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    Re: Unbound Tyranids.. Only big things?

    You don't really need unbound to do this. By taking warriors as your troops you can take mc's in every other slot.

    MasterDecoy 28-08-2014, 09:03 Go to last post

    Re: Doctor Who: Deep Breath

    I can see that HK.

    cornonthecob 28-08-2014, 09:01 Go to last post
    colonel kane trine

    Re: Tactica: Imperial Guard - 2014 Codex

    Imperial armour one has the rules for them
    I'd use my manticores if they could direct fire and weren't restricted by the 24" minimum range

    colonel kane trine 28-08-2014, 09:01 Go to last post

    Re: Pokemon CCG

    I find the original cards have suffered from power creep a little, my graveller for example started off with 60hp and needed 3 energy to do a 40 damage

    cornonthecob 28-08-2014, 09:00 Go to last post

    Re: Combined Profiles for ridden monsters

    Skarsnik was the first combine profile I know of.

    stashman 28-08-2014, 08:59 Go to last post
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