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zeek jr.
18-08-2007, 11:50
Hey everyone, I have just started a nurgle army and am wondering what you guys think.

so far in my army i have:


30 marines

a dready

2 rhinos

i have just started painting this army and this is what i have accomplished so far

Here is a squad of 10 marines.

sorry about my dodgy camera work.



18-08-2007, 11:56
Wow. Those are pretty damn nurgley.

With those pics it's hard to get an accurate view of how well they're painted though, which is a shame since I don't think those pics do the models any justice.

Hope you can fiddle a bit with the settings of your camera and get a tripod for it.


zeek jr.
18-08-2007, 14:19
ye il try to get some better pics up asap

the varks
19-08-2007, 02:42
hi james looking good, you need a better camera:p, try this article for help http://www.coolminiornot.com/article/aid/130.

zeek jr.
19-08-2007, 03:19
hey here is my latest work on 5 marines from a squad of 10



the varks
19-08-2007, 03:23
it looks good but the armour looks like you painted it bleached bone then dunked the model in brown ink.


zeek jr.
19-08-2007, 03:27
yes marco u could say that although i watered down the ink so it would go into the cracks so it would look like it has built up filth.

zeek jr.
19-08-2007, 08:54
k people iv been working on this lord, converting and painting wise and here is a better pic of the 10 man combat squad which i put up earlier. although the standard bearer is not yet finished put him u anyway because he is part of the squad.




Next i will put up my awsome converted dreadnought;)

19-08-2007, 09:22
Nice and discusting. God bless brown ink.

the varks
19-08-2007, 10:21
i see you did justice to my old chaos lord =]. lookin good


19-08-2007, 12:31
looking good james mate

The Laughing God
19-08-2007, 14:33
Cool, nurgle is my favorite Chaos army. Looks good nice and gross;)

zeek jr.
22-08-2007, 06:57
hey everyone.

soon i will put up my dready which i hve resently worked on, and i have sold a pred t my friend fo 21 chaos marines a spent 3 hours converting them 2 nurgle so now i have:

4 squads of 10 marines

1 squad of 7

and a havoc squad with3 havy bolters and a lascanon

22-08-2007, 11:10
The most recent pics are okay.
I like your plague marines, especially the lord. He's cool.
The bases could use some extra detail though. Maybe some dead grass?

zeek jr.
22-08-2007, 11:37
ye thanks fo the dead grass idea il prob do that cause it fits with the plaguey pestilence look that im looking for with my nurgle

zeek jr.
22-08-2007, 11:41
hey everyone, here is my newly painted dreadnought which took me a good day or so to complete fully, cause of all the layering, its a pain.



22-08-2007, 11:54
hey mate the dready looks awsome im loving it aka cant wait to kill it :P
obly one thing i think u should do is that i think u should give all the nurgly puss bits a highlight ( extreme ).

otherwise awsome model man

zeek jr.
22-08-2007, 11:59
wat colour colour do u think i should do for the highlight it is currently camo green

the varks
22-08-2007, 12:11
dready looks good, thanks for that pred. if u need some dead grass talk to me tomorrow at school. you should highlight the pus with camo green + bleached bone/fortress grey. cant wait to smash you tomorow, hayden.


zeek jr.
23-08-2007, 11:50
hey everyone. after just playing a game with the varks aka marco and ownd his death wings army, my nurgle are now more eger to win and spread disease, and they have now just hired a newly infested deamon prince (yet to convert) and i will have pics of him up soon

zeek jr.
24-08-2007, 02:48
Hey everyone, after being sick 2day (24/8/07) i decided to paint one of my brothers imperial guardsmen.

this is how i painted him:

scorched brown everything except armour
drybrush graveyard earth on the clothing then brown ink watered down and some pva glue in the mix onto the clothing the highlight again with graveyard earth (no drybrushing on final highlight)

for the armour i did dark angels green then camo green trim and red gore patches and white on the edges of that.

the skin i did tanned flesh heavy drybrush dwarf flesh light drybrush then realy watered down brown ink then light drybrush dwarf flesh again

the metal is straight boltgun metal

here is the end result of me being extremly bored. :o


24-08-2007, 09:59
Hes really well done, I'd smooth the camo scheme a bit tho, the whites to heavy

zeek jr.
24-08-2007, 12:00
ye well it only took me 30mins to paint, while i was waiting for my nurgle marines i am working on to dry i painted this, and ye i think the white is to heavy as well il fix him up and chuck another pic up and see wat u think

24-08-2007, 12:01
If thats only 30 minites, thats great, the tunics done brilliantly

the varks
24-08-2007, 13:03
the guardsmen looking great, but i agree with jasevx, the whites to heavy. why did you wag school today? we just played counterstrike all day.


zeek jr.
24-08-2007, 13:08
hey marco, i didnt wag school i was sick i prob got it from u wen u spewed all over me on wednesday, anyway this is a kroxigor i painted for my lizardmen army that took me like 2 hours, i have learnt how 2 paint effectivly that doesnt take that long


zeek jr.
25-08-2007, 12:29
hey everyone, just gunna tell u that i have now nearly finished my second squad of 10 marines which has the latest marines on the log in it the pic with the aspiring champ with a power sword and will have pics of em up soon and i have also added some clump foliage, which is the stuff on the rocks of the kroxigors base above, to my death guard bases and i will also show u how they look soon. stayed turned as i am learning towards 1000 points painted now!!!

14-09-2007, 03:57
Your Dreadnought, i can see the brushstrokes in it, you might wanna work on that.

zeek jr.
14-09-2007, 13:18
hey everyone, i sorry i havnt updated in like 2 weeks, its becuase i am building a new gaming board and have spent alot of time and money on it and it aint finished yet.

i have also repainted my space marine chaplian, which took me a good 10 hours to complete, although this has nothing nurgle based i felt the need to give him a new paint job, which is much better then he was before, and without further adew here he is.

note that since taking this pic i have fixed up his eye and teeth.



the varks
14-09-2007, 13:28
its good but you could have blended the blue and the bone better, and the white swirl on the shoulderpad is a bit dodge.


zeek jr.
14-09-2007, 23:49
ye, i might get rid of the shoulder pad swirl, it was ment to look like the light was shining on it. should i just do the ultramarine sign on it?

marco i dont like blending, 2 much effort for such a little result.

16-09-2007, 06:17
Blending can give good results if you know how to do it.

zeek jr.
25-09-2007, 15:03
yes blending does give a good result if u do it right, but i dont like blending although it is easy i just dont realy like to blend. my next army is and eldar army that wil be blended from light blue into white (winter themed) and will have 95% of the colours blended.

also my comp has a virus and i am typing this from my laptop, so i cant update anything soon, just to let u no that i have about 2750 points of nurgle now and am on da way for apocalypse