• Portal Issue 28 out now!

    Welcome to the latest issue of Portal, the number one month magazine dedicated to miniature painting!

    Number 28, jam packed full of miniature naughtieness

    In this issue...

    • We find out if that old lead pile is worth anything.
    • In The Box sees if zombies are really taking over mid-town America.
    • Two great tutorials from Sean Fulton and Marko Paunovic.
    • Reviews of miniatures from Dark Sword, Reaper, DGS Games, Guild of Harmony and Stephané Simon.
    • All the latest news and best releases from around the hobby.
    • News of the New Red Box Games painting contest.
    • Great gallery with all the entries in the successful Sodapop Miniatures painting Contest.
    • And much, much more...

    Totally free to download for everyone

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    Asura Varuna

    Re: 7th Edition Chaos Marines Tactica Thread

    And in game, what do you use those guns to represent? Quad heavy bolter would be the most obvious comparison, though also the least useful...

    Asura Varuna 30-03-2015, 22:54 Go to last post

    Re: Should Land Raiders be cheaper, but make you pay for your weapon loadouts?

    Thing is, remember they over smacked vehicles from 5th to 6th and 7th. They didn't need all the nerfs to them we saw. Back in 5th it could be quite hard

    AngryAngel 30-03-2015, 22:52 Go to last post

    Re: Adeptus Mechanicus Rumours

    Im impressed with these models so far, definitely can't wait to see whats next. I think green eyes would have looked better than the blue goggles, usually

    Gorthaur 30-03-2015, 22:52 Go to last post

    Re: Codex: Khorne Daemonkin

    My bad, its a habbit of mine from the pre-formation times. It is infact the Carnage Cohort formation

    SpawnOfChaos 30-03-2015, 22:49 Go to last post

    Re: Hello

    Thanks for the reply. I play Tau, I found some solid help in the Tau tactics thread. What army do you play?

    thejoeybloom 30-03-2015, 22:47 Go to last post
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