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19-08-2007, 00:45
Well as of last night i picked up Battle For Skull Pass, The Dwarf Codex, The Dwarf Army Box, The Dwarf Lord & Standard Bearer Box and a Grudge Thrower.... $370. And my buddy Barry from the Gw store threw in a slayer lord and a miners command for free.
And all of this will be added to my existing dwarf force.
This is what I own as of right now
2 Dwarf Lords (1 6th ED and 1 from the new box)
1 Battle Standard Bearer
1 Rune Lord/smith
1 Master Engineer
3 Slayers (Lord,Deamon,Troll etc.)
47 Dwarf Warriors
20 Long Beards
20 Quarellers
31 Miners Includeing Command
21 Rangers Includeing Command
8 Iron Breakers
9 Hammerers Includeing Command
50 Thunderers Includeing Command
2 Cannons w/ Crew
1 Organ Gun w/ Crew
1 Grudge Thrower w/ Crew
226 Dwarves 4 War Machines...

Now if you have any advice,idea,tactics etc. or if you just want to say "WOW Thats alot of Dwarfs" PLEASE POST
I havent play Fantasy in years and im not up to date on the little things (or big things for that matter) that have been going on in my absence.

19-08-2007, 00:54
About the post above, I am looking for army list's,tactics or anything else that may come in handy like for example what units I should watch out for, who should I equip with what etc. Im sorry but I didnt think I made my first post specific enough. Thank you for any input.

19-08-2007, 01:22
My ogres could take ya ; )

Well you all you need to make the usual gunline/hide in a corner list...

You should look in the army list page and search for dwarf lists since you obviously have all you need to make pretty much any list you want (although you don't ahve many iron breakers which are my personal favorite)

19-08-2007, 01:56
Ogres? Now Malorian dont ya know the oldest rule in the book? The Bigger they are the harder fall, on top of your general and wipe out his entire squad of hammerers! lol Well yes that sounds about right the whole hide/gun statement. About the iron Breakers, Im not getting anything new anytime soon. I AM FLAT OUT BROKE :cries:: but maybe some day...

19-08-2007, 02:21
they are pretty pricy... but then again I was talking to a friend about how warriors can be iron breakers if you want to. It's all about how you pain them.

Warriors- paint armor to look like leather armor
Hammerers- model with great weapons and paint armor as metal
Iron breakers- model with hand weapon and shield and paint armor as metal (maybe with some gold to look like fancy gromil)

Cheap warriors and basicaly be anything if you want them to : )

Varath- Lord Impaler
19-08-2007, 05:49
kinda boring looking army though.

what you want is the real ironbreaker models, why?


Same with the slayers, even hammerers kick serious ass (but do get monotonous, but check out the details on each model)

Dwarfs are a great army. nothing else like them.