View Full Version : Returning to the tournament scene, I could need your help

23-08-2007, 20:52
After years of absence in the tournament scene, I though about getting back into the competition with my woodelves.

My temporary list looks like this:

2150 Pts - Wood Elves Army

Spellweaver: General, Level 4 ,Dispel Scroll x3 ,Ranu's Heartstone @345 Pts
Noble: Spear, Light Armour, Shield, Elf Steed, Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow @143 Pts

10 Glade Guard @ 120 Pts
10 Glade Guard @ 120 Pts
5 Glade Riders: Musician @ 129 Pts
5 Glade Riders: Musician @ 129 Pts
8 Dryads @ 96 Pts
8 Dryads @ 96 Pts

6 Wild Riders: Full Command, War Banner @ 217 Pts
6 Wild Riders: Full Command, @ 192 Pts
3 Warhawk Riders @ 120 Pts
6 Wardancers @ 108 Pts

1 Treeman @ 285 Pts
1 Great Eagle @ 50 Pts

Casting Pool: 6
Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 71
Total Army Cost: 2150

Why I picked these units:

The conerstone of my magic defence. I opted for a L4 mage (instead of two L2) because he has a broader spell list to choose from and is therefore more flexible and hopefully more effective.

Standard Hero with HoDA to take care of a high priority threat. Joins one of the GR units for protection and to form another hammer-unit if needed.

Glade Guard:
My firebase.

Glade Riders:
Usual fast cavalry tasks.

One of the most useful units. Only 2 units though, to keep the whining to a minimum.

Wild Riders:
My hammer-units. Lets hope they will last long enough to do some damage.

Warhawk Riders:
Marchblocking, warmachine/mage-hunting, routing fleeing units, grabbing tablequarters

Bodyguard for my Mage if needed, small unit to scare off/fight characters and knights

My only anvil and without a BSB not very reliable, but I think it has enough uses to benefit the army.

Great Eagle:
50 points of flying usefullness.

As you can see, the list is very light on characters and has a lot of units. I didn‘t have had the chance to test it versus various opponents yet and I ponder if I have too many units.
I could drop one of the units to add another Wildrider to each unit and bump the Wardancers up to 8 with full command for example to give the units more staying power or I could add another hero, like a Wardancer noble with Netlings.
What do yout think?

Also, since its been some time since I attended a tourny, what armies are currently ‘en vogue’ i.e. which armies will I have to cope with and especially which units/combos might pose a threat to my list?

Thanks in advance,