• Portal Issue 25 out now!

    Welcome to Portal Issue 25, crammed full of your monthly miniature goodness!
    In this issue...

    • We have another episode of Tim Fitch's View from the Hill.
    • Reviews of Miniatures from studio 38's Anoe Versus & Alkemy.
    • A True Metal Metallics tutorial from p1per.
    • A new painting Contest revealed.
    • WAMP2012 show report.
    • Latest from the Wamp gallery.
    • Latest News, releases, and much more......

    Totally free to download for everyone

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    Comments 3 Comments
    1. sparks's Avatar
      sparks -
      The title in the link says 'poetal' rather than portal...

      Anyway, great mag!
    1. chilledmonkeybrains's Avatar
      chilledmonkeybrains -
      Cheers, Wintermute; I'll definitely be checking this one out!
    1. Magot's Avatar
      Magot -
      I love to read them, good informative and most of all enjoyable mag!
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    Re: Tactica: Legion

    I just reread Betrayal and Massacre. There's no option listed in either the Dreadnought Talon, Contemptor Talon, or either Mortis entry of Drop pods being

    SirBlackmane 16-09-2014, 15:24 Go to last post

    Re: All Corners of the Empire II

    That's about what I expected actually. I'll probably end up using the heads that come with the Foot Knights, and then possibly adding helmet crests to

    Ramius4 16-09-2014, 15:22 Go to last post

    Other End Times Factions

    Full elven army:
    DE Dark riders, witches, brolocks, shades
    WE scouts/way watchers, wild riders
    HE White lions botwd, phoenix, sword

    Alltaken 16-09-2014, 15:22 Go to last post

    Re: A little help and advice please?

    Well, I thinbk I played it once and it was great fun:


    Dungeon Crawl Classics.

    harlekin 16-09-2014, 15:19 Go to last post

    Re: Best Infantry Army (no vehicles), 7th ed

    Grey knights can be mobile and infantry focused due to deep strike.

    Madfool2 16-09-2014, 15:19 Go to last post
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