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    Age of Sigmar - Extensive Starter Set Review with lots of pictures

    Quite... Buying their **** isn't going to make them rethink their decision, it's justifying it in... Go to last post

    RejjeN 31-07-2015 21:14

    Age of Sigmar - Extensive Starter Set Review with lots of pictures

    Personally I see no connection between the Old World and this new set. One day Sigmar will wake up,... Go to last post

    Axel 27-07-2015 11:59
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    Sororitas immolator no longer available in the UK

    The plastic immolator has just been marked as 'no longer available' on the UK games workshop site.

    While the SoB models have gone in and

    A.T. 02-08-2015, 22:21 Go to last post

    Re: Favourite name in AoS?

    I agree with Lord-Celestant being quite cool. If I was an evil dictator in a fantasy setting this is definitely the title I would give to my most senior

    Kherith 02-08-2015, 22:17 Go to last post

    Re: Favourite name in AoS?

    No model is called Brayherd. Its a keyword for Gor and their like. Minotaurs and Ghorgons have the warherd keyword.

    thesoundofmusica 02-08-2015, 22:15 Go to last post
    Spiney Norman

    Re: Age of Sigmar an actual strategy game....

    His objections to points are interesting, although I get the feeling he is actively hunting for extra reasons rather than simply quoting things that are

    Spiney Norman 02-08-2015, 22:13 Go to last post

    Re: GW Not Staffing GenCon

    It is an error that speaks volumes about company culture. If a team of mine was going overseas first thing they would want is visa (well and an expenses

    The_Real_Chris 02-08-2015, 22:13 Go to last post
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