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15-08-2007, 02:23
Pretty straightforward. The warpstone charm is on the seer because in the last 2 games I miscast 4 times with him and couldn't get a single spell off.

Grey Seer Tremblewhisker the Cautious, Tenebrous Cloak, Warpstone Charm, Eye of HR, SCREAMING BELL

Warlock Engineer, Full Kit bar pistol, Storm Daemon, Scroll

2x 24 Clanrats, spears, standard, musician - Bell goes in one of these, engineer in the other
2 ratlings (deployed with above)

25 Clanrats, spears, standard, musician
Warpfire Thrower

2x2 packs of Giant Rats

2 Rat Swarms

2x20 Slaves

9 Jezzails

2x3 Tunnel Runners, poisoned hand weapons

Warplighning Cannon

2000 points, 161 models in 12 units to deploy.
PD: 11
DD:5 + 1 scroll


15-08-2007, 18:42
wow.. someone actually taking the bell. Has it worked well for you?

16-08-2007, 08:51
I have never tried the bell either, so am interested how well it works. I think the list could work as is. However, I might try to buy a second warlock engineer and a unit of slaves, by dropping the speers on the clan rats, and reducing both rat packs from 2 to 1. From my expereince having 2 ranks on a rat pack does no good. I buy either 4 or 1 pack. I also think you could drop one tunnel team. With so much shooting, you can probably waste enemy missle fire before your teams appear.

16-08-2007, 11:22
Looks fun. I think you should always go with 4 packs of giant rats, but it depends if you can find the points. Easiest answer is just to join them together.

I think the bell is fun, but best in larger games, say 3000+. The more units it can effect the better it is, but it's up to you at what point you think it's worth it.

16-08-2007, 16:43
its not that magic heavy you get 11 power dice and you spend roughly 600+ pts in characters a better investment would be a seer on foot and 3 locks for aout the same points. Im not a fan of wpn teams anymore just 1 spell or missle unit can and probably will kill them since they gave 1 wound each for a unreal 60/75 pts each Id probably drop them add another WLC boost your tunnel teams up to 4 or 5 man in size and add another slave unit.

16-08-2007, 21:48
As much as I hate skaven, espeially magical shooting skaven. try the bell at least once it can be pretty devestating. Also the slaves are a good choice. The only probablem I see is that army is very small for skaven

17-08-2007, 13:48
not really 3 unit of clanrats and 2 units of slaves is pretty normal for skaven.

I agree about the weapon teams!

17-08-2007, 18:54
the army is a very small skaven army it does nto even break 200 models >.<