• Irregular Magazine Autumn 2012 issue out now!

    First of all, we’d like to start wih an apology to all of our readers and contributors. We were not able to publish Irregular Magazine in Summer 2012, which we deeply regret. We believe we’ve got through the problems that made this impossible and are now back on track with regular publications!


    Some people have been experiencing difficulties using ‘right-click > save as’ in their browser. Instead, click on the links to open the PDF in your browser, then use ‘File > save as’ to save it to your computer. Alternatively, download as a zip file.

    Once again, we have another great issue, packed with excellent articles and tutorials. We have a really interesting look at the costs of producing limited miniatures runs and a discussion around
    how to create scenarios for wargames, as well as a further look into the world of Magic: The Gathering.

    We also have a painting guide for Clone Troopers in 15mm scale and a look at whether Airbrushing would be right for you. We also have a look into two different historical backgrounds – The Persian Empire and Trojan England (no, really! Well worth reading). We also privileged to have an excellent piece on the future sport of Robo Basho, a world of 2115 where Giant Robots are piloted into combat in a heavy metal form of sumo!

    Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now.

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    Re: Black Library units

    Well, going by the Tamurkhan book- aren't 'big' goblins just Hobgoblins?

    I assume Urgat you mean other Black Library books also, so many

    Warpsoul 02-09-2014, 11:29 Go to last post

    Re: how come nurgle is the best? (both Woc and Doc)

    This is precisely why I started evolving my DoC list to be more of a 50/50 mix of gods, straight up 100% Nurgle with Epi gets really nasty, really quickly.

    Metacarpi 02-09-2014, 11:28 Go to last post

    Re: The great wargaming survey.

    I completed the survey after seeing several front page articles/posts about it on sites like BOLS, Table Top Gaming News and several other blogs.

    paddyalexander 02-09-2014, 11:27 Go to last post

    Re: Taktika Orks 7th Edition

    Eh. I know tournaments are allowing it though. Honestly the meta has made meltas relevant again, and a concentrated turn of fire can bring them down.

    GreySeerZ 02-09-2014, 11:27 Go to last post

    Re: Tactica: Imperial Assassins

    Now 3 wounds, so three whole scouts!

    Even in cover, mine tended to die to krak missiles. And I never *once* made that FNP roll against non-ID

    Patriarch 02-09-2014, 11:27 Go to last post
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