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    Re: Space Wolves in February 2016

    That soon. Hmmm, I agree. Probably means not many changes.
    Maybe new models for Ragnar & Ulric for example (though Ulic doesn't really need

    DonkeyMan 28-11-2015, 00:24 Go to last post

    Re: WarSeer Painting Support Group

    The washes GW sell are now in pots twice as big as they used to be, but slightly less than twice the price.

    cardyfreak 28-11-2015, 00:16 Go to last post

    Re: Tactica: Codex Space Marines 2015

    Mix of weapons for honour guard.
    Usually use the guys as a counter unit or escort.
    Never had issues with them, for the cost, they run some

    hazmiter 28-11-2015, 00:10 Go to last post

    Re: Space marine and Imperial guard authority

    "Back then". Why does "back then" play a role? They learned quickly that nonindependent doesnt work. Especially not with unreliable

    Keep 28-11-2015, 00:07 Go to last post

    Re: Space Wolves in February 2016

    Dont go giving GW ideas..........
    However, i like the thought of it

    hazmiter 28-11-2015, 00:05 Go to last post
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