007, 14:54

|Empire Army List 2000 Points – Anti-Dwarf|


 Karl Franz (350) | (Dwarf Lord killer)
ە Ghal Maraz (30 pts)
ە Imperial Pegasus (50 pts)

 Captain of the Empire (50) {Battle Standard Bearer + 25 pts}
ە Armour of Meteoric Iron (25)
ە Sword of Might (15)

Core Units

 20 Halberdiers (100 pts)
ە Sergeant (8 pts)
ە Standard Bearer (8 pts)
ە Musician (4 pts)
 8 Free Company (40 pts)

 20 Halberdiers (100 pts)
ە Sergeant (8 pts)
ە Standard Bearer (8 pts)
ە Musician (4 pts)
 10 Free Company (50 pts)

 15 Halberdiers (75)
ە Sergeant (8 pts)
ە Musician (4 pts)

 10 Huntsmen (100 pts)

 10 Handgunners (80 pts)
ە Marksman (3 pts)

 10 Handgunners (80 pts)
ە Marksman (3 pts)

 10 Handgunners (80 pts)
ە Marksman (3 pts)

Special Units

 3 Great Cannons (300 pts)

 15 Greatswords (150 pts) | BSB attached
ە Count’s Champion (12)
ە Musician (6 pts)

Rare Units

 2 Helblaster Volley Guns (220 pts)


14-08-2007, 16:06
what sort of army compesition does he have - ie whats in it??

14-08-2007, 19:28
er how should i know? :confused: he's expecting a magical army though thats all i know :evilgrin:

14-08-2007, 22:20
erm karl franz is a littel weak sitting on his peggy, a mean one good cannon will knock him off and see him walking for the rest of the game, think Barbed steed and a unit of knights to give a littel kick

15-08-2007, 09:57
pegasus has 2 wounds plud being a flying creature travels 20". we play on a 6 foot x 3.5 foot table.

15-08-2007, 10:44
Yeah, and two wounds don't help much when he's hit by a dwarven cannon or two do they? ;)

You know, this list is not legal. You may only have one single unit of huntsmen (can't see why you'd want two anyway). Dwarfs are perhaps the only army huntsmen aren't that useful against. Oh and you can not have 9 huntsmen in a unit. You need 10, and the marksman is 6 pts, not 3.

You're trying to outshoot him aren't you? With 6 pieces of artillery and loads of ranged weapons you only have 2 fully ranked units! This is a major flaw.

Get rid of a cannon and a helblaster, and one of the halberdier regiments's detachments each. (four warmachines would be eonugh). Coupled with one or two dumped units of huntsmen that will give you around 400-500 pts to spend on more infantry or cavalry.

I'd suggest a unit of Greatswords with full command and a detachment or two (they're great against dwarfs and if you stick your bsb in the unit and have the halberdier units on the flanks then you'll have a solid centre) and perhaps a big unit of inner circle knights to stick Karl Franz (on a steed) in.
If you don't want him to be on a barded steed then that's fine - it's your choice. But really, I think you need more combat units, and greatswords would be ace against dwarfs. Stubborn with reroll from the bsb, full plate and great weapons ^^

Oh and you might want to consider giving your bsb the armour of meteoric iron and perhaps a magical sword.

If you don't think the dwarf's will move then you might want to take crossbowmen instead of handguns, for that extra range.

15-08-2007, 16:50
ok i agree about the two wounds. but with a warhorse he's even weaker.

the huntsmen are there to rear flank his war machines (we always play with forests). They will at least hold off one crew. my gnoblars succesfully took out two crew squads (6 crewmen) in another game. Huntsmen will do the trick.

about the cavalry - NO. in all my games cavalry did absolutley nothing except panic the state troops by fleeing. Skinks annihilated a squad of knights in one of my games and from that day on i knew i had no luck with cavalry, at least until i get better.

i did like you said with the greatswords.

all dwarves have heavy armour at least. Crossbows wouldn't do the trick against dwarves.

15-08-2007, 20:07
He'll not be weaker since he'll get a look out sir save :) but hey it's your army. If you can keep him from getting shot then the pegasus might do wonders.

Okay. Well I suppose 100 pts huntsmen are worth holding off a 100ish pts dwarven cannon. You still can't have two units though. Pity you can't take skaven assassins ;P they rock at killing dwarf crew.

Okay, maybe you should stay away from cavalry then ^^ Come to think of it, my empire knights flee quite a lot too :P

Cool. Good luck with the greatswords then. I think they'll work very well.

Yeah maybe you're right. Just make sure your handgunners are close enough to the enemy to fire at them even if they don't move.

Good luck fellow empire general :)

15-08-2007, 20:19
I agree with most that has been posted. I would drop the free company though. The benefit of the detachment system is that you can take out the rank bonus of any unit you charge or that charges you. that is crucial against a dwarf army that desperately needs its combat res. I would get a few more captains to dish out stronger attacks. The rocket launcher is actually a better machine than the hellblaster now. Most dwarves castle up in corner, so even if the rockets stray, they'll land on something. Strength five is nasty with the big template. A captain on a pegasus might be effective as a second warmachine hunter if you can keep him from being shot the first turn.

15-08-2007, 20:49
I'd suggest knights would win you the game here, they are pretty much the only thing you can depend on to make it into combat, apart from a big unit of flaggies.

Your general is safer on a horse as he gets a 'look out sir' roll if in a unit, protecting him from the artillery.

I'd also take a helstorm over the helblaster if possible

Again, crossbows would mean that you are firing out of his handgunners range, and if he's on a hill (and what dwarf player isn't?) you can have a nice big unit in a tight formation and still get all your shots in, you won't kill too much perhaps, but its low risk and this unit can capture the corner at the end. A unit of 18 will kill 2/3 dwarfs a turn on average, wiping out the typical unit of 10 handgunners by turn 5. If he moves, thats a turn not firing at something else.

Von Wibble
16-08-2007, 10:14
Dwarfs are noted for standiong back a long way. So if you're going to outshoot him, outshoot him with things with range.

Therefore crossbows beat handguns. If he has thunderers you have a free shooting phase, if he has crossbows you prevent him from getting a free shooting phase...

Similarly Helstorm > Helblaster (imo Dwarfs are the one army for which this is true!)

With magic I go all or nothing vs dwarfs. Nothing is fine.

KF's Pegasus is very easily shot. If you intend him to snipe war machines I would suggest dropping him for 2 captains on pegasi. If you intend him to counter attack then leave him on foot. Either way KF on pegasus is not optimal.

Once you have shot enough of his army to force him forwards you need combat muscle of your own. Also true if he does go aggressive (possible if he knows he will be outshot), and if he uses Miners. As you're already going for missile troops then standard swrodsmen should do the job - WS4 and detachments hopefully being enough.

This is a risky strategy in general. If he has heavy shooting and first turn or if you have some bad misfires, it will be over quickly...

16-08-2007, 17:12
helstorm has some bad misfires, including harming my own troops - and i cannot afford that. plus there are 3 ways it can go wrong - first arty dice, scatter dice and second arty dice.

about swordsmen. i already worked with out using the to hit and to wound charts, and i found that halberdiers are much more effective against dwarfs.

17-08-2007, 19:52
I WON THE GAME!! yeahh. i beat his flame cannon and a cannon with my warmachines. My Karl Franz planned worked - i challenged his lord and won!! My huntsmen thing worked too. I ended up with a 1 on the misfire table for my volley gun :mad: and his miners distracted TWO of my war machines, but then the Greatsowrds came to the rescue ;)