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    Buddy Bear

    Re: The Age of Sigmar Effect

    GW's failings have not only led to my ceasing all purchases of their products, not just Fantasy but 40k as well, and buying the Warmachine starter set,

    Buddy Bear 08-10-2015, 23:33 Go to last post

    Re: Tau in september

    The colour of the MARKINGS indicates the Sept, not that of the Armour. Armour is adapted to fit the environment. different shades in the markings indicate

    BramGaunt 08-10-2015, 23:21 Go to last post

    Re: How AoS could have been done while making everyone happy

    They just should have included a very basic point system
    They should have made normal summoning rules
    They should have removed the 30+ model

    Aezeal 08-10-2015, 23:19 Go to last post
    Skargit Crookfang

    Re: The Age of Sigmar Effect


    They've driven off a heck of a lot of us, between AoS, and 7th ed. 40k... (well, 8th and 6th 40k, respectively, didn't help). That said,

    Skargit Crookfang 08-10-2015, 23:18 Go to last post

    Re: Would you take GW/Fantasy back?

    Maybe. I've still got a big Undead army sitting around so I might pick Fantasy up again if GW re-introduced it. The problem is that I've been drifting

    Kahadras 08-10-2015, 23:17 Go to last post
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