• Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition Summer 2012

    Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition Summer 2012
    Sponsored by Mantic Games Building Big Armies

    I am very pleased to announce Carpe Noctem's annual Golden Bat Painting Competition, sponsored by Mantic Games.

    As usual we have a wealth of prizes, totalling over 200.00 in value! Even better this year the competition has grown to include the following:

    -Non VC Categories, so any models including WH40K can be entered. These categories are fully open to new members (no entry requirements)
    -Both Painting and Converting/Sculpting categories.
    -Tier system to give everyone a fair chance
    -New Awards, to recognise things other than painting, such as excellent basing, or realistic models.

    It promises to be a lot of fun, so why not pop across to Carpe Noctem and check out the full rules here: LINK

    In fact, I issue a challenge to the members of Warseer - show us what you have got! Can you beat CN's painters and converters?

    Best of luck to all!

    Disciple of Nagash

    Carpe Noctem Administrator
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