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    Re: Has WQ:ST had any impact in your gaming community?

    Same, but I'll replace all the AOS specific characters. But time will tell if it has any affect.

    vlad78 30-05-2016, 23:03 Go to last post

    Re: Next Week !!!

    I would hope for multi pose enginseers with different arm builds or backpads, but it would be too much to ask for them given how every blister is monopose

    aracerssx 30-05-2016, 23:00 Go to last post

    Re: GW boxed games, a break, and a return with young blood.

    How Would the new Warhammer Quest fare for a younger player? It is that or Deathwatch: Overkill for his birthday.

    ashc 30-05-2016, 22:56 Go to last post

    Re: Total War: Warhammer Trailer

    And castle Drakenhof falls after a big siege, 4 imperial armies on my side, only two on the vampires side, but these two armies were made of the finest

    Urgat 30-05-2016, 22:48 Go to last post

    Re: Symrivven's Dark Elves and Vampire Counts

    Wow! Stunning work, each vampire looks really unique and the colours of the spirits and the armour really allows them to stand out.

    Ademo 30-05-2016, 22:48 Go to last post
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