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22-08-2007, 10:54
Now I originally posted this list in another thread, only to find out that it wasn't the right list being I was doing it off the top of my head. So putting the proper one in here for people to critize or critique it. I also want peoples own opinion to it, and tbh the last 2 times I put the army on the table I even was accused of being a power gamer. Which imo I'm not, since I usually try to aim my list around a theme to it, but also in a balanced manner. Now I even went as far as that my Vampires all have names...and erm...their own fluff...lol. But I am not going to post all of that here, so without further ado...my list! :D

Seigneur Stéphane de Helling (Count)
Barded Nightmare, shield, lance
Red Fury, Heart Piercing
Black Pariapt, Ring of the Night
Level 2 Wizard
=367 pts

Monsieur Grégoire de Theophilus (Thrall)
Heavy Armor, Shield, Great Weapon
Red Fury
= 120 pts

Herzog Friedrich Von Zumwald (Thrall)
Heavy Armor, Shield, Great Weapon
Red Fury
= 120 pts

Todeshändler Franz das faulige (Necromancer)
Spell Familar, Level 2 Wizard, Book of Arkhan
= 140 pts

Core Units
Entsetzliche Wölfe (Dire Wolves) x5
= 50 pts
Entsetzliche Wölfe (Dire Wolves) x5
= 50 pts
Ghouls x8
= 64 pts
Ghouls x8
= 64 pts

Special Units
Ernster Schutz (Grave Guard) x19
Shields, Banner of the Barrows, Full Command
= 322 pts

Garde Grave x19
Shields, Full Command
= 277 pts

Chevaliers Noirs (Black Knights) x9
War Banner, Full Command, Barding
= 290 pts

Spirit Hosts x2
= 130 pts

=1994 Pts
= 4 Dispel Dice, 5 if I save

Now Originally in another post about VC I made a buu buu thinking I was accidently running 2 war banners..and everyone wondered why it wasn't noticed...and I know I had 9 people who have played for years look over it without a problem...then when I looked at it again today noticed I posted that one up wrong. Oh well, so to let it be known, as it stands I now have 8-0-3 with this list.

Anyone see anything wrong with it or any way I should...tweek it any? Not trying to sound bloated with that 8/0/3 stat...but sometimes even when you think its perfect...it might not be in everyone elses eyes, and you could have over looked something.

22-08-2007, 23:15
I see it being much faster than most VC armies (but I suppose that's the point, correct?).
Personally I've never seen VCs done in this manner but if it works for you, then go get em.
I've always felt that the General needs to be on foot with a nice, big, fat unit of skeletons behind him. But then again, that's just me.
Working with your theme, how would a banshee fit in there fluff wise? Perhaps the long dead wife of your Count or Thrall? A tortured maiden who was once victim to your undead antics? Just a thought. Could be pretty sick.
And BTW I don't see it as a power list, but it's really hard for me to see any army build as power-hungry...

22-08-2007, 23:35
I ran a banshee with the list a few times, unfornately most of my opponites are either Frenzied, immune to psychology, or high ld. That and for some reason I roll ass with my banshee lol. Like no joke, last time I used her, was against a unit of skanks with blowpipes, rolled a 3 for the test...I was like...okay dice, this isn't my test to restrain my skeleton roll here, whats up!?

I have always thought about giving a Winged Nightmare a shot, but I really don't like how much the cost. Not to mention most armies can put a hero on their 2nd level steed..and VC's can only put a Lord selection on them...which isn't to my liking, or else I'd have a thrall on one for rear area raiding, since characters don't need to be within 12'' of the general to march.

23-08-2007, 00:47
Az, I like this list. My only complaints are that you might not need so many thralls (but that isn't crucial at all), and that 2 spirit hosts are a little weak. Despite being etheral, you really need them at 3 or more, because if your opponent outnumbers you and ahs any ranks, banners, etc., that's when you will start taking wounds. 3 hosts gives you a chance to outnumber them and actually beat them in combat, causing an autobreak.

P.S. - banshees rock! And your lord will better survive in the unit of knights (skip the flying nightmare - too easy to cannonball, etc.)

23-08-2007, 01:30
Yeah I am hoping that with the new VC War book that they allow Thrall's on Nightmares, already heard they going to give them the option to pay 25 points to be a level 1 wizard (basically means that Nech's get the ability to make them a level 2...scary eh if they do that.)

I mainly run the spirit hosts at only 2, since I hide them in forest along with my ghouls, and they usually go in with them, other wise I would run them 3+ if not for the fact they are the ghoul's back up :D

Oh crap made a typo too, its 8x ghouls in each unit...oops, oh well ill go fix that now. I was think wait...7x8 isn't 64...gah.

23-08-2007, 01:41
Thralls are already allowed to ride on knightmares...just not the winged variety :P

Looks to be a decent enough list.

Winged knightmares do work rather well,although they suffer from being large targets...which is the main problem,a cannon can shoot you if you land on the flank of a unit,if they werent large targets this problem would be alleviated.

That said,they do hit mighty hard and they cause terror which is always fun.

23-08-2007, 01:53
yeah I ment winged nightmares, which would make thrall's a lot more appealing to people then always running a lot of necromancers. That and it wouldn't be bad if something like the the Wristbands of Blackgold to work for the mount as well as the rider on the mons. creature.

23-08-2007, 11:56
It's almost the same as my list :P hehehe
but mine is a little faster becouse I dont like spirit hosts and gouls :P
and I have more to magic dice

I played a few times with a winged nighmare and it works :)
keep your winged nighmare out line of sight from shooting war machines
you can hide behind big buildings/mountains and other big and high terain
you can drive your dire wolfs to the warmachines ;) (that's my tactic)

and verry imporetend if you want to make it work give him ALWAYS this 2 magical items
- enchanted shield
only 10 points but than you have your 1+ armour save (+4 full plated, +6 riding, 5+ enchanted shield, so totaal +1 armour save)
-wristbands of black gold
for 30 points +3 ward save agains missile fire of anny kind ;) (BELIVE ME IT WORKS)

good luck with your list it's verry nice 1 :)