• Portal Issue 28 out now!

    Welcome to the latest issue of Portal, the number one month magazine dedicated to miniature painting!

    Number 28, jam packed full of miniature naughtieness

    In this issue...

    • We find out if that old lead pile is worth anything.
    • In The Box sees if zombies are really taking over mid-town America.
    • Two great tutorials from Sean Fulton and Marko Paunovic.
    • Reviews of miniatures from Dark Sword, Reaper, DGS Games, Guild of Harmony and Stephané Simon.
    • All the latest news and best releases from around the hobby.
    • News of the New Red Box Games painting contest.
    • Great gallery with all the entries in the successful Sodapop Miniatures painting Contest.
    • And much, much more...

    Totally free to download for everyone

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    Re: eldar harlequin or mix lists 1500pts

    Skyrunner, The Spirit Stone of Anath'lan

    4x Windrider with Scatter laser, Skyrunner Warlock

    michi 06-07-2015, 07:04 Go to last post

    Re: Prove me wrong please

    Could you even imagine if another, more recently founded wargame company put out these rules for their new edition?

    GW gets an incredible

    Ayin 06-07-2015, 07:04 Go to last post

    Re: Age of Sigmar Tactics

    Stormfiends seems patently ridiculous. Oger profiles with more wounds and much better guns. Even a min unit with flamers is doling out 6d3 automatic mortal

    hypocrite 06-07-2015, 06:59 Go to last post

    Re: Taktika Orks 7th Edition

    Great work Singleton! I love those checkers on the left by the way. As if the Bad Moons looted a Goff kopta but didn't have paint to cover it all. Very

    TheBearminator 06-07-2015, 06:59 Go to last post

    Re: GMG Video Battle Report - Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Ogor vs. Slaves to Darkness!

    That...was so very very boring. A very well done report, but wtf? No manouvering. No tactics. Just walk up, like in, and roll 4+/3+/5+ until the dice

    grumbaki 06-07-2015, 06:59 Go to last post
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