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25-08-2005, 20:23
Me and a friend who are both into networking and games are thinking of making a MMOG based on 40k. It would be a top down affair maybe like baldur's gate (but probably block based like... other online RPGs) with the emphasis on gameplay and not graphics. The idea would be to start off small like just a pit fighter affair with pistols and guns, fine polish, exand the game to enclude experience points, fine polish, implement an outside world with NPC et all, fine polish and just keep expanind and polishng untill the game reaches it's optimal size.

Here are a few questions.

1) Would the GW allow it?
2) When using copyright are they allowed to stop me if I aknowledge I am not officially GW and I'm not making money?
3) Any other possibe ideas for other "universes" I could use?

I was also looking into making an instant messaging server with chat rooms that could be used by portent users. it would be based on jabber which is supported by www.trillian.cc the trillian instant message client.

Any interst?
Anyone wanting to help?

Rabid Bunny 666
25-08-2005, 20:26
sounds cool, but wrong section ;)

25-08-2005, 20:29
I somehow doubt GW would allow it - unless it was a shareware game, then they would possibly allow it.

25-08-2005, 20:32
why shareware, it would be free? I was thinking an open source client actually, ooh and I've ammended my post above to include an IM server, s what do you think of that?

25-08-2005, 20:38
You wouldn't be allowed to take any donations of any sort to support the game so be aware before you get to far in. Could get expensive.

I guess if you make it very, very, painfully clear that you are in no way associated with 40k you might just be able to get away with it. Of course you could just ask GW UK legal team very politely, might be benifical to give them forwarning and direction before you start...unless they say no anyway...

25-08-2005, 20:41
That is a good call actually, I'l ask I'm just worried about the agreement with THQ really. Was it that they would be the only people allowed to make games based on 40k or was it just the right to make games for however long?

HOw's about the IM server though, good idea?

25-08-2005, 20:57
I'd like to help, I'm a portenter, 40k player (well mainly Fantasy but also a bit of 40k) and also a bit of a wannabe-programmer.

I know some very basic C++, and UNICOMAL.
I can do HTML also, so I could maybe help with the website.

So if you need a basic coder, I'm your man!

25-08-2005, 21:45
hey cheesejoff, I was actually thinking of Python, it's a very simple language and open source. Python is going to be used because, 1) It's free 2) It is the best language for rapid prototyping and google use it for this purpose 3) There are many extensions and because it's open source these tend (though don't have to be)free. Far more than with most other languages.

But... I would also be looking for creative people to help with level, character and game mechanic design, so if you want to help I'm sure we could find many uses for you.

25-08-2005, 22:04
I'd love to help creatively.

25-08-2005, 22:16
Here's a plan --- anybody wanting to help on either of the projects wite just a quick cv in this format.

Which project: (ie the chat server or the mmog)
related skills: (None are neccessay even for the chat servers as we would need channel opperators)
prefered role:

That should just about do it, also there is that free to use fluff universe with it's own planets in 40k that was being created on portent. Has that been carried over here as I haven't seen it?

25-08-2005, 22:36
Name: Grey (you might get the real name if you ask real nicely :p)
Email: grey_painter @hotmail.com
Project: MMOG
Related skills: Indepth fluff knowledge. Has played games in past.
Prefered role: Advisory capacity and ideas man. I saw a great job title on the credits of the Warrior Within game, have to look again and try and find it.

Brother Smith
26-08-2005, 02:21
Promise me its gonna be true to the fluff... pleeeeeeease? *puppy eyes*

26-08-2005, 11:00
IIRC THQ's agreement with GW si an exclusive deal to produce games based on the 40K universe. Its for a set number of games, with options for extension etc (naturally)

Therefore, I would say it's highly unlikely that this project would be allowed. Firstly you'd have to get past GW's legal team (tricky, even if you dont accept any donations...) and then THQ's in all likelihood. They wouldnt want anyone treading on their toes.

You never know, they may decide to do something similar in the future...

Jaq Draco
26-08-2005, 12:22
The perfect example of a system to use for a MMORPG would be something along the lines of Inquisitor.

Character development and character focus, with a strong narrative, thats what most MMORPG's need

so follow Inquisitor, mind you with GW's permission, and you have a good grounding for a great MMORGPG

26-08-2005, 12:34
Name: Brian
Email: Big_Bear_Scot@Blueyonder.co.uk
Project: mmog
Related skills: C++, Java, Direct3D, OpenGL. I could probably pick up python relatively quickly.
Prefered role: Any, but preferably in the programming side of things

I guess you guys are going to use a library like pygame or something like that. I really don't have experience of creating a client/server application apart from a Uni coursework that used Berkley Sockets(with Java).

I also agree that basing it off Inquisitor might be a good idea, I own the rule book to so I have read through it again and I will post some thoughts on how we could adapt the system for a PC game.

26-08-2005, 18:12
Well, if the gw don't send a cease and desist I was going to be true to the fluff, why else doit, so people are going to nee to check over stuff for inconsistencies. I was thinking of setting it on a hive planet like (but not) necromunda

And once I've got it going my plan will be to create a set of tools so that to put together a mission create an NPC or design an are will be simple. So think tick boxes and premade tile textures.

If anbody has any good ideas or things they would like to see in the game then post it here.

26-08-2005, 18:35
Well, this is just the sort of thing I was suggesting here:


I've actually been thinking through the mechanics for a Necromunda version of UrbanDead. Working out the stats etc. Here's my "CV" in case I can be of any use:

Name: Odin

email: there are spamming programmes which pick up email addresses from the web, so I don't really want to put it here. You can PM me though of course.

Which project: MMOG

related skills: good at coming up with ideas, working out mechanics, stats etc. pretty good art (if you want very simple pictures to represent the "blocks", decent fluff knowledge

prefered role: Ideas man, stats, art input.

The copyright thing may be a problem though. Without donations it will be hard to get a good enough server, and with donations GW Legal may just have you hung, drawn and quartered. Best to check with them first. If they say no, then you could do something along similar lines, but different. Hell, they can't copyright the word "Inquisitor" can they.

26-08-2005, 18:53
It wouldn't be too hard to get an alright server, I have a mate who has a few ex-commercial server full AT rigs which I could probably get on the cheap. And I'd just host it in my attic. Most of the computation would be done client side, and it would all be text based so it wouldn't be all that load heavy.

But the donations thing is really annoying me.

A few Questions
What character classes would people likle to see?
What Trades would you like to see?
What areas Would you like to see?

How about we start off just doing an automated version of "Arena of death" (with a few tweaks) and if they send a cease and desist we just rename it.

I've just been reading your thread and the two are totally mergable.

** Hardcore client and server talk**
I was thinking of getting the game not to run over a web page (neccessarily) but via a client and the client connects to the server over IRC. Maybe this could still be done but could use Flash MX? This i so it will be easier for other people to create their own clients as IRC is a very basic protocol (or maybe as an addon for MIRC) the cclient side would probably use winbot (an eggbot for windows) as it has gone GPL recently and would be the perfect platform. Or maybe there could be a bot plugin made for Bersirc as they are planning to add Python scripting to it soon.
** End of Hardcore client and server talk**

///// New addition /////

Well I've just started looking into flash as a viable platfrm and been told about habbo Hotel so a persistent MMOG is clearly possible with this technology. But whether a) It will be an efficient use of CPU time b) It will be the easiest/best way to develop the client and server c)Gw fluff will be used is all up in the air at the moment.

Ok as I've just read it is possible to create an IRC client in flash (and it's open source) but it needs a gateway. Ideally this would be the best way to do it as it web based and does not need a downloadable client and therefore (like Python) could be used on many OSs without porting it. Altough that will mean in effect another server... I dunno yet, I'll have to way up all the pros and cons.

27-08-2005, 09:35
Name - Gordon
Email - joff@addlebrain.com
Project - Preferably the MMO
Related Skills - Some programming knowledge, and I could start learning the Python language. Good with ideas and stats and whatnot. Reasonable knowledge of 40k background.

Started learning Python. Looks pretty good, but what compilers are you guys using? We should use the same one in case different compilers handle arguments slightly differently.

28-08-2005, 09:46
What character classes would people likle to see?

I'd like to see progressional classes rather than fixed ones. So say, for example, a gaurdsmean starts as a conscript, then gets promoted to regular, then sergeant, etc.

Perhaps we could include a branched system later on, like prestige classes. We could use prestige classes for a lot of things, like maybe Imperial Asssassins, or Eldar Aspect Warriors.

What Trades would you like to see?

It depends really. I think player trading shouldn't really be done between certain races, I can't see an Ork bargaining with a Space Marine!

What areas Would you like to

The entire 40k universe! :p At least the most well-known planets/areas at least. Actually, will we be allowing players to travel form planet to planet?

01-09-2005, 12:24
On the subject of whither or not something like this would be allowed, yes it would be given you follow some basic rules:

#1 non-profit, you cant make any money at all from it, period.

#2 No GW artwork at all, nothing, and nothing that could be considered GW IP. Draw it all yourself and dont use pictures of models just to be sure. Even if there just place holders use your own work. There really tetchy about this.

#3 have a disclaimer like this: http://www.rivalspecies.com/disclaimer.php

#4 dont use anything GW has as a copywrite as its name, they go after that too.

those are some basic rules about it. They will let you do it so long as you dont annoy them in any way.

03-09-2005, 10:18
Name - connor
Email - eggboythefirst@hotmail.com
Project - playtesting! :D
Related Skills - playtesting? websites,stuff?
Hey if you do make it i could lay out the basic foundations of the website (but not servers) i could do it on tripod, freewebs....