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    Re: Verified Leaks from a nice chap with the book on thedarkcity

    1.Mandrakes are way better
    2.Court of the archon is way better (unfortunately the archon himself has seen better days)
    3.Urien is way better

    herohammer 02-10-2014, 04:06 Go to last post

    Re: Dark Elves 1000 Points- Opinions?

    I play a very similar list to this when I do dark elves at 1000. Only I take metal on my lv 2 rather then shadow because of my 1+ meta. Your executioners

    SexualPanda 02-10-2014, 04:06 Go to last post
    The Ivory Disaster

    Re: super heavy walkers

    Has anyone emailed GW or Forge World about this?

    The Ivory Disaster 02-10-2014, 04:00 Go to last post

    Re: "The Spanish Rumours" Mk.II

    I realise this, what i meant was that you are gaining a 16th of an inch. If someone is less than an eighth inch short i will typically give it to them

    infamousme 02-10-2014, 03:54 Go to last post

    Re: WoC mounted army

    If you want to be truly competitive mixing marks is the way to go. Honestly the mark of nurgle is so greatly superior then the other 3 in this book that

    SexualPanda 02-10-2014, 03:53 Go to last post
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