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Thread: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

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    Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    I'm in the process of converting skinks and Saurus guys for use with 40k. Sauraus will be my close combat troops, skinks will be my ranged troops.

    I'm thinking of giving the skinks some laser weapons, but I'd like some input from you guys with more experience.

    Should I keep it simple and use some GW lasguns?

    Should I get creative and try to scratch build some?

    If Scratch build do you know of any one that has a good tutorial on such an thing?

    Right now I'm painting the Saurus' and I'm assembling the stuff for the Skinks.

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Well I dunno what army you are planning to proxy as (eg. which army ruleset to represent your lizardmen as on a 40k field, maybe tau or IG), but unless you have that many spare lasguns avaliable you may want to try some alternative suppliers for bitz ordered weapons (try WW2,modern or if possible sci-fi weapon model stores. Search the forums for examples, never done so myself) OR you could try the trading forum or battlewagon bitz.

    Id really like to hear your ideas on the backstory and concepts for the army, and good luck!
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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    A unique idea you have there, almost harks back to the Rogue Trader days of Slann running around 40k battlefields. Are you doing any conversions to the saurus/skinks? Or just out of the box models?

    The only idea that sprung to mind for me is that Kroot Rifles would look good on them, but they will be far to big for the skinks. Maybe you could add to the blowpipes that come with the skinks somehow? Make them look like very small, high tec weapons..... although how you'd do that on a large scale basis to make them all look the same escapes me.

    Any more info on your army's background and/or pictures would be helpful

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    sounds crazy lol. I'm leaning towards suggesting the kroot mercs list for proxy
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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Check out the 2nd last page of THIS:

    The Loxatl are basically lizardmen in space. They use flechette blasters mounted on their torsos..

    to make a flechette blaster, you'd just need sonme cylinders (brass/plastic tubing) and some sort of gun barrel ( a pin viced weapon haft might suffice)

    Rules wise, i'd use these rules for saurus, and count skinks as termagaunts.

    And you could even use a zoanthrope as slaan?
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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    I'm pretty much going to use the saurus' out of the box. I've not played 40k for quite a long while so I'm a bit behind the times.

    Here's a paste from a previous post I did:

    The Situation:
    I’m teaching my son (8 years old), how to play using a simple version of the rules. I haven’t played in years and gave away my Space Marines and most of my terrain, but I digress. While browsing around a store I found a dozen or so Lizard Men in a bitz box and snatched them up for $5. I figure I’d let my son play my Eldar and I play the Lizard Guys as a “native race” with some sort of advanced primitive weapons. That way my son can blow me up and feel good and I can feel good if I can just get them in melee range

    An advanced and ancient race called (insert some bizarre unpronounceable name here) genetically engineered the Lizzy Guys (still working on a race name) to be manual laborers and technicians. Intergraded into their DNA is an aversion to use any advanced weapons (for the saurus') as well as a fierce loyalty to their makers.
    One day the Makers just vanished. They left their world for some unknown reason for the stars never to be seen again. For the last thousand years the Lizzys have been maintaining the world, tending the gardens, raising livestock and keeping up the machinery that keeps the cities going. Occasionally other races land on this world and when they are discovered the Lizzys band together to drive them off.

    Notes: As my son gets better I plan on adding the following. Skinks for ranged attacks and some type of large shield generator carried on a litter by four or six lizzys. The generator will create some type of +2 or +3 unmodified save from ranged attacks to all models within 12” or so from it (Think the gungans in Star Wars). Note that the Lizzys can’t use advanced weapons, not advanced defense type equipment
    I plan on beefing them up so that they stand some type of chance in melee range.
    I started 40k back in RT days and I vaguely remember the slann, but don't recall if there were ever any mini's for them.

    The strength of the force will come from the saurus group if/when they get in melee range. Their weapons and shields have been beefed up a bit (mono-molecular edges to weapons, hardening agents on shields, etc.). The Skinks are there to provide technical support and a bit of cover fire.

    I fully expect them to get the stuffing knocked out of them, but
    I'm not going to be entering any tourneys, just to have fun with my son and have a good time painting and converting.

    I've got some of the original plastic IG lasguns from the 1st boxed set (the one that came with like 30 guards men) that I could convert and GS cast but I'm not quite sure.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    I'd do them as Tau allies. That way you can use the alien looking Tau weapons and they have a large number of plastic vehicle kits that you can convert to fit your theme.
    You can just say that the Tau recruited them for the greater good and even include Tau Firewarriors as characters.
    Good on you though, it's great to see you tayloring the game for fun with your son rather than worrrying about tournament restrictions!
    If you do go the Tau route make sure you check out my good friend Graydeath's site for inspiration (check out the Tau sections):

    Work In Progress Forums
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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Ah! Great Idea! I have 10 Tau Fire warriors laying around I didn't quite know what I was going to do with!

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Here's a bit of an update, I've ordered (bid) on some Tau weapons and Skinks so hopefully they'll be in the mail soon

    Let me apologize in advance for the cruddy pictures, I'm still trying to figure out how to take clear pictures of these little guys.

    On the Saurus front, I wanted to make my leader stand out a bit so I added some horns to try for the triceratops look.

    As you can see he has two weapons, but I think he needs a bit "more" to make him stand out as the leader but I'm not quite sure what.

    I'm thinking about adding smaller horns or horns that have been sawn off (HE's not the boss, so the leader wont allow him to have BIG horns) to denote his lesser status to the leader but higher than the other troops.

    I'm going to attempt to replace the small circle with the lizard head with the Tau shoulder pad symbol. I'm gonna try making it from a GS mold thing. (Like that technical jargon?)

    Here is one of the finished troopers

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    maybe this will help.

    modified karoot rifles mixed with lizardman bits might look interesting.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Nice, thanks for the link. He has some interesting Ideas there.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Here is a bit of an update. I travel a lot with my job (4100 miles this month) so progress is slow. I'm on the last 4 models of the Close combat squad and and working on the skink test model. Hopefully I'll have some photos tonight.

    All the driving I do gives me some time to think about the fluff.

    The Creators created three different species of workers:

    The Alphas, or Wild Ones in the lizard tongue, (Saurases) were created for general labor where technical skill was not needed or wanted and so was left out of their genetic programing. The Wild Ones are strong, fast, and quick. But they lack imagination and innovation. They are good at there job and think of themselves as the protectors of their "little brothers" the Gammas (or Bright Ones in lizard talk).

    The Betas (Slow Ones) (old style Lizard man I think) were created for hazardous duty such as mining and moving hazardous material or working in environments that would kill the others. They are slow both in speed and thought but very strong and tough. They tend to do what they are told by either the Wild Ones or the Bright Ones. They live by the simple philosophy to serve. They view the other two species as smart and skilled so they will listen to them and follow their orders.

    The Gammas (Bright Ones - skinks)were created to maintain machinery and other technical equipment as well as server as caregivers for the very young or very old Creators. As such they are very bright and technical and have a built in capacity to want to care for the creators and the Alphas and Betas. They view the others as not so bright breatheren that need to be cared for and guided. The gammas will try and avoid direct melee combat but will use advanced equipment in defense of the homeworld, and use the shielding technology of the creators to attempt to protect the Alphas and Betas.

    Recently the Tau have visited the world and were able to communicate with the Caretakers. They found the loyalty and commitment of the Caretakes as a very noble trait. Instead of trying to assimilate the world, they have left it alone and even opened a sort of primitive trade with the Caretakers. (After all, the Creators aren't eating any of the food that is being produced or using any of the raw materials being harvested...)

    All in all each of the three species are created to serve the Creators, preserve the homeworld for the Creators return, and care for the others. In the event of a disagreement the three Alpha males (or females) of the tribes would come together and vote on a solution.

    Anyway thats the fluff as it stands now.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Haha that's a kool fluff bro - I know, it's the '40k' of the Lizardmen, but nonetheless, a subtle touch is always the best - I really like it.

    Are you gonna use the Slann too? If they could be used as magicians that count as Hammerheads... that'll be interesting lol they both float, and tote one hell of a powerful ranged weapon!


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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Here's a shot of all three species together. Sorry about the low lighting. I'll try and do a better one sometime. Slow One on the Left, Bright One in the middle and Wild One on the right. The Wild One is also an Alpha Male (He's got horns) He looks like a triceratops from the side.

    I am planing on adding a thin belt on the Bright one with a pouch or bag or two (for tools and stuff). I'm thinking of making the belt of GS and the bags of SM bags cast out of GS.

    Quote Originally Posted by MF3000 View Post
    Are you gonna use the Slann too?
    Thanks for the kind words. No I plan on Scratch building some vehicles. Mining or harvesting vehicles converted into troop transports.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Pretty Sweet conversions.
    I'm workin' on my lizies as we speak.
    I was thinking of painting may suarauses very
    similar to your scheme i have to say that i'm encouraged
    the scheme looks great.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Here's a bit of an update.

    I've completed the Alpha Leader except for a few tiny details to his base, and I need to finish the bases of the last three (2 Alpha's and a Beta).

    I've started on my test model for the Gammas (Skinks). I've added a ranged weapon, a Tau Carbine but with the grenade launcher on the front it looks a bit big, so I may remove it. What do you guys think?

    After I took the photo, I added a belt using GS (my first attempt at using GS) While I was at it, I converted some 2nd hand fire warriors into Pathfinders (may post that in another thread). Anyway here are some photos. Tell me what you think and as always suggestions are always welcome.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Here are some WIP shots.

    I've removed the launcher from the carbine (or what ever it was) and it looks more Skink size now. I'm also going to try and give some tools. The leader has some type of scanner, diagnostic tool, tri-corder type thing.

    The belts might be a bit wide, but its my first attempt at using GS.

    There is a tiny bit of a gap between the bags and the belt. Should I fill it? Or is there some other modeling trick to make them look more attached?

    As always any suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Hey thats pretty cool! Love the skinks.

    For a new laser weapon, you could take kroot guns and add lasgun nozzles. There's a picture of a slann in the rulebook you could pull some inspiration from.

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    thats cool, i like the idea of tau guns on the skinks

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    Re: Converting Skinks to use in 40k

    Quote Originally Posted by Light of the Emperor View Post
    Hey thats pretty cool! Love the skinks.

    For a new laser weapon, you could take kroot guns and add lasgun nozzles. There's a picture of a slann in the rulebook you could pull some inspiration from.
    Thanks for the kind words.

    I was originally going to go with kroot guns, but when I was browsing ebay I couldn't find any. But I got a ton of Tau guns for really cheap, so I went with them.

    They say, "Necessity is the mother of invention". I think the wallet is the grandmother.

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