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    Re: Total War: Warhammer Trailer

    Guys, we can play Bretonnia in the campaign map!!!


    herjan1987 25-05-2016, 02:17 Go to last post
    The Lundenburg

    Re: 30K Iron Hands vs Poison

    S0 Poisonous 4+ still sounds pretty good to me. Unless someone has the Flesh Tearer artifact armour that makes you immune to poison!

    The Lundenburg 25-05-2016, 02:08 Go to last post
    Eater of Small Things

    Re: Lack0f + Eater = 2 Emperor Titans

    Thanks! And no, I haven't come up with a name yet. Suggestions are welcome if anyone has a good idea. I'm open to any of the naming conventions-- Gothic,

    Eater of Small Things 25-05-2016, 02:05 Go to last post

    Re: 30K Iron Hands vs Poison

    Yes, his splinter weapons do actually have their own Strength profile, which does get reduced, but that is not what is used to actually wound infantry.

    Perth 25-05-2016, 01:45 Go to last post

    30K Iron Hands vs Poison

    So I took my Dark Eldar against a friends Iron Hands.
    He told me their special rule -1S against all shooting attacks. We weren't sure how that

    flakmonkey 25-05-2016, 01:09 Go to last post
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