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19-08-2007, 01:46
So I've been playing with low-character WE lists in an effort to maximize model count without ignoring magical defense. This list is for a 'friendly' (we're friends we occasionally bring unfriendly lists) game at 2250 pts.

It is limited by the models I have available but the gist is maximum number of cheapest core troops. I only own 60 archers and 60 dryads so I can't do the 130 dryad list, which was a thought.

Characters: 372 pts
general-Branchwraith lvl 1 with cluster and annoyance 165 pts
bsb-Noble light armor (had some spare points) 92 pts
Spellsinger lvl 1 with dispel scroll (caddie) 115 pts

Core: 1755
6 units of 10 dryads with champions
4 units of 12 gladeguard (didn't have the points for 5 10-man units)
3 units of 5 gladeriders w/musicians


Rare: 120
5 waywatchers

PD 4
DD 5
Models 131

Points 2247

So, 4 march block units, 4 shooty units and enough dryads to be annoying.
5 dispel dice and one scroll won't stop a determined magic phase but with 13(!) core units to shoot at I figure I'll still have something on the table in turn 3.

Thoughts other than what a fargin-bastidge I am to consider taking this? I played with using wardancers which I dearly love but for the points and maxing out model count I'm going with dryads. I'd take more glade guard but wanted to have 3 gladeriders for marchblocking. Could sub in 3 warhawks instead of a gladerider unit but I never seem to use them well.

19-08-2007, 02:28
The problem I see is tha you're too mixed. Unless you play with a lot of hills, all those dryads are going to block LOS of the archers. You also have a lot of combat units but no hammer unit. Dryads are great, but they can't do it on their own. When they take charges they go down fast.

If you could post how you usually play them it wuold help.

On the warhawks, I play with 3 in 2000 and they are great, althuogh I admit I still haven't mastered them. Some opponents aer just too careful to march block with glade riders, but there is nothing they can do to stop you from flying over them. Recently I've tried using them to kill mages hidnig in units and have had mixed success.

19-08-2007, 08:09
Even with 2 units of archers in 2K you can get all your LOS blocked by turn 2 or 3 at times, so I dnt see this as too much of a problem.

Dont forget the Glad eRiders have bows too ;) and they also work well as a decent unit for combat, if you can combine charges, and select your tagert carefully.

I enoy using Warhawks, but they do ake some practis,e and can still be a bit more hit and miss. They are VERY good at Warmachine and lone mage hunting though, especially if used in conjunction with a single Eagle.

Personally, you have decent enough leadership, I'd ditch the BSB. I've never run one in my 2K list and havent really missed it. That would free up 92 more points - easily eough for 5 x 10 Glade Guard.

I think you'll find frontages of 10 easier to use than 12 in all honesty.

19-08-2007, 08:17
... that's 26% of his army that is handicapped because of the other units you took. I take 40 in 2000 with a small unit of 8 dryads behind my free wood in the center with my fast units on the flank daring you to try coming up the center. But between 60 dryads, terrain, and there being more archers, I just don't see you getting your worth of this quarter of your army.

19-08-2007, 08:32
Maybe instead of going for so many units, a unit of scouts in place of 1 may be useful...

I see where you're coming from malorian, but I do disagree with you about the lack of a hammer unit. As long as you can support your charges with other units, then you should be fine, although if you do get charged, then unless you can countercharge nest turn, then your Dryads will fall apart.

I find the key is to try and get the charge, supported by another unit charging in the flank or rear.

19-08-2007, 16:41
The notion would be to have the dryads between and slightly behind the archers for the first few turns while the gladeriders go out and march block. When the opponent inevitably closes the dryads come from between the gaps in the archer units.

Any opponent with more than 10" move will be a shooting priority. The goal will then be to have 2 dryad units charge anything that gets close enough to threaten the archers.

Since the dryads can't negate ranks I'll even throw the archers into the flank of an opponent if necessary (worked spectacularly against a huge block of clanrats last game).

This is not a list I would take twice. It's just something to play around with and go for a surprise factor.

The BSB is really there because I expect to lose alot of combats to static CR with the dryads and letting them reroll should keep one of the two units in most combats.

20-08-2007, 00:11
Well once you play a game with them please write us the battle report.

It'll be interesting to se how it works out : )

20-08-2007, 08:13
Absolutely, do let us know, and good luck :D