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24-08-2007, 08:42
Second game with my new growing army of Vampire Counts. This time a 1k game against an empire player.

When I saw his army I knew I was in for tough time!

Vampire Thrall Tomb Blade, Amulet of Protection
Wight Lord Sword of Kings (5+ killing blow)

20 Sylvanian Militia f/c
19 Sylvanian Militia + Vampire + f/c
6 Dire wolves + doom wolf
6 Dire wolves + doom wolf
10 Grave Guard + wight Lord

Warrior Priest (Gen)
Fire Wizard
8 Knights

Set up:
Dire wolves on left opposite wizard
Grave guard beside opposite Handgunners and hellblaster on hill
Vamp and skelies opposite swordsmen and priest
skelies opposite halberdiers
dire wolves opp knights

Empire 1.
No movement
Wizard casts Conflagration of Doom and rolls Double 1. Miscasts losing a wound and ending phase
Shooting Handgunners out of range so nominates to fire hellblaster at grave guard. Rolls 8, Misfire. Blows up! Lose 1 GG however. This was to be the beginning of bad dice rolling for my opponent!

VC 1.
Everyting in range of Gen so marches on left and right flanks for dire wolves. Skelies shuffle forwards up the middle.

Empire 2.
No movement.
Conflagration dispelled.
Handgunners open fire on left dire wolves killing 4.

VC 2.
Dire wolves declare charge on wizard who promptly flees leaving him 2" from table edge.
Right dire wolves snake put to right of knights to prevent marching and threaten flanks. Rest just shuffle forward to prepare for next turn charging.
The graves of Sylvania are not helping tonight as the grave markers are dispelled again.

Empire 3.
Knights charge right hand skelies who must stand and receive the charge. Wizard legs it back to his tower. Handgunners shoot up the grave guard killing another. Hochland long rifle fails to take out the Wight Lord.
Knights kill 4 and in return the skelies wound 2 but are saved. Combat res +1 for skelies and the knight breaks running 10" with the skelies pursuing 8".

VC 3.
Charges for dire wolves at the handgunners who stand and shoot but hit nothing in their panic. They beat the wolves and pursue (unwillingly) towards the grave guard.
Grave guard and vamp skelies charge swordsmen. Challenge by the Wight Lord accepted by the unit champ who promptly dies adding an overkill bonus to CR. The vamp kills 2 and their corpses swell his ranks. The skelies and Grave Guard add a few more kills to the zero kills despite the Hatred rerolls of the Warrior Priest.
The dire wolves charge the halberdiers and the skelies pursuing the knights run them down. The halberdiers lose 3 men while the dire wolves lose 1 but CR makes another 3 crumble leaving a doom wolf and dire wolf for next turn.

Empire 4.
Warrior Priest rallies his unit. The grave guard are hit in the flank by the handgunners.
The halberdiers break the dire wolves.
The handgunners do not get sufficient CR and flee from the grave guard who overrun them.

VC 4.
The grave guard reform to get back into the fight next turn.
The skelies chasing the knights reform for a charge into the halberdiers next turn.
The skelies in the middle charge into the halberdiers, breaking them running them down.

Empire 5.
With 1 unit left the game was up for the Empire and the Vampires had secured another victory and a new power was growing in Stirland.


24-08-2007, 13:33
Nice win- usually when I play with my vampires my dice are like your opponent's.

What is up with these guys leaving their Wizards out in the open to be charged by anything? That's the second battle report i na row on these forums against vampires where the enemy has done that...

24-08-2007, 14:34
I assumed he would have put him into a unit but hey if he wants to do Harry Potter suicide I'm not going to say anything.

Next up will be a 1,500 pt game against whoever wants to take me on, prob beasts or empire. I can finally get some magic now that i can take a count. Not very characterful having a vampire army with no magic phase!


24-08-2007, 14:37
Well you've gotta wait until 2000 points before you can add a Count I think ;)