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14-08-2007, 21:35

After playing around with the dwarf from Skullpass, i've decided to take a good look at the other armies and my eye fell on Beasts of Chaos.

I've bought the book, a beastman regiment and karakh one eye for starters.

After reading the rules about "Raiders", the book refers to a "Mob Rule" when it comes down to charging. I've been checking all units & special rules for this "mob rule" and my skullpass WHFB pocket rulebook is in dutch.. so couldn't find it in there, read the whole piece about skirmishers and charging and such. It all seems clear to me. but this "it's described under Mob Rule" nags me.

Could anyone help me clear this out? Thanks for reading in advance!


14-08-2007, 21:56
Ignore that bit.

It just means that they form up like skirmishers at least 4 models wide,then all gors are moved to the front along with the command groups.

Not quite sure why its called mob rule though.....maybe its a 40k term.

14-08-2007, 22:29
thank you very much!

15-08-2007, 05:25

Slowly, slowly....

Beastmen Raiders have a special rule when it comes to charging, they need a certain percentage in range to be able to charge... they do NOT charge the same way as other - more normal - Skirmishers. And they do not form up like other Skirmishers.


15-08-2007, 11:05
as stated in the rulebook under "raiders" page 18 ^^