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Thread: Fimir Army Book

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    Fimir Army Book

    I don't know about you, but I really love the Fimir race from Warhammer Fantasy. It's a pitty that they don't have any 7th Edition rules to play with. Together with some friends, I put together a rules set for them. So, give me what you think


    The biggest advantage Fimir have on the battlefield is the thick mist clouds the Dirach and the Meargh generate around them. Dirach generate a 12”-radius cloud around them, Meargh generate a 20”-radius cloud. While inside these clouds, certain Fimir units have the following advantages. All Fimir units benefit from the first two, only Fimir units with the Fog Creatures special rule benefit from the last two aswell.
    ·Enemies have a very difficult time spotting Fimir units when they are inside the mist clouds. All enemy units shooting at the Fimir units while they are under the effect of the clouds suffer a -1 penalty on To Hit rolls.
    ·Enemies often find the thick choking mists very hard to move through, let alone see though. All enemy units suffer a -1 penalty on their basic Movement when moving inside the mist. They also suffer a -1 penalty on their Weapon Skill while in the mist.
    ·When a Fimir units wishes to charge an enemy unit (or visa versa) while the total Fimir unit is inside the mist and the enemy unit at least touches the edge of the cloud, then the Fimir unit can make a so called Fog Ambush. See below.
    ·A Fimir unit that is at least half inside the cloud and wins a close combat round, but the enemy did not flee, can opt to dissapear into the mists again. This is treated like a Flee move but the unit automatically regroups and can make a free 180° turn at the end. Enemies cannot pursue and must stay stationary. If this brings the Fimir into contact with a fresh enemy, the Fimir unit is caught and destroyed. This move will not cause other Fimir units to Panic, unless they were destroyed by a fresh enemy.
    There is only one way to make the mist cloud dissapear. Kill the Meargh or the Dirach. When the caster is killed, the cloud that he/she was generating, dissapears in the next turn of the player in who’s turn the caster was killed.

    While Fimir units with the Fog Creature special rule are outside the effects of the mist clouds, for any reason, they get -1 penalty on WS and I for as long as they are outside the mist clouds, as the bright light of the sun makes them disorientated.

    Fog Ambush
    When making a Fog Amush, follow the following rules.
    If the Fimir unit charged an enemy unit or is charged by an enemy unit, the enemy unit has to roll equal or under their Initiative value. They can use the general’s Initiative value if he’s within 12”, just like they would use his Leadership for Leadership tests. If the test is failed, the Fimir unit sees an opportunity to catch their opponents by surprise. If the test is failed by 1 or 2, the Fimir unit gains an extra +1 Combat Resolution. If the test if failed by 3 or more, the Fimir unit gains an extra +2 Combat Resolution. If the test is passed, the Fimir unit didn’t have the opportunite to surprise the enemy and the fight is fought as normal.

    Due to the fact that it is their natural habitat, all Fimir units have the Bog Home special rule, which allows them to move through marsh, bog and swamp terrain pieces without any kind of movement penalty.



    0-1 MEARGH
    Points/model: 230 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Meargh 4 3 2 4 5 3 3 2 9

    WARGEAR: Meargh staff & dagger.

    SPECIAL RULES: Ancient Leadership, Badges of Office, Fog Creatures.
    Ancient Leadership: The Meargh are the natural and undisputed leaders of the Fimir race. If you have a Meargh in your army, she must be your army general. Also, when there is a Meargh within 6” of a Dirach and/or a Noble, the Petty Squabble rule is overruled.

    Badges of Office: Both the Meargh and the Dirach are equipped and armed with a ceremonial staff and a sacrificial dagger. The staff counts as a halberd in combat. The dagger counts as having poisonous attacks. Choose which weapon the Meargh or the Dirach uses before combat starts.

    · May choose magic items from the Common or Fimir magic items lists, with a maximum total value of 100 pts.

    MAGIC: The Meargh is a level 3 Wizard.
    · May be upgraded to a level 4 Wizard for +35 pts.

    Points/model: 150 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Fimm Mistmor 4 6 2 5 5 3 4 4+1 9

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon & Heavy armour.

    SPECIAL RULES: Fog Creatures, Petty Squabble, Tail Bash.
    Petty Squabble: Although the Dirach caste is superior to the Fimm Nobles, the line is very thin. This often results in arguements and discusssions involving battle tactics, unit formations or even march speed. If a Dirach and a Fimm Noble find themselves within 6” from each other at the start of the Fimir player’s turn and both are not in combat, both have to make a Ld test. If one of them fails, both them and any unit they may have joined must stay stationary for the entire turn. The one who failed his test by the most is the so called loser of the squabble and he and his unit have to back off 1” (if their is room). In case of a tie, roll a d6. If their is no room to back off, it is possible that the squabble will continue in the next turn.

    · May choose a great weapon (+6 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+4 pts).
    · May choose magic items from the Common or Fimir magic items lists, with a maximum total value of 100 pts.


    1+ DIRACH
    Points/model: 130 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Dirach 4 3 2 3 3 2 3 2 8

    WARGEAR: Dirach staff & dagger.

    SPECIAL RULES: Badges of Office, Daemon Friend, Fog Creatures, Petty Squabble.
    Daemon Friend: All Dirach have a special bond with an individual daemon with who they hold long conversations about the origin of the Fimir race, to who they go if they are in need of council or just to amuse themselves with riddles or other word games. If the Dirach goes to war, these daemon friends are a useful ally. Once per battle, the Dirach can ask his daemon friend for aid. He can ask for one of the following things:
    · He can ask the daemon to carry him through the skies, giving him a Movement value of 20” for one turn.
    · The daemon can give the Dirach amazing magical powers for a short moment. This turn, the Dirach can cast one spell of his choice with Irrisistable Force (but not Balor’s Gaze).
    · When the need is most dire, the daemon can also fight for his friend Dirach. The Dirach gains d3 S5 attacks for this turn.

    · May choose magic items from the Common or Fimir magic item lists, with a maximum total value of 50 pts.

    MAGIC: The Dirach is a level 1 Wizard.
    · May be upgraded to a level 2 Wizard for +35 pts.

    Points/model: 100 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Fimm Flaithmor 4 5 3 5 5 2 4 3+1 8

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon & Light armour.

    SPECIAL RULES: Fog Creatures, Petty Squabble, Tail Bash.

    · May choose a great weapon (+4 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+2 pts).
    · May choose to wear heavy armour (+4 pts).
    · May choose magic items from the Common or Fimir magic items lists, with a maximum total value of 50 pts.

    Points/model: 80 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Fimm Flaith 4 5 3 5 4 2 4 2+1 8

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon & Light armour.

    SPECIAL RULES: Fog Creatures, Petty Squabble, Tail Bash.

    · May choose a great weapon (+4 pts) or an additional hand weapon (+2 pts).
    · May choose to wear heavy armour (+4 pts).
    · May choose magic items from the Common or Fimir magic items lists, with a maximum total value of 50 pts.
    · One Fimm Flaith in the army may carry the Battle Standard for +25 pts. The battle standard bearer cannot be the army’s general even if he has the highest Leadership value in the army. The battle standard bearer cannot choose any non-magical equipment except for heavy armour. The battle standard bearer can have any magic banner (no points limit), but if he carries a magic banner he cannot carry any other magic items.


    Points/model: 9 Unit Size: 10+
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Fimm Warrior 4 4 2 3 4 1 2 1+1 7
    Fimm Fian 4 4 2 4 4 1 2 2+1 7

    You may not have more units of Fimm Warriors then units of Shearls.

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon.

    SPECIAL RULES: Tail Bash, Fog Creatures.
    Tail Bash: The tail of every member from the Fimm caste ends in a lethal weapon. This is a bony mace-like tail in case of the Fimm Warriors and the Fianna Fimm, and a scythe-like tail in case of the Fimm Nobles (Mistmor, Flaithmor, Flaith). All Fimm can make a special Tail Bash attack, which is included in their profile. This attack is worked out with their base WS and I and with a Strength value equal to their S-1. The tail attack from Fimm Nobles counts as having the AP special rule.

    · Any unit may be equipped with light armour for +1 pt/model.
    · Upgrade one Fimm Warrior to a musician for +5 pts.
    · Upgrade one Fimm Warrior to a standard bearer for +10 pts.
    · Upgrade one Fimm Warrior to a Fian for +15 pts.

    Points/model: 12 Unit Size: 10+
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Fianna Fimm 4 4 2 4 4 1 3 1+1 8
    Finmor 4 4 2 4 4 1 3 2+1 8

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon & Heavy Armour.

    SPECIAL RULES: Tail Bash, Fog Creatures, Personal Retinue.
    Personal Retinue: Fianna Fimm are the elite warriors of a Fimir clann. They act as the personal bodyguard of Fimm Nobles. You can have one Fianna Fimm unit for every Fimm Noble (Mistmor, Flaithmor or Flaith) in your army. In addition, when a unit of Fianna Fimm is joined by a Fimm Noble, the unit is considered to have the Stubborn special rule.

    · Any unit may be equipped with great weapons for +2 pt/model.
    · Upgrade one Fianna Fimm to a musician for 6 pts.
    · Upgrade one Fianna Fimm to a standard bearer for 12 pts.
    · Upgrade one Fianna Fimm to a Finmor for 20 pts.
    · One unit may carry a Magic Standard worth up to 50 pts.

    1+ SHEARLS
    Points/model: 3 Unit Size: 10+
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Shearl 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 5
    Head Shearl 4 2 2 3 3 1 3 2 5

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon.

    SPECIAL RULES: Fog Creatures, Skirmishers, Smooth Tails.
    Smooth Tails: The other Fimir don’t care much for the Shearls. They know that they are not natural warriors and almost expect them to flee the battlefield at the first sign of danger. Other Fimir units ignore Shearl panic. Fimm Nobles cannot join Shearl units.

    · Any unit may be equipped with spears for +1 pt/model.
    · Any unit may be equipped with poisonous weapons for +2 pt/model.
    · Upgrade one Shearl to a musician for +4 pts.
    · Upgrade one Shearl to a standard bearer for +8 pts.
    · Upgrade one Shearl to a Head Shearl for +8 pts.

    Points/model: 6 Unit Size: 10+
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Bog Zombie 4 2 0 3 3 1 0 1 2

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon.

    SPECIAL RULES: Braindead, Raised from the Swamp, Undead.
    Raised from the Swamp: Bog Zombies are – as their name implies – raised from the bogs and swamps surrounding the Fimir clan holds. They sometimes spend centuries lying in the fetid pools. Their strong band with this type of terrain remains in the afterlife. Whenever at least one quarter of a unit of Bog Zombies is standing inside a marsh or a swamp, they gain the Regenerate special rule.

    Undead: As they are raised by the Meargh or Dirach, so will they fall when their summoners fall. At the start of the battle, select one wizard for every unit of Bog Zombies in the army. He or she will be their necromancer. Whenever he or she dies, the Bog Zombies must – at the start of the subsequent Fimir turns – take Leadership tests. For every point they fail their Leadership test by, they lose one Wound. They also lose one wound for each point they lose combat by. Bog Zombies within 12” of the Battle Standard Bearer lose one less wound. In addition, as Undead, Bog Zombies are immune to Psychology, they cannot make march moves, they only can hold as a charge reaction and they Cause Fear.

    · Upgrade one Bog Zombie to a musician for +10 pts.
    · Upgrade one Bog Zombie to a standard bearer +5 pts.

    Points/model: 3 Unit Size: 10+
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Boglar 4 2 3 2 3 1 3 1 5
    Sludgesucker 4 2 3 2 3 1 3 2 5

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon & Sharp Stuff

    SPECIAL RULES: Aquatic, Bicker, Largely Insignificant, Skirmish.

    · May upgrade all Boglars to Toad-Gnoblars for +2 pts per model.
    · Upgrade one Boglar to a Sludgesucker for +5 pts.


    Points/model: see below Unit Size: see below
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Mud Soldier 5 3 0 5 4 1 4 1 8
    Mud Reaver 5 3 0 5 4 1 4 2 8
    Mud Wing 4 3 0 3 3 1 3 2 7
    Mud Hound 7 3 0 4 4 1 4 1 7

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon (& Light armour for Mud Soldiers and Reavers).

    SPECIAL RULES: Daemonic, Daemonic Types.
    Mud Soldiers/Reavers: Fog Creatures.
    Mud Wings: Flying Unit
    Mud Hound: Frenzy

    · Mud Soldiers: 13 points/model – Unit size: 10+
    o Upgrade one Mud Soldier to a musician for +6 pts.
    o Upgrade one Mud Soldier to a standard bearer for +11 pts.
    o Upgrade one Mud Soldier to a Mud Reaver for +11 pts.
    · Mud Wings: 12 points/model – Unit size: 5+
    · Mud Hounds: 14 points/model – Unit size: 5+

    Points/model: 60 Unit Size: 1+
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Swamp Troll 6 3 1 5 4 3 1 3 4

    WARGEAR: Hand Weapon.

    SPECIAL RULES: Disgusting Smell , Fear, Stupidity, Regenerate, Troll Vomit.
    Disgusting Smell: Enemies attempting to attack a Swamp Troll in close combat suffer a -1 penalty on their dice rolls due to the stench and slime.

    Points/model: 36 Unit Size: 3+
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Marsh Ogre 6 3 2 4 4 3 2 3 7
    Big Marsh Ogre 6 3 2 4 4 3 2 4 7

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon & Light armour.

    SPECIAL RULES: Aquatic, Fear.

    · Any unit may be equipped with either an additional hand weapon (+4 pts/model), or a great weapon (+6 pts/model).
    · Any unit may be equipped with heavy armour (+3 pts/model), and/or shields (+3 pts/model).
    · Upgrade one Marsh Ogre to a Musician for +10 pts.
    · Upgrade one Marsh Ogre to a Standard Bearer for +20 pts.
    · Upgrade one Marsh Ogre to a Big Marsh Ogre for +20 pts.


    0-1 MUD LORD
    Points/model: 300 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Mud Lord 6 8 0 5 5 4 8 5 9

    A Mud Lord counts as two Rare choices.

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon.

    SPECIAL RULES: Daemonic, Terror, Fly, Unit Strength 3.

    · May choose up to 100 points worth of Gifts of the Mud God.
    · May be a Sorcerer, at +40 points per Level, up to Level 4. If a Sorcerer, he may use the Lore of the Swamp.

    Daemonic Fog: The air around the Mud Lord is blurry and it looks like there is a constant green-brown fog cloud surrounding him. Any shooting at him or the unit it is with suffers an additional -1 to hit penalty. Not that this does not add up with the mist clouds summoned by the Dirach or Meargh. 50 points.

    Swamp Blade: The Daemon wields a hell-forged weapon that exists partly in other dimensions, bypassing armour. The Daemon’s cose combat attacks ignore armour saves. 45 points.

    Lord of the Marsh: Raw power emanates from the Daemon, strengthening its presence in the material realm. The Mud Lord and any other Daemon unit within 6” suffers one less wound when defeated in combat. 40 points.

    Ethernal Hatred: The Mud Lord craves the deaths of all mortal creatures because they are resposible for the death of Fimul the Mud God. The Daemon may re-roll missed cose combat attacks in the first round of any combat. 25 points.

    Spell Breaker: The Daemon is able to drain away the power of enemy spells. Once per battle the Mud Lord may automatically dispel one enemy spell, except one which has just been cast with Irresistible Force. 25 points.
    Splendour in the Swamp: The Daemon’s grip on the mortal realm is particularly strong, protecting it against its normal vulnerabilities. Its Daemonic Aura becomes a normal Ward save and so can be used against magical attacks. This is also conferred to any Daemon unit which he joins. 20 points.

    Prophet of Fimul: The Mud Lord can be your army general. He now counts as one Lord and one Rare choice. 5 points.

    Points/model: 80 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Earth Elemental 5 3 3 5 5 4 3 4 10

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon.

    SPECIAL RULES: Elemental, Immune to Psychology, Rocky Skin (5+), Throw Rocks.
    Elemental: As a being of nature and magic itself, elementals have a number of special abilities. They can ignore terrain penalties when moving, except impossible terrain. Their attack counts as Magical. They have Magical Resistance (2). They have a 5+ Ward save against non-magical attacks.

    Obsidian Rager: Ragers lose the ability to thrown rocks, but gain Frenzy.

    Throw Rocks: An earth elemental can tear rock out of the ground and hurl them into an enemy unit with devastating power. A thrown rock is treated just like a move-or-fire shooting attack with range of 12” and a Strength of 5, doing d3 wounds on units or single models. This attack is not Magical.

    · Upgrade to an Obsidian Rager for +15 pts.

    Points/model: 70 Unit Size: 1
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Water Elemental 6 3 3 4 4 3 6 3 10

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon.

    SPECIAL RULES: Elemental, Immune to Psychology, Summon Raincloud.
    Summon Raincloud: A water elemental can use his powers over the water and weather to summon a big raincloud over an enemy unit, so weaken their combat abilities. This is treated just like casting the “The Rain Lord” spell from the Lore of Life. The elemental has two personal Power Dice to cast this spell. It doesn’t generate Power or Dispel Dice for your army. Summon Raincloud can be dispelled as normal by enemy wizards.

    Vile Water Elemental: Vile Elementals are surrounded by a stinking cloud and enemies in close combat get a -1 penalty to hit it.

    · Upgrade to a Vile Water Elemental for +10 pts.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book



    VILE BRANCH CRUSHER: 50 points
    Fimm Only
    This huge mace is made from a big root found in the deepest glades of the Forests of Firest. The end of the weapon is made up of strong, sharp wooden side roots, sprouting in all direction. These cause horrific damage when slammed against an enemy, piercing the body at multiple places.
    Vile Branch Crusher counts as a great weapon that causes D3 wounds.

    FETID AXE: 25 points
    Fimm Only
    Many of the numerous water pools around the Fimir clann hold contain unpure water, made fetid due to the centuries-long lack of streaming water. It is rumoured that when the still hot metal of a newly crafted weapon is cooled with this water, some of the unpureness stays upon the weapon. Such weapons are so poisonous that few are left untouched by it.
    Fetid Axe is a one-handed weapon that always wounds on a roll of 2+.

    Meargh/Dirach Only
    This curved dagger has been used for so many ritual sacrifices that even the oldest Meargh cannot really remember. It has been passed down by the Mearghs from generation to generation. The blade is red with the gore and blood of its coutless victims. According to Fimir legends, the weapon can sense when it needs to send another soul to Fimul the Mud God and that it does his best to please his god as much as possible.
    Kriss of Endless Sacrifice is a poisonous one-handed weapon. Every 6 to hit grants the wielder another attack. Subsequent 6’s grant more attacks too.

    FIMUL’S ARMS: 65 points
    Fimm Only
    The Axe and the Mace known as Fimul’s Arms are two of the most priced relics kept by the Fimir. They are the very same weapons Fimul the Mud God used to protect his beloved Maris. When Fimul was killed, the weapons where sold by the human merchants. One Fimir clann was lucky enough to raid a certain caravan transporting the weapons centuries later. They were probably on their way to a rich noble who bought them as collector items. Since that time, the axe and the mace are passed on from clan to clan each year.
    Fimul’s Arms are two one-handed weapons. The Axe gives the wielder +1 WS and does an extra -1 on enemy armour saves. The mace causes the WS, S and A value of enemies hit by it to half for one entire turn. The entire set gives the wielder +1 A.

    BALOR’S DECAPITATOR: 35 points
    Fimm Only
    Balor is a mighty daemon prince, servant of Fimul. He typically goes to war wielding a massive two-handed axe or scythe. Swining it in wide arcs, he chops off the heads of his enemies without pausing. Only the most worthy Fimm Nobles are rewarded with a replica of this awesome weapon, and they wield it with great proud.
    Balor’s Decapitator is a great weapon that gives the wielder the Killing Blow ability.

    LISSAART’S TAIL: 15 points
    Fimm Only
    Lissaart, another daemon prince serving Fimul, is depicted as a huge scaled serpent. He’s a deady and silent stalker. Crawling through the misty swamp, he sneaks up to his prew and unleashes his fury. Some Fimm Nobles strap on a powerful magical blade it their tails to represent this flailing tail of Lissaart.
    Lissaart’s Tail is a weapon fitted on the tail of the wielder. It gives the Tail Bash attack of the wielder +1 Strength (so normally all Tail Bash attacks are made with the character’s base Strength).


    KROLL’S BELLYSHIELD: 25 points
    Fimm Only
    Kroll is usually depicted as a huge bogoctopus with tentacles flailing around him. Around his main body, the daemon prince has a dull looking bellyshield, showing all kinds of shifting images, striking fear into all who gaze upon it.
    Kroll’s Bellyshield gives +1 armour save and gives the wearer Cause Fear. Can be combined with normal armour.

    Fimm Only
    Made from the blackest and hardest stone, stolen from caravans or dwarven slaves, this bellyshield is crafted to protect the wearer from harmful magical effects. Mostly favoured by Fimm Nobles living close to human villages where a wizard resides, these armour pieces are hard to get by in the murky swamps.
    Obsidian Bellyshield gives +1 armour save and gives the wearer Magic Resistance (2). Can be combined with normal armour.

    RUNIC BELLYSHIELD: 10 points
    Fimm Only
    This beautifully crafted piece of armour is inscribed with the most powerful runes the Fimir could whip out of their dwarven slaves. Fimm Nobles wearing such bellyshields are considered to be near invincible and are rightly feared on the battlefield.
    Runic Bellyshield gives +2 armour save. Can be combined with normal armour.

    Fimm Only
    Shells taken from dead or killed dragonturles are sometimes used as a bellyshield, worn by the Fimm Nobles when they go to war. For some mysterious reason, the slime dragonturles produce during life to keep their skin flexible stays on the shell even after the creature dies. This gives the Noble a considerable advantage in close combat.
    Dragonturtle Bellyshield gives +1 armour save and gives the enemies directing attacks to the wearer a -1 To Hit penalty. Can be combined with normal armour.


    BLOODSTONE GARNET: 50 points
    This trinket, mostly used as a jewel to fasten the cloaks many Fimm Nobles or Dirach wear, radiates a powerful red glow. Empowered with the mystical forces of the swamp and the ancient spirit that dwell there, the stone is prized my all, because it gives the holder the ability to heal wounds almost instantly, regenerating limbs and becomming almost immortal.
    Bloodstone Garnet gives the holder the ability to Regenerate.

    EYE OF BALOR: 50 points
    Said to be infused with a part of the evil from Balor, this necklace is made to respemble his great and terrible eye. The wearer of the Eye is seen as pure evil to all enemies who look upon him and they want to be as far from him as possible.
    Eye of Balor gives the holder Cause Terror.

    FOG PENDANT: 50 points
    Fimm Only
    This pendant contains the soul of a long since dead but powerful Dirach. Even though he died centuries ago, this spirit still seeks to go to war and still generates a mist cloud. This piece of jewelry is wanted amongst the Fimir Nobility because it gives them the opportunity to go further from a Dirach then they normally could.
    Fog Pendant generates a mist cloud of a 6” radius around the wearer or any unit he might have joined. This mist cloud grants him (or the unit) the same abilities as a normal Meargh/Dirach generated mist cloud does.

    HORRORS OF FIREST: 25 points
    Meargh/Dirach Only, One use only
    Firest, a daemon prince in the form of a dark forest with unspeakable horrors within, enjoys teasing his victims with getting them lost and fear games. One day, a crazed Dirach captured some of these visions into a small glass orb. He who gazes into the orb, sees only his deepest hidden fears and goes almost mad instantly.
    Once per battle, the holder can reviel the Horrors of Firest to an enemy unit in close combat. This unit automatically breaks and has to flee directly away from him. He and his unit cannot pursue and must stay stationary.


    MARIS’ TEARS: 20 points
    Meargh/Dirach Only, One use only
    This item is a small vial, filled with very clear and almost glowing liquid. The liquid within is said to be tears from Maris, the mother of all Fimir. They were collected by Fimul when Maris was sad about all the selfeshness the humans showed to her. When the liquid is smeered upon the naked skin, it heals any wounds almost instantly.
    Once per battle, the keeper of this item can use it to regain one Wound up a total of his or her maximum Wound value.

    SWAMP GLASS GLOBE: 35 points
    Meargh/Dirach Only, One use only
    There are different types of swamp gas out there. There is gas that can kill a grown man after only one sniff, there is gas that can drive even an Ogre crazy. One certain gas increases the magical capabilities of all who sniff it. Ofcourse, not everyone knows this, but the Fimir long since discovered this secret.
    Once per battle, the keeper of this orb can break it to gain a +2 on one casting roll in this turn and a +2 on one dispel roll in the next.

    Meargh/Dirach Only, One use only
    This piece of parchment is made of human skin. It contains all manner of incantations, spells and glyphs used by the dark art of necromancy. When read, the parchement crumbles and the magical power is lost. But, the ground begins to boil and black water erupts from cracks. Bog zombies arise from their watery graves to fight once more.
    Once per battle, the keeper of the scroll can read it to summon a unit of 5+D6 Bog Zombies up to 10” away.

    ROYAL COWL: 10 points
    Dirach only
    Given by its Meargh because of some important deed or performance, the lucky Dirach now stands out from even the other Dirach, which infuriates the Fimm Nobles even more. But, it was the Meargh’s will that he got the cowl so he must be important and all the Nobles respect that thought.
    The wearer of Royal Cowl is no longer subject to the Petty Squabble rule, neither are Fimm Nobles within 6” of him. Although they can still squabble with Dirachs other then him.


    HELLMOTHER’S CROWN: 40 points
    Meargh Only
    This barbed metal crown once belonged to the fabled Hellmother, the Meargh who unites most of the Fimir race in the war against the humans. She was a very powerful wizard but also very dangeous with words. The Fimir suffered greatly during that war though, and the Hellmother was slain by Marius who impaled her with his spear.
    Hellmother’s Crown gives the wearer a 5+ ward save and she knows one extra spell. This spell has to be from the Lore of the Swamp (note that her primary spells can come from another Lore).

    HELM OF LISSAART: 30 points
    Fimm Only
    Not many mortals can match the extreme speed at which the snake daemon Lissaart attacks his prey. From nowhere his great fanged maw shoots out to grab and devour the unfortunate victim. Crafted by the daemon’s own metalsmiths, the fabled Helms of Lissaart are said to grand the wearer some of that speed, making them eye blinding fast on the battlefield.
    Helm of Lissaart gives the wearer the ability to Always Strike First, even if he was charged. If both can strike first, roll a die.

    MOSS-HIDE CLOAK: 10 points
    One use only
    This ragged cloak is made of all sorts of hard swamp grass and moss foeraged by the Shearls and knitted together with powerful runes by the Dirach. Whoever wears this cloak is rumoured to be able to resist a blow from even a Giant. The effect is temporary though and the moss is frail.
    Moss-hide Cloak gives the wearer +1 armour save and +1 T until he or suffered his first wounding hit, regardless of passed armour saves.

    Red with the blood and gore in which it was soaked, this mantle is a sign to all humans who face the wearer that they are going to be next. The smell of fresh human blood almost drives the Fimir mad with hatred and hunger towards them. In battle they will not stop until their hunger is statisfied or they themselves are killed.
    Blood-drenched Mantle gives the wearer Hatred towards all human units.


    BOG BANNER: 30 points
    Made from the skins of all their slain victims, this banner is truely a horrific sight to behold. It is dripping with goo and covered in slimy mud. Skulls and bones are put on top of it, often surrounded by a small flock of crows, picking at the rotting remains.
    Bog Banner gives the bearer and his unit the ability to Cause Fear.

    Depicting the always burning eye of Balor, the banner fills the unit with uncontrollable vigour and battle lust, driving them to the brink of insanity even. They lose all sense of everything around them and charge into the nearest enemy they can see.
    Banner of the Burning Eye gives the bearer and his unit Frenzy.

    FIMUL’S HATRED: 50 points
    When Fimul was cowardly murdered in the dungeons of The Marshland, his soul was banished back into the Warp. He swore to take revenge on those lowely mortals who killed him and his beloved Maris. As he couldn’t enter the material realm for a long time, he crafted a banner to represent his hatred and gave it to his most trusted Fimir, so that they could start his revenge on the mortal world.
    Fimul’s Hatred gives the bearer and the unit Hatred to all mortal units (not to daemons for example).


    Although not the most powerful casters in the world, Meargh and Dirach can show quite some power when it comes with magical spells and Daemons. Dirach can only generate spells from the Lore of the Swamp. Meargh can generate spells from one of the following Lores: Lore of the Swamp, Lore of Beasts, Lore of Death, Lore of Shadows.


    Meargh and Dirach roll a D6 to randomly generate a spell from this chart. They can automatically swap one spell for Dancing Lights if they didn’t generate it randomly.

    1 Dancing Lights 5+
    2 Mending Mud 6+
    3 Swamp Gas Bolt 7+
    4 Raise Bog Zombies 8+
    5 Kroll’s Fortune 9+
    6 Balor’s Gaze 12+

    This spell can only be cast at one enemy unit within the caster’s mist cloud. It is treated like a magic missile that does not require line of sight. If successfully cast, it hits the target and causes D6 Strength 3 hits.

    Cast this on a single friendly model within 6”. The caster can also target himself. The target of the spell regains 1 lost Wound, up to his maximum value of Wounds.

    The caster lets loose a powerful bolt of dangerous, toxic swamp gas. When it hits, it explodes and slowly gasses the target. Target one enemy model or unit within 24” and in line of sight. If the spell is cast successfully, roll a D6 for every model in the unit. The bolt hits models on a 4+ and causes a Strength 2 hit to every model hit with no armour saves allowed. Single models are hit automatically.

    Target a point on the table within 12” of the caster, no line of sight is required. On that point a new unit of Bog Zombies is created. The unit contains 5+D6 Bog Zombies. The caster is considered to be their necromancer. This spell can also be used to add more Zombies to an existing unit.

    This spell can only be cast if the caster and/or his unit killed at least one enemy model in the previous turn. When the spell is casted successfully, the slain models are considered to be sacrificed in honour of Kroll. Nominate one friendly unit within 12” from the caster. They get X re-rolls in the Close Combat phase (X being the number of models slain by the caster and his unit in the previous turn).

    Affect the entire battlefield. The skies blacken and the moon turns bloody red. All enemy units and models, which are not in combat, must take a Leadership test or be forced to flee to the nearest table edge. Units and models immune to psychology are not affected.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    Ok, that was it. I hope you like it.
    Please give me some feedback on what you think

    Note: some unit entries and rules are from existing warhammer units (like the Boglards, Trolls, Ogres and Daemon Prince)

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I had a go at this based on quite a few homemade lists found about the web plus my input.

    My attempt is here .

    My biggest problem was lack of interest. No one (or very, very few people) actually care about Fimir and some people actively loathe them. I think GW are a bit ashamed of them too. Pity really as I felt they were quite unique and added an interesting element to the warhammer background, When I have a bit more time, I offer a critique.

    Based on initial viewing, this doesn't have too much to offer that hasn't been done already. Your fog rules could do with a re-write as they are a little confusing. i think a 'feigned flee' type rule would be more beneficial than a 'run away when you've won combat' rule. The -1 WS AND -1 M is overpowered too, its a good brainstorm but needs revising.

    I'd avoid re-hashing current units too, you need something new. I think if GW were ever going to re-do fimir, we'd see something very different to their original carnation (think how Slann changed, or to a lesser extent Ogres). This means you do not have to stick with traditions, go mad, enjoy.

    Army composition: you have too many limitations which is not in keeping with the two 7th edition army books. Think about how the army would look at 1000pts, not much room for variation there.

    I can see you've put a lot of work into this, so sorry I'm being so critical, just want you to avoid the same traps I fell into when I was working on it.

    Also, you might want to offer some introduction on fimir as I imagine a lot of the younger warseer users won't have a clue about them.

    I'll keep an eye on this and see how it progresses.

    Also I have about 15 or so fimir heroquest models if you want to make me an offer for them (I thought of using them as savage orcs but really can't be bothered to do this), pm me if you're interested.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I think it's more of a "Everyone's too young to remember them" type thing, actually. There are few folk around these days who ever even played Heroquest, let alone 3rd edition, to know what the beasties are.

    They make quite good counts-as-Beast-of-Chaos, though. One day, I'll finish painting my 2K's worth and post full pictures.

    On topic: From what I read, a lot of it seems to really lack cohesion beyond "swampy stuff". The original Fimir stuff was quite rooted in Irish mythology.

    Other than that, it's a good start, I think. Although "Mud Demon" is a bit of a wussy name :P

    -Angry Lawyer

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I only started warhammer about 3 years ago, could anyone point me to some stuff which explain what they actually are?
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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    The spell Balor’s Gaze seem extremely overpowerd. Imagine suuceeding with it on turn 1, when all enemy models are within 12" or less of the board edge. 12+ is not that difficult of a casting roll after all. Maybe you could make it affect all units within a certain radius of the caster?
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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    Have you checked out the excellent 92 page background book of the Fimir for wfrp2, (warpstone issue 25). The ideas and creatures from that could be adapted

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I recently bought this amazing book. One of the best books of (unofficial) Warhammer books ever me thinks .

    But tbh, I'm a Warhammer 40k player in the first place. I know how to play Warhammer Fantasy but I'm not an expert. I realy appriciate your help on this guys, I'm working on it to make the army list better and more balanced.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    Fimirrrrs!!! I always thought they should bring these guys back!
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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    Eldarion and others: The Fimir are a race designed by GW in the early days. They have some very loose roots in Irish Mythology. They are a marsh/swamp dwelling race that stand taller than a man, have long snouts, a single eye and a long tail that often ends in a boney blade or club. The race is led by a queen (the only female) and a caste system separates the race into different warrior classes.

    The wizards of the race generate a magical fog that hides the fimirs numbers and also protects them from the sun, which hurts them. The race reproduce by stealing human women (I'll let your imagination do the rest) and this is the primary reason why most people never want them back*. Interestingly, someone made the decision to put the most controversial race in warhammer in the children's game Heroquest. The other factor in their demise was due to an error made during the model's main sculpt; the rules were made for a race on 25mm bases, but the sculptor made them for 40mm bases, the result being something like playing Ogre Kingdoms but with Orc stats. This meant they were just unpopular as an army anyway.

    They have had somewhat of a continued unofficial support through WHFRP, the maturer audience may have contributed to this, there has also been tiny hints in the WH books too (Dark Shadows contains a hint, as does the WD Gnobblar list, iirc). There are a few folks who'd like to see them back, I was one of them, now I'm on the fence because I see the problematics involved and would perhaps prefer see other lists developed first. All my notes are on the link above, I can provide further info if anyone wants it.

    On topic:

    Warptone 25 is where I started. It's pretty much a lift of the old 3rd Edition fimir list (from Warhammer Armies) with some stuff from the whfrp sources chucked in. The whfrp element was actually fairly poor is one of the major obstacles when putting this list together, but as its as close to official fluff as we can get its what we use. I suggest you reject some of the Warpstone list outright, and quite possibly some of the 3rd edition list as well.

    Think: you are trying to do something original, otherwise you might as play another army as a 'counts as' (more balanced, tried and tested, etc).

    Fimir elements:

    All infantry, meaning slow. No warmachines, no chariots, few (if any) skirmishers and flyers, dependent on magic (perhaps), Mostly elite (so no hordes). Sounds like a poorly thought out Chaos Hordes list.

    You've added so far: some trolls and ogres, a daemon, some lesser daemons, some other bits that are just like chaos spawn, and some zombies (which you don't need as you have shearls for your chuck away units). Still looks like a chaos list to me.

    Dichotomy between Shearls and Fimm. Done before as Orcs/Goblins (goblins don't panic orcs), Beastman Herds (Ungors are shot first, Ungors rank up first), Skaven (slaves don't panic warriors).

    You've got ignore shearl panic, fair enough

    Army dependent Magic (ie fog). Done before as Tombs Kings crumble rule, though quite different.

    Fog. This one is always going to be tricky, I don't like the I roll, and would prefer a Ld roll instead. As said before, why would you want to move away from a unit that you've beaten, the only advantage I can think of is if its your turn next and you can get a new charge in (helpful for hatred, flails, etc), but you're going to striking first against equal I anyway, so it's usefulness is limited.

    *sexual reproduction doesn't happen in warhammer, thats why elves are dying out, you never see orc or dwarf females and the only human women are warrior nuns or sacred Damsels. In fact the only obvious females are either daemonettes or harpies, both of which I take it are asexual. Oh hang I forgot Vampires, who reproduce asexually. I think the WH design team may be a little repressed.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I'll give it a good look and try to make a MkII edition (though this might take a while). Although, since you are the first one who made an attempt on the forums, Deadkez, I don't know how fair it is towards you that I post this here.

    Quote Originally Posted by deadkez View Post
    *sexual reproduction doesn't happen in warhammer, thats why elves are dying out, you never see orc or dwarf females and the only human women are warrior nuns or sacred Damsels. In fact the only obvious females are either daemonettes or harpies, both of which I take it are asexual. Oh hang I forgot Vampires, who reproduce asexually. I think the WH design team may be a little repressed.
    Which makes the Fimir the only ones who have sexual reproduction...hence the most normal race? The way they do it is another thing...but remember they don't really threat the women bad (other than "you know")

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    Well they seem hugely unoriginial and dont appear to add anything new to warhammer really.
    Possible idea's:

    The mists are a bound spell for all characters(and possible some larger creatures).Power level 3.
    All friendly units within 6" of the caster are at -1 to hit from shooting,all shooting will scatter automatically.

    Incorporate fenbeasts and the like,having a spell that allows them to regenerate wounds for such things,and possibly for character's as well.

    Dont make them daemonic,or like forest spirits or whatever,but allow fenbeasts and such to be unbreakable,but be singular units in limited amount.

    Swamp trolls are fitting enough,(basically river trolls)
    The spell lore needs work....not entirely sure it needs an entirely new lore and the last spell is just too powerful.
    You need more normal spells,ie the first one..make it a normal magic missle.
    The swamp gas bolt just use the 3" template to determine who gets hit.
    Maybe have a larger version as well?

    Having your core as normal fairly quick units.
    Mv4 allowed to march and such.
    Pretty basic things though.

    Possibly make them similar to how skaven operate so you need 1 core unit for each other thing perhaps.

    Re-working the fluff to say...the queen spawns new fimir every so often.
    Rather than "they steal human women as their way of reproducing"
    As this seems more family friendly,as well as making them seem more alien in nature.

    Keep elementals,make them big monster type things,have 4 types.
    Possibly have them as a lord slot similar to a greater daemon so they can be character's.
    They use set lores of magic of course.
    Fire elemental = fire magic

    Those are just a few idea's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RanaldLoec View Post
    I would have to agree with The Unwantedbeing as he is a paragon of sense and reason in an unreasonable environment.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I can understand that most people loathe the fimir because of their reproduction fluff. Perhaps some ideas to twist it a bit in order to get more players interested?

    I was thinking about the fimir stealing human babies from the villages and then subject them to some kind of daemon magic ritual with the Svabhaavajam as a result.

    Note: in original fluff, fimir have intercourse with human females. The baby will look like a pink-skinned shearl (fimir worker caste with smooth tails) until it enters Svabhaavajam. During this period the soul-castes of the baby will fight each other and the vicotrious one will determine to which caste the baby will belong (and how it looks).

    Baby stealing is not really as bad as the oringial "rape-fluff" and surely not more evil then what other races, for example Chaos or Orcs, do to the normal humans.


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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I took some of the advice you guys have given me into account and revised the "From the mists they come..." rule. Here it is:

    From the mists they come...

    Fimir mist is treated like a Bound Spell (level 3) which cannot be dispelled. Both the Meargh and the Dirach can do it. Cast the mist before the battle starts, even before rolls to see who goes first. The effect stays until the caster is either being shot at (shot has to hit but not necesserily wound) or part of a close combat. In these cases the concentration of the caster is tested and he/she must cast the spell again immediately when the turn – in which he/she was being shot at or in which he was part of a close combat – ends.

    If the spell is cast successfully, a magically generated mist cloud surrounds the caster. The radius of the mist cloud depends on the casting roll:
    D6 Mist Radius
    1 No mist
    2 No mist
    3 6” radius
    4 9” radius
    5 12” radius
    6 18” radius

    Non-Fimir units who enter the mist get a –1 penalty on their Leadership for the entire time spend inside the mist clouds. No missiles can be fired inside the clouds and wizards get a –1 penalty on casting rolls when casting spells. Note that archers (or the like) who are standing outside the cloud, can still fire on units inside the cloud, but with a –1 penalty on their to hit rolls.
    In addition, when Fimir are fighting enemies in close combat while inside the mist cloud, the enemy unit must make a Leadership test. If passed, nothing is wrong. If failed, the Fimir take advantage of their superiour vision in the mists. If the test was failed by 1-2 points, the Fimir gain an extra +1 combat resolution. If the test was failed by 3+ points, the Fimir gain an extra +2 combat resolution.

    If Fimir units find themselves outside the mist cloud at the start of their turn, for any reason, they become very slow because the bright sun pains them. When not under the influence of the mist cloud, Fimir units cannot make march moves and always strike last in close combat, even when charging and after great weapons.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I think you have a big project going and I know the temptation is to make an army more competitive rather than less so. I think, all points consider, the fog rules are still too complicated and too powerful. What about -1 to hit with missles and -1 leadership for all units within the fog? Those are two big advantages as it is. A banner that is -1 to hit with missle usually costs a unit around 40 points. -1 Leadership is a Slaanesh daemonic gift which costs 30 points for one model. We are talking about these advantages for the whole army in most cases.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    You are right. Perhaps the possible extra CR bonus is enough advantage for the Fimir in the mist clouds. The -1 penalties on missile fire and spells only inside the mists is perhaps better than -1 outside the clouds and not at all inside...

    It's not my intention to make an overpowered army, just an army that is fun to play with and also has a chance to win things Ofcourse, that's why I need your help too.

    I'd like to thanks everyone who helped me so far, I hope we can keep this thread active and perhaps finish the army book

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    Fimir Ideas:

    I roughed out a few ideas for fimir, quite a few people have on the net. Mines incomplete, but heres a look, Sorry for the word file, but PDFs are beyond my computer skills.

    The main incompletness is the magic items list, I'm hopeless at thinking them up. I'd love any feedback on the spell lists. I see Fimir as being a horde of warriors comming out of the mist. Power is Fianna and Fimm Warriors, with Shearl used as cannon fodder and the smaller units used for flanking.
    Ruleswise, I tried to utilise existing rules as a base for balancing points cost and to avoid making them too hardcore.

    Have Fun

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    I love your ideas BigRob, it's nice to see more people interested in the race

    Btw, I thought about some unique (I hope) unit types the Fimir army can field without using any exisiting units with other names - like me previous Marsh Ogres and Swamp Trolls.


    Points/model: 55 Unit Size: 1+
    M=5 WS=3 BS=0 S=5 T=4 W=3 I=2 A=3 Ld=7 (fomorian)
    M=5 WS=3 BS=0 S=5 T=4 W=3 I=2 A=4 Ld=7 (formor)

    WARGEAR: Hand weapon.

    · Can be given an additional hand weapon for 4pts/model.
    · Can be given light armour for 2 pts/model.
    · Upgrade one Fomorian to a Formor for + 20 pts.

    SPECIAL RULES: Sneaking Giants, Stomp! Crush!, Misformed, Fear.

    Sneaking Giants: Fomorians prefer to sneak up to their enemy and attack them by surprise. Although they are large creatures, they can be surprisingly silent and sneaky. Fomorians have the Scout special rule.

    Stomp! Crush!: Fomorians can forfeit their attacks and instead roll 2 To Hit rolls. If both hit, the Fomorian makes one Strength 10 attack. If one roll fails, he only makes one S5 attack.

    Misformed: Fomorians have ears and eyes where they shouldn’t have ears and eyes. This gives them a wide view of the battlefield though. Enemies making a flank or rear charge against a Fomorian unit don’t gain the flank/rear bonus on CR. But all the information Fomorians get with this wide view can be too much for their little brains. They are subject to Stupidity.


    Designer's Note: These swamp trolls are designed as smaller kind of Trolls that you can field with the Chaos and Orc armies. They live in small tribes together in the swamps. Not as powerful as their bigger cousins, these Trolls are still a big danger to anyone who crosses their path or enters their mud-villages...

    Points/model: 20 Unit Size: 3+
    M=5 WS=3 BS=0 S=4 T=4 W=2 I=3 A=2 Ld=6 (troll)
    M=5 WS=3 BS=0 S=4 T=4 W=2 I=3 A=3 Ld=6 (chieftain)

    WARGEAR: Claws & fangs.

    · Any unit may have bad halitosis for +4 pts/model.
    · Upgrade one Swamp Troll to a Chieftain for +10 pts.

    SPECIAL RULES: Aquatic, Bad Halitosis, Regeneration, Skirmish

    Bad Halitosis: A unit of Swamp Trolls upgraded with bad halitosis, can make Vomit Attacks instead of ordinary attacks during close combat. Each Swamp Troll can make only 1 Vomit Attack at Strength 4, although these always hit and the corrosive, semi-liquid nature of Troll vomit allows no armour save.

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    Re: Fimir Army Book

    Most of the lists I have seen have involved the fluff from the 3rd edition Rulebook, WFRP Rulebook and Dying of the Light.
    New unit wise, If your re-writing the fluff then you can work in what you like.

    I like the mud creatures, but I'm not sure about the flying mudmen, maybe go for something like the old dryad rules with shapeshifting abilities each turn (ala Sandman from Spiderman 3) and units suffer -1 to hit them due to getting mud in the eyes. Fimir will use magic to create foot soldiers to serve them, so Swamp Deamons, Mudmen, Fenbeasts and Furies (or generic undivided deamon) are all magically summoned to do thier bidding. The old fluff states Fimir have a special relationship with the deamons, maybe incorperate that without it becoming Hordes of Chaos: Fimir. They are not chaotic, just evil.

    Otherwise its marshy denzins, maybe the return of frog swarms(hehe), Marsh Trolls, Bog Octopi, Fen Worms and other gribblies. If you havnt allready check out WFRP for ideas. If you have access to The 1st edition book and/or Dying of the Light you'll get loads of info on fimir.

    In my opinion Fimir should have almost no missile support, instead relying on brutal close range attacks to quickly crush a foe. The Meargh should be a hardcore spell caster as they live for hundreds of years. Diarachs are more...throw away servants.

    Have fun

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