View Full Version : Rippers

25-08-2005, 15:32
just wondering where do you get these guys from? i cant see box sets or blisters of them, so where are they from?

25-08-2005, 15:56
You get some (enough to create one ripper base, or if you're frugal with your rippers, more) in each box of gaunts and tyranid warriors.

25-08-2005, 18:29
You can also order archive metal rippers from the GW site, but expect them to be a bit pricy. Under the Necromunda range you can also get Millisaurs and Ripper Jacks which would work well.

If you happen to be a casual player who doesn't care about using non-GW models (like me), you could buy a bunch of D&D miniatures Kruthik Hatchlings really inexpensively (I paid about $4 for 20), cut them off their bases and put them on ripper bases. They look almost exactly like miniature gaunts.