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    Re: Mini Movie Reviews 2 - The Reviewening

    How is "Data" being alive in the new ID4 movie explained? He was pretty clearly killed...

    Darnok 27-06-2016, 17:30 Go to last post

    Re: Battletome Sylvaneth

    Man I'm all over that Drycha, best thing I've seen from GW in a long time...Warhammers answer to Devorah from Mortal Kombat. I hope the bees and insects

    Kronos 27-06-2016, 17:29 Go to last post

    Base Sizes

    Are there any rules addressing models that don't fit in a square? Do they take up mulitple squares. Thinking Ogre Thaumaturge and Exalted Flamers?

    Jormi_Boced 27-06-2016, 17:29 Go to last post

    Re: Other non 9th age fantasy alternatives (mass battle type derivates)

    Never played HotT but since it's based off DBA (which we do) we find it works best on 1/72 and 1/100.

    Yowzo 27-06-2016, 17:29 Go to last post

    Re: War might be it do to GW?

    This. The UK will almost certainly join EFTA/EEC, getting access to the inner market and having to accept free flow of people in exchange for an annual

    tmod 27-06-2016, 17:28 Go to last post
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