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    Re: FAQ First Draft

    Well, to be fair, the Space Wolves Draft FAQ does indicate the opposite without any written support for it. But hey, some people will always try to argue

    Charistoph 29-06-2016, 20:50 Go to last post

    Re: Imperial Knight Questions

    Ah, so it wasn't Move Through Cover you actually had a question on, specifically, but how Super-Heavy Walkers move through Difficult Terrain in general.

    Charistoph 29-06-2016, 20:46 Go to last post

    Re: Lybbans modular warhammer world.

    awesome board, you are living my dream!

    if you want to fix the green shade on the river sections, consider trying to fade it in. Basically

    Naitsabes 29-06-2016, 20:33 Go to last post

    Re: Super dungeon explore, and my first log

    Painted a zombie

    got a few more on the way, but I haven't been batch painting just paying around with colours.

    I'm not alone

    lonelybrick 29-06-2016, 20:28 Go to last post


    hi all I am new to the forum

    zippie 29-06-2016, 20:27 Go to last post
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