• Portal Issue 26 out now!

    Welcome to Portal Issue 26.

    This issue is chock a block full of, well everything...

    Don't believe me? then take a look.

    In this issue...

    * We have another instalment from Tim Fitch's very own View from the Hill.

    * Reviews of Miniatures from studio 38, Dark Sword and Mierce Miniatures.

    * In the Box breaks the seal on the Gears of War board game.

    * Tutorials on terrain building and weathering.

    * Massive Voodoo & Golem painting event reports.

    * New sponsored contest revealed and it's a biggy.

    * Latest from the Wamp gallery.

    * Latest News, releases, and much more......

    Totally free to download for everyone download Portal from here
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    Re: Dragon Age Inquision Trailer

    realled enjoyed the first one till it glitched on me so many hours spent playing ;( and i did not enjoy how DA2 went. so did not buy but this im hoping

    Deamon-forge 24-04-2014, 21:49 Go to last post

    Re: Wood Elf Rumours Mk.II

    ??? You must've mistaken me for someone else, I haven't posted anything since last night.

    With the better pic, I agree.

    Ramius4 24-04-2014, 21:49 Go to last post

    Re: Games Workshop Pricing Feedback Thread

    No I haven't, I've been using my Mobile it refreshes the browser cache automatically. I'm finding these price increases ridiculous. If my lgs still has

    mrknify 24-04-2014, 21:43 Go to last post

    Re: Balance A Foolish Goal

    Could there ever be a place for tournaments that feature a "quota" of players for different factions? Or do they already exist ? Its obviously

    gitburna 24-04-2014, 21:42 Go to last post

    Re: Demons and Dragons oh my!

    Remember, once next week hits, the new model stretch goals will be revealed. It looks like in all likelihood there will just be 3: Zombie dragon, Treewoman,

    Ludaman 24-04-2014, 21:42 Go to last post
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