View Full Version : Shooty dwarves 1000 pts.

21-08-2007, 13:03
:evilgrin:Hia! Here's a list I made for fun, just to see how it would turn out. Well, I think its not too bad, but prolly wouldnt surrvive many battles. It relies upon good dicerolling (what army doesn't?:evilgrin:) and cant really stand up to anything in CC...

Still, if you are a bit lucky you can blast a whole army back to wherever it came from before it even reaches you! Of course, against shooty armies switching the thunderers for quarrelers is very important!

Well, here it goes:


- great weapon
- oath stone (no flanks or rears if dropped as response to a charge)

Master engineer
- dwarf handgun
- great weapon


10 Thunderers
- shields

10 Thunderers
- shields


1 cannon
- Master engineer goes here
- entrenched (considered in hard cover and behind obstacles)

1 cannon

14 Ironbreakers
- standard bearer
- champion


Gyrocopter (to prevent marching:evilgrin:)

All together: 999 pts...

Let me nkow what you think of it, and remember this is just a fun list, nothing I would actually play with (I think :D)

21-08-2007, 13:22
Why wouldn't you play with it? It's a great/nasty list!

If you want to make it less evil... drop a cannon and ironbreakers and use regular warriors or longbeards.

21-08-2007, 13:42
Yeah maybe you're right! I think I'll try this one out and see how it goes:evilgrin:! But then again I might switch the Ironbreakers for regular warriors pluss some runes on cannons if I can afford....We'll see... Feel free to give more response though! The list can still be im[proved I think!

21-08-2007, 14:35
I played 1000pt yesterday, with a more balanced list that had close to as much shooting but still had some decent cc.

I had thane runelord 20 longbeards, 20 warriors for cc.
Shooting i had 10 thunderers, organ gun and 2 botlthrowers with eningeers.

cannons are really hit and miss, you could try 2 boltthrowers instead of the second cannon

master engineers are really expensive in my opinion, for that price you could get a boltthrower with and engineer and still have spare points. I find their RoI kind of low.