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guardian angel
16-08-2007, 09:36
Hey all. Now I've played a few more games of fantasy I want to try and make my army more competitive. How do you think this army would fair against all comers?


Arch lec+ha+shield+gw+war alter+VSH=270


Captain(BSB)+barbed horse+fp+sword of sigismund=142

Wizard(Lvl2)+ 2 scrolls=150

Warrior priest+gw+arm of met iron=119


24 swordsmen+FC=169
8 halberds (detach for swordsmen)=40
18 flagellants=180
6 knights+music=146
10 crossbows+music=85


20 Greatswords+FC=230
8 halberds (detach for greatswords)=40
5 Pistoliers+champ+repeat pistol+music=114




The idea is that the arch lec can be a royal pain and charge and challenge the enemys nasty character, the BSB goes with the gswords and the priest with the swordsmen. This should give me a solid centre.

I could swap out the helblaster for the helstorm depending on opponent.

I just can't help but feel I'm lacking troops somehow, hey ho! So how do think it would do?

16-08-2007, 09:40
Personally I'd ditch 1 cannon and get either some crossbows, or handgunners as a detatchment, probably for your greatswords. They can then stand and shoot at any enemy who charge your Greatswords...

Other than that... quite nice. I'm not that big a fan of Pistoliers personally, so I'd change them for more missile troops, but I know som epeople who swear by them, so by all means give them a go.

16-08-2007, 11:18
I would break the crossbowmen into two units and make them a second detachment for the swordsmen and greatswords.