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19-08-2007, 16:46
hi all can you give me some feed back on ths list

grey seer
warp scroll
foul pendant
eye of the horned rat

warlock engineer
all upgrades
dispel scroll
storm daemon

heavy armour
battle standard

30 clanrats full command
warp firethrower

25 stormvermin full command
ratling gun

25 clanrats full command

25 clanrats full command

20 slaves
20 slaves

4 poisoned wind globadiers


30 plague monks
additional hand weapons
full command banner of burning hatred

6 plague censer bearers

warp lighting cannon

thanks for looking

20-08-2007, 20:53
Most magic heavy skaven lists focus on shooting. Most troop heavy lists, like this one, features a warlord. I think there is a reason for this, as they complement each other. I guess the list seems a bit unfocused to me. I would definately consider dropping the 4 globadiers in exchange for night runners with two hand weapons (I might drop 2 monks so I could buy 8).

21-08-2007, 13:32
I agree. If you want the seer.. i'd drop the cheiftan and globies for another warlock.

and if you don't have the models drop the Stormvermin for clanrats.

21-08-2007, 13:37
It looks like you're trying to do too many things with 1 list. As has been said, either drop some troops to get more shooting, or drop the seer to get more (many more) troops.

Personally, I think there's nothing like seeing a horde of rats on the battlefield, so that would be my opinion, to get many many more rats, and field them in units of 30 or more.

Also, the slaves really need to be in a unit of 40, rather than just 20's