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    Re: Starting a Warhammer collection

    It's a Very hard decision But i will more than likely definitely pick up either Vampire Counts or Skaven. Both races Have huge points that i like about

    spartainubzy 24-07-2014, 12:14 Go to last post
    Lord Shadowheart

    Re: Taktika Orks 7th Edition

    Could someone possibly point me to the correct page in the rulebook where it says everything is hit, regardless of level? One of my usual opponents insists

    Lord Shadowheart 24-07-2014, 12:12 Go to last post

    Re: Weathering powders- barely filled?

    Contact trading standards, as in my opinion the size of the packaging unfairly misrepresents how much product you are getting.

    No where

    Poncho160 24-07-2014, 12:09 Go to last post

    Re: Starting a Warhammer collection

    Well, look how different the local metas are. Besides chariot spam I barely see blocks of 40. 50 gors are what, like 400pts?

    Josfer 24-07-2014, 12:08 Go to last post

    Re: Blackadder's Scratchbuilt Thunderhawk

    Thanks, something to consider.

    The_Blackadder 24-07-2014, 12:07 Go to last post
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