• Portal Issue 25 out now!

    Welcome to Portal Issue 25, crammed full of your monthly miniature goodness!
    In this issue...

    • We have another episode of Tim Fitch's View from the Hill.
    • Reviews of Miniatures from studio 38's Anoe Versus & Alkemy.
    • A True Metal Metallics tutorial from p1per.
    • A new painting Contest revealed.
    • WAMP2012 show report.
    • Latest from the Wamp gallery.
    • Latest News, releases, and much more......

    Totally free to download for everyone

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    Comments 3 Comments
    1. sparks's Avatar
      sparks -
      The title in the link says 'poetal' rather than portal...

      Anyway, great mag!
    1. chilledmonkeybrains's Avatar
      chilledmonkeybrains -
      Cheers, Wintermute; I'll definitely be checking this one out!
    1. Magot's Avatar
      Magot -
      I love to read them, good informative and most of all enjoyable mag!
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    Re: best character in one on one combat (challenge)

    We're counting close combat, so castings count, but ranged weapons dont.

    This vamp hits the dragón 4.44 times first swing. Wounds 2.96

    Alltaken 28-07-2014, 20:28 Go to last post

    Re: fixing skaven pre 8th ed release

    That's why I think it would work, its upping the points to 3-4 in combat (2 outside) without actually doing it. Plus fits the fluff of them being whipped

    boli 28-07-2014, 20:26 Go to last post

    Re: GW Annual Report Thread - Preamble up so far

    To be fair, he is coming up to retirement age himself - I think he's 63 at the moment, so he'll be about at the age when most people are planning to relax

    BFalcon 28-07-2014, 20:25 Go to last post
    static grass

    Re: GW Annual Report Thread - Preamble up so far

    The board has prepared a job specification for CEO, and the consequential advertisement.

    Why bother Kirby? You dont even read their CV. As

    static grass 28-07-2014, 20:25 Go to last post

    Re: GW Annual Report Thread - Preamble up so far

    I think if the financial report shows good numbers that it will be dismissed as why GW put out 7th edition - to doctor their financial statement. I base

    HelloKitty 28-07-2014, 20:24 Go to last post
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