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    Re: Games Workshop, Stock Prices, The Future, and Cats Without Sufficient Coffee

    Your #2 point is basically the one thing that I would say I prefer from 40k over Warmachine. I liked being able to come up with a name, backstory, etc.

    ObiWayneKenobi 24-07-2014, 21:35 Go to last post

    Re: It's raining corn!

    Of course, if you are looking for an actual answer I'd have to say that the writers didn't think it important to invent an actual logically functioning

    Grok 24-07-2014, 21:34 Go to last post

    Re: It's raining corn!

    You'd be surprised. Milk mixed with blood is known to be extremely nourishing.

    Kotrag 24-07-2014, 21:33 Go to last post

    Re: Games Workshop Pricing Feedback Thread

    That's got to be a typo. For that kind of money you can get somebody to paint the mini for you...

    EmperorNorton 24-07-2014, 21:33 Go to last post

    Re: It's raining corn!

    To be fair there is no background reason why men of the Empire have hands as big as a real persons chest but thats "Heroic scale" for you.

    jprp 24-07-2014, 21:31 Go to last post
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