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    Re: Punkfish's BA 5th Company

    That's quite a nicd tank! I like the idea of black side panels to tie with the marines' scheme

    Are options magnetized?

    Sir_Glonojad 23-10-2014, 04:22 Go to last post

    Re: Chaos Endtimes - Mk.II

    I disagree. 40K is the one that has always been described as Grimdark, not Fantasy. Right in the rulebook, Fantasy pretty much, in fact explicitly states,

    CaledorAscendent 23-10-2014, 04:10 Go to last post

    Re: WHFB Rulebook FAQ

    Totally going to run a Discostar list now with as many discs as I can fit in


    Marshal_Loss 23-10-2014, 04:07 Go to last post

    Re: [Necromunda] Multi-Gangs, Collecting the Original Models

    It lives! Hello all, been neglecting my poor Necromundas a bit, but back on the wagon with a few new models to show off! Hopefully some of my fans are

    Zoring 23-10-2014, 04:06 Go to last post

    Re: ET and post ET factions

    Unless the rumor of combined army books WAS the ET series books. Will have to see what the Chaos Legions Army looks like, but if its basically DoC+BoC+WoC,

    SuperHappyTime 23-10-2014, 03:59 Go to last post
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