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26-08-2005, 15:02
here is some chaos space marine fluff that i wrote up.

Sirith the chaos sorcerer stood in back of ten cultists dedicated to their unholy master and lord the blood god khorne. “Start chanting” sirith said impatiently. He was tired of waiting for things to happen. He himself started to chant wildly in an unholy toung not uttered casually. In front of him and the cultists were the five heretics who were raising the vats of blood that were to be used for this ritual….

When the vats were raised and the cultists quieted down the heart of the ritual was started. The cultists went into a frenzy of chanting wildly that filled the room with a dark voice that grew louder with each passing second. Sirith could feel the dark mystical energies of the warp fill the room and swell up with in him. But the ritual required more. “Louder.” He said in a harsh tone of voice. The cultists chanted louder. “I need more.” Sirith thought in the deepest pits of his mind. “louder.” he said almost wanting to yell.
One of the cultists dropped dead in death frenzy. The energies of the warp were much more powerful now and sirith could feel his energy bursting at the seams wanting to tear loose and engulf his body and mind in the warp. “Now.” he said with a sick smile across his face….

“Now for the blood god.” Said sirith. “Oh great god of blood we call.” Chanted sirith. “Let your great daemons come forth.” His tone raising. “to spill blood in your name.” sirith was screaming now. “LET THEM COME FORTH!!!” with that thousands of bloodletters spilled from the caldrons of blood. And with a mighty roar a bloodthirster jumped from the middle caldron swung its mighty axe and beheaded all the cultists.

“DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPORER AND TO THE ENIMIES OF THE BLOOD GOD!!!!” With that said and done sirith bowed to his new master and lead the mighty daemons out of the chamber of blood and took a force of traitor space marines into the heart of the imperium with the iron axe of khorne.