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    Re: Possible update to Eldar Corsairs coming soon

    Correct, no more titan holofields on them.

    IMO neither the Scorpion or Cobra are great for their points. With titan holofields getting

    mercury14 29-11-2015, 21:12 Go to last post

    Re: Lysander

    Ooh, thank you. Good to know.

    thanoson 29-11-2015, 21:09 Go to last post

    Re: New era battle reports!

    A new battle report.
    Space Wolves vs Eldar 500p

    New_guy 29-11-2015, 21:07 Go to last post

    Re: AoS give it time problems.

    Exactly, if I want to create everything from scratch, I would not need an established setting. Some people want an established setting, such as yourself.

    akai 29-11-2015, 21:05 Go to last post

    Re: Games Workshop Pricing Feedback Thread

    While we can't agree about much on this chap perhaps we can all agree he is not the easiest model to use in a game considering transport and table size/terrain...

    The_Real_Chris 29-11-2015, 21:02 Go to last post
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