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15-08-2007, 14:05
Well i'm currently in the process of building my renegades army 9using as much FW stuff as i can, but before i put pictures up, i'm looking for some advice, I've already decided that the gas hoods/masks will be blue (to tie in with the Alpha Legion CSMs that will be joining them for their battles, but i'm a bit stuck on the colours for the general uniforms, so any ideas would be most grateful, by the end of the week i should have pictures of the following:
1 5 Man HQ Squad (inlcuding a rogue psyker)
1 Autocannon team
1 Heavy Bolter team

10 Disciples of Xaphan
5 Ogryn Berzerkers
2 Thudd guns

2 55 man platoons

2 Armoured Fist Squads (still need to but a Chimera for 1 squad)

1 Hellhound

1 Salamander

1 Mortar Platoon

and the tank company which consists of

1 Vanquisher
1 Annihilator
1 Exterminator
2 Leman Russ

All Ryza style turrets

15-08-2007, 14:15
looking forwards to this,
if you want any ideas have a look at my bloodpact log, i use alot of simple conversions for the initial models, made from empire flangies so,


15-08-2007, 17:41
cheers G Hawke, not looking much for conversion ideas, but a cloth colour scheme that will compliment the blue for the gasmasks/hoods

15-08-2007, 19:06
I am also doing a renegade army, though not quite as large as yours to start off with, and I am going to use various shades of brown for the uniforms with a sickly dark green for the cloths/gasmasks. If your doing yours blue, why not use various shades of grey for the uniforms in the sort of the opposite to this:


May I be bold and ask what models you are using for your Disciples of Xaphan?

15-08-2007, 19:26
Funny you should mention that, that was the colour scheme for my Elysians!!!

I'm using the Enforcers models as Disciples of Xaphan (is says that the Enforcers come from their ranks), will most likely when i make my next order order another pack and make them into proper enforcers