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23-08-2007, 07:22
This is my 2500 points list, the result of many games and tactical thinking... I did fairly well with this (or a similar list, I use this as a base), winning a tourney and a bunch of other games. I'm open to changes though, so please tell me how do you think you can beat this list (feel free to post lists which can put me in trouble too). Please, no comments such as "with army X I will turn your deployment zone into a parking lot" or similar, unless you have some real hints to give...

So here we go:

RUNELORD (general)
Anvil of Doom
Rune of Stone
MR of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking (I can go also with three Spellbreaking)
395 p.ts

Great Weapon
MR of Gromril, Rune of Preservation
MR of Challenge
134 p.ts

Great Weapon
74 p.ts

Full Command, Shields
205 p.ts

Full Command, Shields, Great Weapons
MR of Grungni (mandatory, as there are many empire gamers at my club)
285 p.ts

110 p.ts

140 p.ts

140 p.ts

Full Command, Steamdrill
215 p.ts

Full Command, Shields
MR of Slowness
262 p.ts

Both with Engineer, Rune of Penetrating
One with Rune of Burning
175 p.ts

Rune of Forging

120 p.ts

120 p.ts

This sums up to 2500 points. The metagame at my club is pretty much varied, even if we have more empire players all armies are played, so I would appreciate advice on all.

The plan is simple and effective: I usually deploy in a corner or on a little part of the field, use the firepower to harass the enemy and to make him advancing to meet my lines (if he has a static list I don't fear to advance with thunderers and organ guns on turn 1), then I force his cavalry or big unit of doom to charge my hammerers (with the rune of slowness he can fail his charge, leaving his unit in the middle of the field ready to be shot at or charged) ready to countercharge on the flank with the longbeards and their great weapons (before doing this I soften this unit with fire anyway). Staying near borders will give the miners two opportunities: to charge his flank (what they are intended to do most of the times) or to reinforce my flank if needed. The rest is pretty much depending on how the game develops, so I have to adapt my moves on the situation (if I'm doing well it will be my opponent to adapt his moves to mine :cool:)

Do your worse on my list!

23-08-2007, 13:52
what do you do against a BoC army? your shooting will have little to none effect, he stops your anvil when he ambushes and the there is not so much of an rmy left

23-08-2007, 14:20
I deploy with some of my units facing my own border (protecting the anvil if I can), and I use the rune of oath and honour (sp?) to partially redeploy and charge with one unit after ambushing is resolved. Moreover the organ guns will reduce to shreds gors and hounds, as they don't roll for hitting (though I must admit it's a bit of a gamble). If there are too many ambushing units I can always choose to deploy miners on my deployment zone, reinforcing my side of the field: dwarfves can be though opponents in HtH... :D

Certainly BoC are one of the worst match-ups I can face, but I managed to win four out of five games (against two different, and skilled, opponents) to date, and during play I was never obliged to use the runes with ancient power (wich I see as a sort of "last stand").

However, if the anvil goes away (either by misfiring or by being charged), I can concede the game :(...


23-08-2007, 14:28
all yor magic resistans is in the runlord, so would he blow upp erly in a game you will be toast, but hey thats the drawback with an anvil.
i would get shields on all my shooting unites if i were u, they work wonders.

ever faced a MoT dragon with eye and staff?

23-08-2007, 14:56
Against that character, I would try to keep him on ground with the anvil, contrasting at my best his spells (not that I stand a real chance of stopping him completely...). If my opponent lets me do this, I would try a flank or rear charge with the miners (relying on their high Ld to pass the terror test): they have the number, S5 and S6 weapons, ranks and standard so I COULD have a chance to beat him in HtH. Or I should try to tie him in combat with the stubborn hammerers (unless he's not immune to psychology, but if I can rember correctly he isn't), ready for a flank countercharge (as I tend to deploy my units rather packed).

Or I can keep shooting him with my warmachines until he fails that damned saving throw...

I think a single model can't really do all the work, but surely I'll be facing furies and cavalry also... they can be a problem...

So I'm asking: do you think this list can work against a MoT lord and his flying puppy, and if not, why?

By the way, thanks for your support!

edit: as for the shields, I'd use them all the time, but I really don't know how to fit them

Dwarf Runelord 45
23-08-2007, 23:33
Nice i love organ guns