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20-08-2007, 22:19
This is my first Batrep. I am using a cool battle report generator program I found on warhammer-empire.com. My list is pretty accurate, while some of the Brettonian list is from memory(I never saw his list).

Vampire Counts

Necro lord w/Cloak of Shadow and Obsidian amulet
Necro w/Power familiar
Necro w/Staff of Damnation
Necro w/Book of Arkhan

23 Skellies w/full command
23 Skellies w/full command
23 Skellies w/full command

6 ghouls
6 ghouls
6 ghouls

5 bases Spirit host

5 Black Knights w/banner

Black Coach


Green Knight

Paladin w/ Banner of the Lady & Virtue of duty

Paladin w/Biting Blade & ??

Damsel level 2 w/ ??

10 bowmen w/stakes

10 Knights of the Realm, war banner
10 Knights of the Realm

5 Mounted Yeomen

3 Pegasus Knights

30 (ish) Grail Reiquae/Pilgims

Field Trebuchet

This is what deployment looked like. We were playing on a 5’ x 6’ space, so our deployment zones were 18’ in.
Brets = Blue w/ pink characters
VC = Grey w/black characters.

Bowmen in the corner, then Yeomen, the 3 Pegasus, mounted Damsel, Grail pilgrims, Trebuchet, KotR, KotR.


Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls, then 3 units of skellies partially behind the spirit Host, then the coach, and the black knights.

He prayed for the blessing, so I got the first turn.
I moved all my units forward in the movement phase, raised 5 zombies in front of his Damsel, and then I used Vanhels to dance the zombies into combat, and more Vanhels to push my Knights as far forward as possible. I did have one miscast as I failed to get off a Gaze of Nagash on the Yeomen. The Damsel killed one zombie (or was it her horse?) and the undead inflicted no damage. The battle was a draw.


Bretonnian first turn.
His Pegasus knights charged my ghouls who fled to safety. He moved his Yeomen and KotR, as well as bumping the Pilgrims a bit forward. His trebuchet shot wild, while in the combat phase the Damsel held on and forced another draw.


VC second turn.
On the left my ghouls charged the Pegasus knights who held, and my Black Knights charged the trebuchet while my ghouls rallied. The trebuchet crew fled, only to be run down. In the magic phase I used Vanhels to charge the Black Coach into the flank of the closest KotR unit, bolstered the unit of zombies fighting the Damsel, and raised a new unit of zombies on the left just behind the engaged ghouls. The Peg knights saved any wounds the ghouls managed to inflict, but the ghouls somehow held on. The coach managed killed one knight, but then lost that wound due to combat resolution. The Bretonnian character was only Str 4 and so needed to roll sixes to wound the coach. The zombies fighting the Damsel finally did a wound, won the combat and chased down the slow moving sorceress (she rolled 8” for her flee).


20-08-2007, 22:21
Bret turn two.
The Green Knight appears and rear-charges my unit of Black Knights and the Yeomen pass their fear test and charge my Spirit host in the flank. The pilgrims fail their charge against the spirit host, and the unengaged unit of KotR passes their terror test and move into better position.


The Peg Knights break the unit of ghouls and slam into the zombies. The Yeomen take two wounds and flee, the Green Knight kills 2 Black Knights, but takes one wound in return, and another due to combat res, would have been a nice time for a killing blow. The Coach continues to tarpit the KotR it has flanked.

VC turn three.
Both units of ghouls charge the Peggy Knights, the Spirit host gets a flank charge on the battle Pilgrims, and the units of skellies move toward the action and the zombies who killed the Damsel shuffle around. In the magic phase I bolster one unit of skellies and Vanhels it into the unengaged unit of KotR.


The ghouls kill a Peggy Knight and the zombies add a rank and we outnumber; the Knights flee and are run down by swift moving zombies (11” pursuit). The Spirit host inflicts eight wounds, but six are saved, and the pilgrims are stubborn so pass their test with ease anyway. The Green Knight kills the remaining Black Knights while the coach and the unit of KotR it is flanking just grind away and it is apparent that this combat will not end soon. In the heat of battle neither my opponent nor I remember that he may turn to face me when he wins combat. My skeleton unit has charged his other unit of KotR and takes a few wounds for its trouble. The necromancer in the unit only takes one wound despite being a high-priority target. In combat res I lose big time. The Banner of the Lady kills my rank bonus, and he has the war banner, and a bsb, and the banner of duty, and some wounds. I lose another 8+ models due to combat res.

Bret turn three
Not much movement, just his bowmen moving to get a shot at my zombies, which maybe kills one or two. His yeomen fail to rally, and the Green Knight moves to flank my Coach.


The Spirit hosts end up losing one or two wounds due to combat res as does the coach. The Necromancer falls among many skeletons, but the unit still stands.

VC turn four.
I move all my unengaged skellies, ghouls, and zombies toward the action. In the magic phase I raise more skellies to bolster the engaged unit, and put lost wounds back on the coach. The Spirit host continued to under perform and lose a base due to combat res. The coach and the skellies do their jobs as tarpits. The coach is too hard, and the skellies too numerous to shift.


20-08-2007, 22:22
Bret turn four.
The Green Knight charges the Black Coach and after combat res the Coach only takes two wounds. The Spirit host finally does some wounds, but the pilgrims won’t be bothered to run away. The Yeomen are off the table edge. The bowmen seem to be forgotten.


VC turn five.
Not a lot of movement past some shuffling of undead feet. I do not want to charge into any combats and risk giving up even more wounds due to combat res. I boost wounds where needed and wait it out. The Spirit Host does a few more wounds, and the Coach loses one wound. Skellies die by the dozen, blah blah blah.


Bret turn five.
Nothing new happens. The pilgrims hold, many skellies die, and the coach is reduced to only two wounds.


That is when the battle ended due to time constraints. It was a minor victory for the Vampire Counts. I was able to tarpit him perfectly, and obviously had him totally outclassed in the magic phase. I advised him to put his Damsel in a unit when facing undead, and we talked about how he could have changed facing against my Black Coach. He had so much combat res in the one unit of KotR I was shocked. If only I had some decent troops to target his rather vulnerable and expensive BSB. The Spirit Host did ok, but I did not need so many bases. It was a good game, and so I thought I would try to make a batrep out of it while the memories were fresh.
All comments are welcome.

24-08-2007, 13:27
I'm happy to read that you advised your opponent to put the Damsel into a unit before killing her, she should never ever have been out in the open, what was he thinking? Nice report, thanks for posting.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
25-08-2007, 04:52
Enjoyable report after i finish high elves and dwarves i want to play v counts

31-08-2007, 12:25
Nice rep! If you like using those graphics, try this ones: http://lwhfb.lorenzonuvoletta.com/

An example of how I used them is here: http://www.tutore.org/warhammer/lastbattle.html

04-09-2007, 23:37
Always nice to see a victory for the Vampire Counts.

maze ironheart
08-09-2007, 14:05
Very sporting telling a person that he should keep his damsel in a unit great battle.

10-09-2007, 04:56
Yeah I never really saw a use beyond 3-4 bases in Spirit Hosts, beyond that its kinda a waste of points imo.

Nice combat report btw, but I have one question

and we talked about how he could have changed facing against my Black Coach.

Where is that in the rule book, all I could see was that in the following combat he can "change the location of the command" not redress ranks, as that requires a movement phase, and you do not have one in combat. Just asking because I would like to know that in the future as no one I know has tried to do this against myself in neither the RTT's or the campaigns I have been in, and its between 3 different locations.

10-09-2007, 14:18
Where is that in the rule book, all I could see was that in the following combat he can "change the location of the command" not redress ranks, as that requires a movement phase, and you do not have one in combat. Just asking because I would like to know that in the future as no one I know has tried to do this against myself in neither the RTT's or the campaigns I have been in, and its between 3 different locations.

The info is on page 46 under the heading 'Free Manoeuvres'. Basically if a unit wins combat (as his knights did) it may increase the number of models in the front rank, or perform a free turn to face thier enemies.

Thanks for all the comments eveyone. :)