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22-08-2007, 12:48

Tried a search but got nothing.
Vampire Thralls can wear armour as they have no magical abilities to prevent them from doing so.
Necrach, Strigoi and Lahmians are specifically not allowed any armour at all.
Blood Dragons have plate armour standard.
Now Von Carsteins...
Thralls have the option of wearing armour and thus can get magical armour but there is no mention of upgrades for armour in the count/lord options so does this mean they cannot choose any armour, be it mundane or magical?

I am quite prepared to accept the fact that they are magical and thus cannot wear armour and cast.

Just curious if this was a mistake by GW (god forbid a mistake!)


22-08-2007, 12:56
You've accurately stated the rules. They can wear the Armour of Bone if they like and still cast, but no other armour is available to von Carstein Counts or Lords. If you want fighting Lord-level Vampires in armour, you'll have to go with Blood Dragons.

P.S. wearing armour does not stop a Wizard from casting spells, it's just that most wizards do not have the option.

22-08-2007, 14:14
Yeah thanks EvC.
I was just trying to see if I had any waggle room.:D

Guess I'll have to go for wristbands of 3+ward save (black gold) against shooting and hope he can get into combat to do some real damage.

Now, what would black gold look like?


22-08-2007, 14:28
Like white gold but darker.....

My mate found out the hard way about that aprticular rule..he just assumed(or so he claimed,probably true..but you can never be too sure with that guy).

Anywho,he announced mid battle that his general had a 1+ armour save,to which I told him he couldnt have that,then proceeded to prove my point.
I said he could carry on with his 1+ save if he wanted,he declined.

Daemonkin why do you want the wristbands anyway?
Most people tend to put their vampires in units,where they cant get shot at anyway,the wristbands will be of little use to you there...unless your against things that can specifically target him....seems I answered my question.

Black gold is just like white gold,only black instead of white.
So...shiny black effectively.

22-08-2007, 14:39
That's the correct interpretation as the rules are lined out now, but bear in mind that the Vampire Counts book is very old, from a time of looser and often varying definitions. I can't recall spesifically how armour restrictions were worked out back then, but I'm pretty certain the underlying intention is that Von Carsteins can choose magical armour. So while it's not technically legal per se, I don't think your friends would have problems with it.

22-08-2007, 15:28
Unwanted: I hear what you are saying but it just seems wrong coming from a Slaanesh force to not have any protection at all for my lord character. The wristbands of 3+ ward have the best save for their points. Now, admittedly its only against shooting and I am planning on having my lord on a barded nightmare - 5+ armour in a unit of black Knights although for the smaller battles he may be on foot in a unit of skelies with the tomb blade or sword of battle and just count on his I keeping him alive to strike first.

Makaber: I think the guys would allow me to play as you have stated but just in case they don't I wanted to cover myself. I don't see why they would specifically target Necrarch, Strigoi and Lahmia as saying they cannot wear any armour if it only applies to vampire thralls anyway.

The option is pretty clear in the hero option that BD and VC can have armour but yet as a bloodline rule the other 3 cannot have any armour.

Possibly the intention was to give the lords/counts the same option but was just left out and we are looking into it way too much.

Then again, as counts have magic listing they cannot wear armour and cast as they are wizards with the exception of blood dragons who pay for it by losing a power dice.

Now I am totally confused!


22-08-2007, 16:47
It means you could give your Von Carstein Count an armour, but he couldn't cast spells if you did.

22-08-2007, 17:54
No, your posts in this thread are sadly wrong. Even in 6th edition you couldn't give a von Carstein Count armour magic or mundane, otherwise the army book would allow it. The intention was to allow Blood Dragon spellcasters to wear armour in exchange for weaker magical abilities, whilst von Carsteins lost out... but could take a very nice Talisman instead.

22-08-2007, 17:59
It's so weird ... If Van Carsteins can't take magical armour, why was they omitted from the list of bloodlines that couldn't? Then again, I should learn not to be surprised when GW edition shoots itself squarely in the foot.

22-08-2007, 18:02
Von carstein thralls are perfectly able to take mundane and subsequently magical armour.
Lahmians,necrarch and strigoi are not.

It was not stated that they cannot take magical or mundane armour as that would not be true.

They merely omitted the ability to take mundane armour for the counts and lords as this would interfere with their magical abilities.

I reckon thats the only way to think of how it may have come about without the designers and rule proof readers making a rather large and pretty damn obvious error.

22-08-2007, 18:03
Ah, well, you are correct- GW did mess that bit up (They admitted as much in the FAQ) somewhat. But basically, von Carstein Thralls are allowed to take whatever armour they like, whilst the Lords cannot, again because of the magic divide. I expect in the 7th edition update most Vampires will be able to take armour if they so choose.

22-08-2007, 18:05
It means you could give your Von Carstein Count an armour, but he couldn't cast spells if you did.

Only Blood Dragons can take magic armour, as they are the only vampires with the option to take mundane armour.

EDIT: Beaten by a long shot; that's what I get for going looking for my VC book :(

22-08-2007, 18:11
I'm sure if you scour our resonses you'll be able to find a good few things to take apart ;)