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    Welcome to the latest issue of Portal, the number one month magazine dedicated to miniature painting!

    Number 27, another monthly slice of the miniature painting hobby.

    In this issue...

    • In The Box checks out the new Warhammer board game Chaos in the old world.
    • View from the Hill has the second part to the Brett Reavis interview.
    • Reviews from Studio 38, Mierce Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, MDP & Dark Sword Miniatures.
    • Our terrain building series kicks off in earnest.
    • Event reports from Euro Militaire and GW's Games Day.
    • Massive gallery included all the entries from the Hasslefree painting contest.
    • Lots of new releases plus all the news from around the hobby and much more...

    Totally free to download for everyone

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    Re: Rumor for New End time release

    I am personally a bit tired of the big stuff. Looking forward to seeing some more normal sized models. Don't have a part a problem with the big kits in

    Greyshadow 02-10-2014, 00:16 Go to last post

    Re: All Female Imperial Guard Regiments? Is it heretical?

    Regiment size is a variable in 40k, a regiment can be anything from a couple of hundred individuals to tens of thousands, but fair enough we'll assume

    Chem-Dog 02-10-2014, 00:16 Go to last post

    Re: Tournament Tier List

    1. Dark Elves
    2. Chaos Warriors
    3. Daemons (Nurgle)
    4. Undead Legions
    5. Ogres
    6. High Elves
    7. Skaven
    8. Wood

    sholcomb 02-10-2014, 00:16 Go to last post

    Re: Rumor for New End time release

    Thanks for sharing that, but the reliable sources here on this site have said for a l9ng time no greater demons were going to be coming ...

    CountUlrich 02-10-2014, 00:15 Go to last post

    Re: Dark Eldar Disaster

    they say that swearing makes you a more honest person. In my book it shows a child that wasn't taught proper manners. post #64 is when you started swearing

    Claddagh 02-10-2014, 00:15 Go to last post
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