Hey everyone

Our gaming club is starting up a Necromunda campaign over the next couple of weeks but i'm having trouble deciding which gang to go with.

I've got a Van Saar gang but the models are starting to look dated so was thinking of other things I could do for a twist and came up with the following:

An Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Team sent into the underhive in search of Archeotech. Gang leader- Tech Priest, Heavies- Gun Servitors, Gangers- Skitarii and Juves- Techno-Flagellants/Tech Adepts. Counts as Van Saar Gang.


A Radical Inquisitors backwater recriutment ground for soldiers in his own private army. Gang leader- Acolyte, Heavies/Gangers/Juves- no change really, just locals who want to earn some creds and possibly get out of the Hive. Counts as Delaque Gang.

What do you think, any suggestions welcome, thanks in advance