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    Re: Games Workshop: Miniatures and Rules

    Gotta say, Kitty, your enthusiasm for the game is making me wonder if I should try playing it again.

    I don't have many 40k models left,

    Scaryscarymushroom 19-12-2014, 20:51 Go to last post

    Re: Black Templars

    They're not codex size but there's fewer of them than the Space Wolves, and the Space Wolves have been confirmed to max out at 2400.

    jareddm3 19-12-2014, 20:49 Go to last post

    Re: General TV Discussion

    Farscape deserved far more than it got, but got far more than most shows (Smallville, Lost, Enterprise) deserved. So glad they got the funding for Peacekeeper

    warlordbob 19-12-2014, 20:48 Go to last post

    Re: friend getting in wants blood angels and dreadnought spam. build to 2000

    I actually said that, you know? That AM as troops shouldn't have happened? Are you just agreeing with me?

    And yes, non obsec AM losing descent

    druchii 19-12-2014, 20:47 Go to last post

    Re: Tactica: Dark Angels (7th Edition)

    If you're planning on using the new formation and a combined arms detachment you still need to take an HQ choice for the combined arms detachment. The

    mrjusting 19-12-2014, 20:47 Go to last post
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