• Irregular Magazine Autumn 2012 issue out now!

    First of all, we’d like to start wih an apology to all of our readers and contributors. We were not able to publish Irregular Magazine in Summer 2012, which we deeply regret. We believe we’ve got through the problems that made this impossible and are now back on track with regular publications!


    Some people have been experiencing difficulties using ‘right-click > save as’ in their browser. Instead, click on the links to open the PDF in your browser, then use ‘File > save as’ to save it to your computer. Alternatively, download as a zip file.

    Once again, we have another great issue, packed with excellent articles and tutorials. We have a really interesting look at the costs of producing limited miniatures runs and a discussion around
    how to create scenarios for wargames, as well as a further look into the world of Magic: The Gathering.

    We also have a painting guide for Clone Troopers in 15mm scale and a look at whether Airbrushing would be right for you. We also have a look into two different historical backgrounds – The Persian Empire and Trojan England (no, really! Well worth reading). We also privileged to have an excellent piece on the future sport of Robo Basho, a world of 2115 where Giant Robots are piloted into combat in a heavy metal form of sumo!

    Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now.

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    Lord Dan

    Orcs and Goblins and Katanas

    For a while now Ramius and I have been sending each other hobby related goodies. I'd send him a rulebook, he'd send me a bunch of rulebooks. I'd send

    Lord Dan 25-05-2015, 19:19 Go to last post

    Re: VC: Painting the Bloodlines

    Haven't been able to motivate myself to finish the bat swarms, but not given up on them yet!
    I have, however, finished the first of the Varghulfs.

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    Re: Space Marine Centurion list 1750pts

    I agree with Frosty on the scouts. Better troop choice for the tax.

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    I don't see how you reason there.
    The charge part is about charging "the afflicted unit", how does that affect the previous part of the

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    Red Skullz

    Re: From the Fallen Forge

    Thank you why not, just go for it!

    Red Skullz 25-05-2015, 19:05 Go to last post
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