View Full Version : 700pnt Mordoian

20-08-2007, 11:51
My current evil army, works pretty well at the moment, though Im sure it could be upgraded to something much better

-One Ring

Orc Shamen

23 Morranon (sp?) Orcs
12 - Hand Weapon shield
11 - Spear Shield

I am temtped to try and fit in an Orc Banner in there somewhere, or replace the Shamem with a Captain but not too sure

20-08-2007, 19:44
Again, it's a pretty small army, because of expensive figures.

In my tournament experience, I'd expect this army to get shot quite badly. With only 25 figures, one only has to kill 13 of them, and the force is broken. And unfortunately, it doesn't matter how damned hard Sauron is, when his army crumbles around him, the scenario will be lost.

The orcs are the weak point, in other words. Any good player should be able to pick them out. To pull a 40K parallel, it's like necrons and a monolith. Kill the necrons, phase the army, ignore the monolith.

What are you usually playing against with this list?

20-08-2007, 20:36
The army tends not to crumble with both a Saurons stand-fast which is impossible to fail and Frenzy from the Shaman

Im normally against Mounted Rohan and Grey Company atm

Ill be honest most games I play my force does get to that breaking point quickly, but like I said I play it so all of the Orcs are within Saurons Stand Fast - which is impossible to fail considering it will fail on a Double 1 AND I get that free will per turn