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25-08-2005, 01:39

As the title says, I'm just starting out with Lizardmen. I put this list together because it has a bit of everything and it can be active in each phase of the game. I realize that it's a pretty standard build, but I was hoping to get some tips and/or opinions.

Scar Vet Sotek Quetzl CotJW GW LA Shield (148)

Scar Vet BSB Quetzl Sword of the Hornet LA (154)

Skink Priest Lvl 2 Diadem of Power (135)

Skink Priest Lvl 2 2 Scrolls (150)

16 Saurus HW/Shield Std Mus (210)

11 Skinks Blowpipes (66)

10 Skinks Blowpipes (60)

10 Skinks Javelins and Shields Scouts (70)

1 Jungle Swarm (60)

15 Saurus HW/Shield Std Mus Quetzl (228)

3 Kroxigors (174)

3 Kroxigors (174)

5 Terradons (175)

3 Salamanders (195)

Total: 1999

Some things I've been thinking about are:

- Maybe switching Quetzl for Tepok onthe BSB and Saurus. This would give me 2 more DD which gives me even more flexibility with the Diadem. However, if I do that the BSB only has a 4+ AS.

- Consolidating the Kroxigors into one unit of 4, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the survivability of uits of 3, even if there are 2 of them

- Splitting the Terradons into 2 units of 3, with 5 I would be able to be more aggressive with them, but 2x3 gives a bit more options. (Obviously this is tied to taking 1 unit of 4 Kroxigors)

- Since I have a rare slot open, would 2 units of 2 Salamanders work?

Overall I'm pretty happy with the list as it gives me the ability to fight and in the right circumstances I can have a decent magic phase.

25-08-2005, 03:21
round out your units to being either in multiples of 5 or 4 (ranked units) for example 16 man strong or 20. id suggest making one of the vets a Old blood too :) old bloods are vicious

25-08-2005, 05:31
The un-marked Saurus block is 16 strong and the BSB goes with the Quetzl block to make it 16, so I'm covered there. I was thinking about an Old Blood, but I can get 2 Scar Vets for the same points. Maybe I will try it out if I expand to 2250, but I think 2 Scar Vets are a better buy at 2000.