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Cry of the Wind
16-08-2007, 18:09
This is more of a fun list I made for the next 1500pts tourny in my area. Just curious to see what you guys think of its chances. BTW I have no Saurus, just a large block of Temple Guard for my Slann in 2000pts.

Heroes 410pts

Scar-Veteran Tihex
Light Armour
Cold One
Sword of Hornet

Light Armour
Great Weapon

Skink Priest

Core 130pts
Skinks (10)

Skinks (10)

Special 725pts

Cold One Riders (8)
Full Command

Terradons (3)

Kroxigor (5)

Rare 235pts


17-08-2007, 07:47
I think it might do well. I would consider removing 1 cold one rider and giving your priest the diadem of power, so he can either give you 6 enery dice or 7 dispel dice, depending on what you need. That offer alot of flexability in the magic phase.
I personally prefer salamanders to a stegadon if you are not playing with an army standard.

17-08-2007, 08:06
Seems a little (a lot) top heavy. Becareful of fast opponents and war machines...

Cry of the Wind
17-08-2007, 15:53
I chose the stegadon simply because I have a cool model for it ( http://ca.games-workshop.com/Community/Events_Coverage/Conflicts0607/calgary0607/WHBestPainted/CDLizzies006z.jpg )and haven't used him in a long time. I like the diadem idea but am worried that I'll need every Saurus Cav I have to make a dent in the other army when I get there.

As a side, if you were facing this army would you be upset about the composition or would you be laughing at it?

17-08-2007, 20:01
but you can only get 5 COR on average into combat, (based on a 20 strong unit of infantry with a frontage of 5), so no harm in dropping one. it would also free up the saurus from needing to take spawnings of tepok, and give you the opportunity to take something else. ;)

17-08-2007, 20:23
the stegadon is a great model. However, it is tactically inferior to the salamanders. Sallies are really nasty in smaller games.
As long as you know this then have fun!
I would say drop some COR and take some other fun stuff, or more core. You really won't need more than 5 COR and a hero, especially in a 1500 point game.

Cry of the Wind
17-08-2007, 20:32
Thanks for the input. I'd like to put some other stuff in there but my collection really limits me at games below 2000pts. I've got a large block of Temple Guard and more Terradons and Chamelon Skinks (as well as the obligatory Salamanders), unfortuneatly none of that can be fit into this list.

Would dropping a COR for the diadem of power and then switching a mark of Tepok into a Burnsword for the Nike Vet be a good idea then?