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    Radu Lykan

    Re: Imperial Guard, 121st Alcari + additional Hellainian units

    it was suggested pics might help doh!

    then this was the original head i had planned, it still works but dont think it

    Radu Lykan 29-07-2014, 16:43 Go to last post

    Re: why not taking saurus?

    Also dan heelan is a VERY expierenced player I think that has more to do with his placing than the fact he ran a saurus block.

    Raf harbinson

    MOMUS 29-07-2014, 16:42 Go to last post

    Re: disgusted

    As quickly as I became disgusted, I got over it. It is after all just a game, and a game I enjoy. If they were to stop updating everything right now it's

    SteveW 29-07-2014, 16:41 Go to last post
    The bearded one

    Re: Is it allowed to use dwarf warrior box as longbeards?

    The box used to be intended for both warriors and longbeards, so technically you could get away with making them whatever way you please and calling them

    The bearded one 29-07-2014, 16:40 Go to last post

    Re: GW Annual Report Thread - Full report available

    Kirby's the redhead, right?

    gutsmaka 29-07-2014, 16:37 Go to last post
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