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    End Times Lord Mazamundi Model

    [Delete this thread if this has already been posted somewhere else.]


    b4z 02-09-2014, 16:38 Go to last post

    Re: Dark Eldar Rumours

    I've been wondering if they would do a Sanctus Reach style release with Dark Eldar/Necrons and Blood Angels for about a month now. Dark Eldar show up

    Prodigalson 02-09-2014, 16:37 Go to last post

    Re: Who is getting in the spirit of the End Times?

    I want a new balthasar gelt model, i'd even convert one myself if they don't make one.

    He's just awesome.

    The only reason

    EvanM 02-09-2014, 16:36 Go to last post

    Re: Dark Eldar Rumours

    Be funny if there were one or two models and a rule supplement for every Xenos race.

    Or perhaps the next WD is going to be an "all

    Sildani 02-09-2014, 16:35 Go to last post
    Mr. Ultra

    Re: Dark Eldar Rumours

    Maybe it's not an invasion in the literal sense, maybe it's an advertising slogan, like "next week, aliens invade GW stores everywhere!"

    Mr. Ultra 02-09-2014, 16:35 Go to last post
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