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    Welcome to the latest issue of Portal, the number one month magazine dedicated to miniature painting!

    Number 28, jam packed full of miniature naughtieness

    In this issue...

    • We find out if that old lead pile is worth anything.
    • In The Box sees if zombies are really taking over mid-town America.
    • Two great tutorials from Sean Fulton and Marko Paunovic.
    • Reviews of miniatures from Dark Sword, Reaper, DGS Games, Guild of Harmony and Stephané Simon.
    • All the latest news and best releases from around the hobby.
    • News of the New Red Box Games painting contest.
    • Great gallery with all the entries in the successful Sodapop Miniatures painting Contest.
    • And much, much more...

    Totally free to download for everyone

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    Re: Space Marine options 'Locked in Time'

    I would sooner deal with cover/many MCs/etc. than starting to ratchet up the stats of common imperial weaponry.

    insectum7 01-03-2015, 02:52 Go to last post

    Re: As someone who hasn't used a tac squad in ages....

    I'm a big fan of Grav, Combi-Grav, Multimelta in a Rhino. I try to have two such units in every army I build. They're great for getting forward and

    insectum7 01-03-2015, 02:49 Go to last post

    Re: The Long Way To Infinity

    Infinity N3: 200 points: Supremacy: Combined Army vs. Steel Phalanx

    Full link here: http://beholdtheomega.blogspot.com.a...ined-army.html

    plasticfrog 01-03-2015, 02:45 Go to last post

    Re: Tactica: Legion

    10 autocannon's and 2 libbies getting within 24" costs at least 500points. Pffft just take 8 landspeeders with graviton guns and heavy bolters.

    Sanct 01-03-2015, 02:45 Go to last post
    Losing Command

    Re: Space Marine options 'Locked in Time'

    With the Imperial Fists chapter tactics the Heavy Bolter actually ain't half bad on tactical squads. But there are a lot of weapon upgrades that could

    Losing Command 01-03-2015, 02:41 Go to last post
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