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25-08-2005, 19:43
As I said in the title I'm new to Warhammer (I play 40k) and I'm thinking of starting Ogres. I have a box of Bulls and I am thinking of buying the Battalion box as well as a Tyrant to start off. My question is how many points would all the units add up to. I am just trying to gauge the cost of this army. I would have a Tyrant or Bruiser, 2x6 bulls, 4 ironguts, 4 leadbelchers, and 24 gnoblars. I would probably give the bulls light armor, iron fists, and full command, and have the rest of my units similarly tooled up (unless this is a terrible idea). If I could get the amount of points these models add up to that would be great. I don't need individual units point costs, just this is about a 1500 (or whatever) point army.

I do no think that is against the rules, but I could be wrong. Sorry if this is the worong forum for this.


25-08-2005, 19:48
With a Bruiser, that comes out to about 1300 points depending on magic items. Adding a Butcher and another unit of Gnoblars would bring you up to the 1500 mark.

25-08-2005, 19:53
If you take those:
Bruiser, 2x6 bulls, 4 ironguts, 4 leadbelchers, and 24 gnoblars

and add a butcher in it (which is a very good idea) you would get pretty close to 1500points.

And you can't get a Tyrant because he's a Lord and Lord can only be taken at 2000points or more.


25-08-2005, 19:58
well, tryants are fairly costly, so with atyrant, bruiser, butcher, and what you have there, along with another unit, or a hunter, could make a nice 2k

i played a similar army today and beat them though....
eh, its all down to tactics i guess...

25-08-2005, 20:33
Thanks for the quick replies, guys! It looks like my ogre force will be started...someday...after my Lost and the Damned...and then there's the Black Templars...oh well, eventually.

Oh, am I correct in assuming that 1500 points of fantasy is about 1000 pts of 40k, and that 2000 of fantasy is about 1500 of 40k?

25-08-2005, 20:40
Pretty much, I don't play 40k, but thats the picture I have gotten.

2000 points is the 'standard' and its when you can include a lord choice.