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Goq Gar
16-08-2007, 19:37
In my research, I have only been able to find out that:

The orks are here now (and boy are there alot of them) and have been here for a long, long, loooong time. They've been around since the beginning of the imperium, the eldar memory bank thingies know about them, in fact, nobody really knows when the first orks sprang out of the ground (inside joke for ork collectors there), so I want to know where they came from.

Are they from another galaxy? Are they a mutation of a type of plant already existent in the galaxy? Did they arrive, say, as spores clinging for dear life to a meteor?

I want answers.

16-08-2007, 19:43
Well, the 'hardy green skinned Krork' were apparently created by the Old Ones as another Young Race to attack the C'tan and their servants.

The Krork may or may not have been the 'Brainboyz', the rumoured first orkoids who became intelligent and engineered the warrior and slave races of the Gretchin and Orks, respectively, along with developing technology. Common theory has it that the Brainboyz lost their intelligence (because they were eating mind enhancing fungi which died out) and programmed the orks to have specific roles in society (mekboyz, painboyz, brewboyz, etc) with pre-programmed knowledge before the Orks overthrew their masters after eating some of it. It's also thought that perhaps the Snotlings are the remnants of this Brainboy caste.

The Brainboyz could, of course be a metaphor for the Old Ones, with the snotlings and fungi parts being incorrect, but I prefer the above theory. :D

There's also thoughts that Gork and Mork could have once originated as the Orks' equivalent of the warp warriors which the Eldar gods began as, though there's no actual evidence for that.

These Brainboyz were first mentioned in Waaargh! The Orks from Rogue Trader.

EDIT: Some corrections after checking the source material... :)

16-08-2007, 20:20
What Mechanicus said, basically.

I thought I had something to add, but apparently I didn't.

16-08-2007, 20:28
Are they a mutation of a type of plant already existent in the galaxy?

they aren't plants, they have algae DNA tangled in with their own DNA

He who is doom
16-08-2007, 21:27
they are the orks and only the orks

they have no need to try and figure out where they come from but where the waagh is.

the perfect society where the best for the job is the leader

17-08-2007, 17:10
The Old Ones created them towards the end of the War in Heaven. Either the 'Brain Boyz' of Ork legend were the OO's themselves, or were the Ork ruling caste created by the OO's.

17-08-2007, 17:13
They were created as perfect Bio-weapons to battle the Necrontyr/C'Tan threat.

17-08-2007, 19:27
In the ork codex it says they spread as a fungus, literally from spores. Which can survive in space and infect planets completely at random.

As such I can imagine them being one of the hardiest races, a perfect war race.
(In support of what everyone else has said).

17-08-2007, 19:35
Home is where the Waaagh! is...