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14-08-2007, 22:52
Hi, i just got the orc and goblin codex, before i start i play skaven and chaos and this codex was a breed between the two extremes and I LOVED IT!!!, and i was wondering if i could get some help with a 2k list.
my rough ideas are:
black orc warboss on a boar heavy armour (gunna leave brackets to show magic items some will be blank because i don't know what to equip)

orc shaman boar lv2 (amulet of protectyness,dispell scroll)
black orc big boss battle standard heavy armour()
2 goblin shamans wolves (2 dispell scroll 2 on one one gobbo? or one each?)

25 boyz full command
25 boyz full comm
25 boyz full comm
20 goblins
20 goblins(bullet shields? or panic buffers?)

25 black orcs full comm shields
2 spear chukkas
1 rock lobba

if we cap wargear for battle standard and warboss it will come to 1992pts
any suggestions? i was thinking of dropping the war machines and one group of orcs for fast cavalry, maybe wolfies or spiders? also wargear options what you find work would be great please, all comments welcome good or bad!.
thanks in advance

14-08-2007, 23:12
Well i dont have the Orc n Goblin book but it seems to me that most of your heros are mounted and you dont have any cavalry units to put they in, you should probably either take away the boars/wolves or add boar boyz and wolf riders.

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15-08-2007, 09:33
its ok as mounted heroes can join normal foot units so thats fine, just the extra armour save
also try giving one goblin the dispel scrolls and the other the sneaky staff of stealin,
give the black orcs the extra attack or movement banner
use goblins to put breaks between orc units so they dont panic
make a unit of orcs biguns and give them the remending magic banner
and final get some fast cav lol, spider riders or wolf riders both are very good