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15-08-2007, 01:26
Has anyone attempted an all cavalry Orc army?

I came up with a quick list using a Black Orc general on a wyvern, a BSB in a chariot, as well as 2 shaman on boars in a unit of 6 boar boys each, and a single unit of savage boar boys. It also includes 2 units of both spider riders and wolf riders, an additional chariot, as well as giant and a doom diver. The idea is to place the general up the middle with the rest of the army following as fast as possible.

Does this seem to be a valid tactic or would the lack of CR destroy it. It seems that it should do almost as good as an all cavalry Chaos list on paper but we know how the paper tends to lie.

Any thoughts?

Goat T
15-08-2007, 01:48
You need Savage Orc Big Un Boar Boyz. The amount of strength 5 attacks they get are incredible. 6 (with Champ) gets you 31 strength 5 attacks. That will ruin any unit IF they don't target it with every missile, both magical and otherwise. Throw in a Hero with Pig Stikka, and its insane.

I am not fond of Regular Orc Boar Boyz though. Don't seem tough enough for my tastes.

15-08-2007, 12:11
I'm currently running such an army*. I have a project log over at da Warpath (link (http://z3.invisionfree.com/Orc__Goblin_Warpath/index.php?showtopic=18835)) and though I haven't had a chance to use it for a while I'm having a 2500 pt battle tomorrow against Tzeentch Mortals. Anyway, here are some tips:

- The majority of my characters ride around in chariots, simply to free up Special choices. The ability of gobbo shamans to take a Wolf Chariot is especially nice.

- One problem I have found is that it is a bit difficult to find a meaningful way to spend all your points (this is the reason I like Giants) if you just want useful mounted units.

- A Warboss on a Wyvern is probably not such a bad idea (I haven't tried one in 7th edition yet, but I will tomorrow), though running him up the centre is just asking for trouble for no good reason.

- A lack of ranks isn't really a problem, though you need to gang up on enemy units. One unit of Boar Boyz by itself will probably not break very much.

- You will probably want around one unit of fast cavalry per 500 pts in your army

- Other cavalry units are a bit disappointing and generally need a fighter character to help them out, or support from a chariot if you want to break something. I would not put my shamans in cavalry units. They add very little to them and are easier to hurt than the rank and file cavalry.

- Savage Boar Boyz (I field a unit of 6 Big 'Uns with a standard and musician) are nice if you can take care of them. Most useful is the fact that they don't need a character to help them out.

- Squig Hoppers (though technically infantry) are great and add a lot of options to the list.

- Giants are useful in that they can actually take a charge and probably hold.

- Doom Divers have no business being in a cavalry list, considering that their max speed is 4" per turn.

* Actually it is a no-pedestrian army, since it has stuff that isn't cavalry, but it has no greenskins on foot

Varath- Lord Impaler
15-08-2007, 12:28
Ive always wanted to make an Orc Creature army, using as many difference species of creature as i can in one army.

Master Vampire
15-08-2007, 12:33
That would be one fearsome army to face.

I wouldn't try this on VC though. They generally don't break.:D

16-08-2007, 14:53
Thanks for the input. I posted a listing in the Army Lists Forum modified a bit form what I originally had as per the suggestions presented here. I'm hoping that my son and I can proxy the army within the next week or so to test it out.

16-08-2007, 19:52
For two Rare choices, you can have a unit of Ogre Rhinox Riders, the most lethal heavy cavalry in the game. They're 100pts apiece, or with the Bull Rhinox Riders they're 145pts apiece- but I heartily recommend the Bull Rhinox upgrade. The rules can be found on the Canadian Ogre Kingdoms page.

17-08-2007, 18:05
mmm, full unit of bull rhinox riders *drools*- if u take this watch out for shooting that ignores armor, and ive found that standard+warbanner combination makes them even more deadly