• Portal Issue 26 out now!

    Welcome to Portal Issue 26.

    This issue is chock a block full of, well everything...

    Don't believe me? then take a look.

    In this issue...

    * We have another instalment from Tim Fitch's very own View from the Hill.

    * Reviews of Miniatures from studio 38, Dark Sword and Mierce Miniatures.

    * In the Box breaks the seal on the Gears of War board game.

    * Tutorials on terrain building and weathering.

    * Massive Voodoo & Golem painting event reports.

    * New sponsored contest revealed and it's a biggy.

    * Latest from the Wamp gallery.

    * Latest News, releases, and much more......

    Totally free to download for everyone download Portal from here
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    Re: Anyone buying up kits to finish their collections?

    I just ordered a skaven battalion,stormvermin box,lightning cannon,screaming bell and a vermin lord.Will finish this on square bases which will give 4

    Vladyhell 03-07-2015, 17:14 Go to last post
    Inquisitor Kallus

    Re: Perturabo inbound

    that drybrushing looks rough up close

    Inquisitor Kallus 03-07-2015, 17:13 Go to last post

    Re: Round base sizes AoS

    Any advice on how I should base my Bloodletters? I bought a group of 10 a couple weeks back, only half are based already. I put them on the standard round

    Gorthaur 03-07-2015, 17:08 Go to last post

    Re: 8th ed Errata gone from the GW site

    That´s nice of you, i think i can use that in the future

    MasterSplinter 03-07-2015, 17:08 Go to last post

    Re: Necron Army RedGlow

    The red glow on your minis is really well executed. Ties the army together and really looks good. I do have to agree, though, that the blue kind of

    mdauben 03-07-2015, 17:07 Go to last post
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