• Portal Issue 26 out now!

    Welcome to Portal Issue 26.

    This issue is chock a block full of, well everything...

    Don't believe me? then take a look.

    In this issue...

    * We have another instalment from Tim Fitch's very own View from the Hill.

    * Reviews of Miniatures from studio 38, Dark Sword and Mierce Miniatures.

    * In the Box breaks the seal on the Gears of War board game.

    * Tutorials on terrain building and weathering.

    * Massive Voodoo & Golem painting event reports.

    * New sponsored contest revealed and it's a biggy.

    * Latest from the Wamp gallery.

    * Latest News, releases, and much more......

    Totally free to download for everyone download Portal from here
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    Re: Astra Militarum - Which Tanks to use?

    Wyverns, all the wyverns!

    ss_cherubael 22-09-2014, 04:07 Go to last post

    Re: HH Timeline inconsistencies?

    The stickler for me about the "Fix" vs "Planned". Is that if we buy into things are going according to a Tzeentch level master plan.

    Stonerhino 22-09-2014, 04:05 Go to last post

    Re: Astra Militarum - Which Tanks to use?

    One not about the wyvern is that it's no good against enemies that turtle in APCs. If that's what your local meta is like, the wyvern won't be an effective

    ehlijen 22-09-2014, 04:01 Go to last post

    Re: Who Plays by the rules?

    I tend not to use the specialized buildings and arcane monuments as they tend to be pretty game altering. However, the mysterious terrain is usually pretty

    russellmoo 22-09-2014, 03:56 Go to last post

    Re: Battle Brush Studios' little histories

    @Breazer: Thanks! I made the second batch of roads too thin so the edges are bending upwards on some parts. If I keep them really flat I think I can counter-act

    sigur 22-09-2014, 03:32 Go to last post
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