• Avatars of War: Dwarfs are here & Black Friday sale!

    Avatars of War: Dwarfs are here & Black Friday sale!

    The Dwarfs have arrived at Avatars of War! During the following months more and more dwarfs will be marching to war!!!

    The first are the Ironshields regiment (Dwarf veteran clan warriors), which are already available, together with the Dwarf Veteran Champion. You can see full pics and 360 video of these new miniatures here

    Also, we are celebrating Black Friday offering free shipping worldwide for all items on our online shop. AoW Black Friday starts right now and will last all weekend!
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    1. Fubar's Avatar
      Fubar -
      Very impressed.
    1. raymon's Avatar
      raymon -
      Look gruff and ready for a fight. I like.
    1. Altbob's Avatar
      Altbob -
      Prices are actually higher than GW's prices? Wow, that's shocking.
    1. GlenMorray's Avatar
      GlenMorray -
      Considering the work that has to go into making miniatures that isn't a shock Altbob, and I think GW prices are bloody good you'll find, case in point...

      Good Dwarfs but I'd stick to GW ones...
    1. Stimpson J Cat's Avatar
      Stimpson J Cat -
      Quote Originally Posted by Altbob View Post
      Prices are actually higher than GW's prices? Wow, that's shocking.
      They're 35 euro for 21 dwarfs. Gw charges 31 for 16 dwarfs. Isn't gw more expensive? For far worse dwarfs too
    1. Messiah26's Avatar
      Messiah26 -
      Soo sweet those models!!
    1. Colathrax's Avatar
      Colathrax -
      woot wootwootwootwoot
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