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    Re: Should there be...

    The latest brand new Imperial Armour featured the Necrons. And that was in the middle of the Horus Heresy releases, I believe.

    Charistoph 23-09-2014, 22:15 Go to last post

    Re: 40K Flavored Dice Bags incoming.

    Completely unnecessary but I kinda want one...

    Fantome 23-09-2014, 22:15 Go to last post

    Re: Dark Eldar Rumours

    What does sod 'em mean? Sounds like ork slang to me.

    I'm very happy for any little piece of info or impressions from the happy few who get

    TheBearminator 23-09-2014, 22:12 Go to last post

    Re: New Army! Beastmen or Tomb Kings

    I'd echo the advice above on going for what you'll enjoy painting and looking at.

    Also, bear in mind what the whole Nagash arc might do

    Flatworldsedge 23-09-2014, 22:12 Go to last post

    Re: Do The Wolves Unleashed Get Objective Secured?

    Heck, you can take a Space Wolves army with BOTH Combined Arms and Wolves Unleashed Detachments.

    But a word to the wise, make an obvious

    Charistoph 23-09-2014, 22:09 Go to last post
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