• Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition Summer 2012

    Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition Summer 2012
    Sponsored by Mantic Games Building Big Armies

    I am very pleased to announce Carpe Noctem's annual Golden Bat Painting Competition, sponsored by Mantic Games.

    As usual we have a wealth of prizes, totalling over 200.00 in value! Even better this year the competition has grown to include the following:

    -Non VC Categories, so any models including WH40K can be entered. These categories are fully open to new members (no entry requirements)
    -Both Painting and Converting/Sculpting categories.
    -Tier system to give everyone a fair chance
    -New Awards, to recognise things other than painting, such as excellent basing, or realistic models.

    It promises to be a lot of fun, so why not pop across to Carpe Noctem and check out the full rules here: LINK

    In fact, I issue a challenge to the members of Warseer - show us what you have got! Can you beat CN's painters and converters?

    Best of luck to all!

    Disciple of Nagash

    Carpe Noctem Administrator
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    Re: House Hyperion Knight Errant

    Shaping up nicely! That heraldry pattern is no easy task to paint across such a large, curved surface so bravo on a job well done thus far.

    CMDante 25-07-2014, 06:45 Go to last post

    Re: Codex Space Wolves to be released soon!

    I thought game stores live roughly on a weekly basis, mainly to stop release leaking. That means that they order stuff to stock pretty much the same time

    Weazel 25-07-2014, 06:42 Go to last post
    Autumn Leaves

    Re: GW Originality

    GW's originality high point was in the late 80's and early 90's.
    Games like Man O War, Space Hulk and Mordheim were the peak of their creative output.

    Autumn Leaves 25-07-2014, 06:42 Go to last post

    Re: The state/future of WFB?! (no wishlisting pls)

    Nah. History has shown that GW has NEVER cared about games or movies or whatever based on their IP. When Warhammer Online was released, iirc, it got a

    Urgat 25-07-2014, 06:39 Go to last post

    Re: I don't get the Magnus love

    I think it's great because if everything went right he could have helped with Mankind's psychic awakening where everyone gets to use it free from corruption.

    Mellow 25-07-2014, 06:37 Go to last post
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