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14-08-2007, 23:53
With the loss of the Legions, LATD, customizable lords BLAW BLAW BLAW, Basically everything we have all read or said over and over again; everyone not playing chaos is saying it's more balanced. So I figured "Let's make them eat their words and wish they had left the legions alone."

Anyone with access to a new codex. Please read, reread and tripple read, then post any and evey possible CHEESE thing we can think of here.

If you can think of a new combo, post it.

If you find something missing that can be used to our advantage, say it.

If you find a typo paste it.

The powers of the empire used to shudder at the mention of chaos with visions of un-Godly Deamons and Iron Warriors. Dispite our loss of our brethren, lets remind them of this horror. While they all chant balance, lets remind them of The Power of Chaos and scream Death to the false Emperors 40k and Let their Galaxy Burn!!!

14-08-2007, 23:55
Department store clerks across the universe tremble in fear.

14-08-2007, 23:59
God damn, I hate those people who claim they have an emporium but its actually totally just a single shop.

15-08-2007, 00:07
There's more than one? I really doubt Andy Chambers (Who works for Blizzard now) or Rick Priestly would care.

15-08-2007, 00:21
Ah, common. There's enough new chaos book bashin here on this foum, Not sayin it doesn't deserve it, which I for one really TRUELY believe it does. I'm just tryin to put a spin on things. Everyone keeps saying "Quite compaining and make it work." So, I fige lets do it. Lets make them wish the Iron Warriors were back. Lets make the CHEESIEST ARMY LISTS we can come up with and keep using them until they finally stop saying it's balanced.

Common, try it. It might actually be fun, and isn't that what this game is all about? Fun and Crushin your enemies.

Things I've noticed right off the bat.

Fabius can corrupt space marines without the statements that they must be unmarked, allowing him to corrupt all CSM troops until a new FAQ comes out.

You can now use Two named charectors to saticefy you HQs.

Greater demons only count as HQs for army comp and scoring purposes. You can now use one of them and two other HQs.

This means Two Demon princes if you want, or a named charectore and a DP.

Plasma cannons are available for Oblits. They now more pricy, and heavies, but plasma cannons? cool.

You can have an HQ of one mark leading an army of a totally different mark.

Marks can be mixed and matched. You can have bezerkers with Tsons and both count as troops not elites.

I heard something about using two DPs with whips to do some cool combo, If anyone know how that goes, p-lease repost here.

So while we all whipe our eyes, me included being a word bearer and IW player, lets try to have some fun, and CRUSH THE EMPIRIAL SCUM THAT KEEPS TELLING US NOT TO COMPLAIN DUE TO BALANCE WITH OUR NEW FOUND CHAOS ........


15-08-2007, 00:25
This thread isn't closed already? Strange.

15-08-2007, 00:27
Daemon Prince
-Mark of Slaanesh
-Warp Time

gg next map

Green Shoes
15-08-2007, 00:59
Don't you mean DP of Slaanesh with Wings and Lash?

15-08-2007, 01:04
No, definitely not.

An Init 6 Monstrous Creature striking at Str 6 with re-rolls to hit AND wound on 4 attacks is not fun. Not fun at all.

15-08-2007, 01:20
Take two of those!

Fabius can upgrade only Chaos Space Marine units, not berzerkers, noise marines, etc.,. However, there is nothing stopping one of them from having an icon...

15-08-2007, 01:31
But you've got to set things up for the trio of vindicators that are soooo much better than all the other HS choices. Lash has more of an overall effect than overkilling 1 model in close combat.

And don't forget to include your 5 man chosen squads. 2 with all plasma and 1 with all melta. They infiltrate!!! Maybe go with a slaaneshi icon and a slew of power weapons. For variety.

And of course, you will want to make that coin toss to choose between plague marines and thousand sons (and nurgle or tzeentch bikers). I mean, you can ignore everything else in FA or troops. Maybe take a bit of both?

Huh. At this point, I can't tell if I'm being sarcastic or not.

15-08-2007, 01:34
Dear RUSSADER hear my voice for its the voice of champion off chaos for more than 8 years 4 for of succesfull unchallenged campaign.Its a tragedy indeed...i havent fully read the new codex merely because it makes me sick(nurglitch sick):(.Older codexes put to shame this new abomination.its not enough that chaos had been completly forgotten until the medusa campaign now the foulings off the emperor make our codex U-S-E-L-E-S-S.I feal you pain and anger my friend wich is the reason im planning a new army list to crash those loyalists under my big chaos boot... DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR

15-08-2007, 01:50
I played EC, and after being totally screwed over by the new codex made a new list, which somehow ended up being mostly tzeentch. I'm also 3-0-0 using the new list. So take from that what you will. It's fun watching the horror on your opponents face as you lay down 3x10 Thousand Son squads backed up by 3 Havoc squads with 4 ML each. I don't think it's that bad, but any enemy squad that moves out of 4+ cover gets nuked...

15-08-2007, 01:54
ahhh by the way since talking for combos,(do these still exist????)if you have inferno bolts and combi-bolter u get re rolls on the blast marker hits since comi bolter allowed both re rolls to hit and to wound
ex.you hit 5 models with blast marker ok?now since the combi allows re rolls u can re roll each five of the attacks(since the combi becomes blast on its profile)plus u can do that 2 since its rapid fire

15-08-2007, 02:56
Heres my agruement with Fabius.

Is a Bezerker a CSM? Yes or no?

If yes then the NEW rules state that fabius can genetically corrupt as many unit of CSM as you want as long as Fabius is present.

If no then don't use bezerkers. Use Knights of blood. They are CSM with the mark of Khorne.

Point is with the new codex a mark does not make the CSM a Bezerker, Tson, DG, nor EC. It makes them a CSM with that mark. They list all of the different CSM chapters for this reason. And the NEW codex doen't say that Fabius can't corrupt marked CSM nore does it say that the CSM that he does corrupt must be unmarked.

Get you heads out of the old rules and into the new. While there was a FAQ for this issue with the old, that one is also obsolete thus null in void. For this reason I do believe that some day there will be a FAQ that says something similar, but for now CORRUPTED MARKS HERE WE COME.

If you keep saying quit complaining and except the new rules then you must do the same.

15-08-2007, 03:00
As CSM are an actual entry in the army list, you would have to interpret the rules as written in that you may only effect units of Chaos Space Marines as bought from the Army List. So yeh, any CSM units with an Icon.

15-08-2007, 03:21
Y'know, from the title of the thread, I was expecting some wild diatribe about recasts and e-bay scams or maybe even GW's "retail partners". I stand before you sorely disappointed... :p

15-08-2007, 04:39
Well since plague marines now get 35pt. Rhinos, why not make a "great wall of rhinos" for them to advance behind

15-08-2007, 05:21
Y'know, from the title of the thread, I was expecting some wild diatribe about recasts and e-bay scams or maybe even GW's "retail partners". I stand before you sorely disappointed... :p

I agree. Instead it's yet another pointless attack on the Chaos Codex which most of us haven't even seen yet.

15-08-2007, 06:09
New Chaos book is not out yet, New Chaos book is looking at renegades, Rumour is that the original leigons that every one loves will get their books either in 4 diffrent books or in one mighty tome, Rumour that a book will be released with lost and the dammed will be in the same book with deamons.
Please think before over-reacting, its just a game

Can this thread be closed?

Grand Master Raziel
15-08-2007, 06:39
Oh dear, what a goofy rant! Let me just run it through Uncle Razzy's patented Rant Translat-o-Tron to convert it into something reasonable and coherent. Behold!

As you all know, come September we as Chaos players will be faced with the necessity of using a new Codex. This new set of rules will require us to rethink our play styles, how we follow themes, and and how we play our armies in order to be competitive. Therefore, I propose we begin to think about and discuss this now, so that we'll be better prepared to make the changeover.

For those of you out there who have assess to the new codex, I would appreciate it if you would offer us your thoughts on what would be effective options.

What useful synergies can we come up with using the new codex?

Are there any rules that require clarification?

What are the little nuances that make this book different from, say, Codex: Space Marines or Codex: Dark Angels?

Since 3rd. edition, Codex: Chaos Space Marines has been the book of choice for those seeking to play the most competitive armies possible. I see no reason why this should not continue being so. Let us pool our efforts into coming up with effective strategies and techniques for using the new codex, so our armies can remain competitive in the coming era.

There you have it, folks! Even the most deranged nob-jockey rant can be made to sound both intelligent and reasonable using Uncle Razzy's Rant Translate-o-Tron! Only $29.95, plus shipping and handling. Order yours today! :p