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Some lovely work here. Really like the subtle conversion of the cultists and great paint-job all round. Green backgrounds provide a nice contract.

Very impressed by the maulfiend. I am (very slowly) painting up a forgefiend and I'm not quite sure how to accentuate the daemonic nature of the machine. I like your use of runes and the blue glow of the exhaust ports. Might try using that if I ever get it finished . . .

Thanks Denny, I really should get around to photographing the other fifteen cultists...

As for the Maulerfiend I know what you mean about slowly painting them! It took me pretty much three months to paint the thing! That was working on it for about an hour or two most days from late June through to late September. I did it in pieces but left off the final highlights and runic details etc until I had put it all together. I'd quite like to do a forgefiend and perhaps another mauler at some point, but I have a few other things I'm working on first.

I'm currently finishing the painting on another sorcerer and the build of a Hellforged Predator using the Ectoplasma cannons from the fiend kit to make a plasma destroyer. When I get that done I'm going to finish the Rhino I never quite finished donkey's years ago. I've also got a half finished squad of chosen to finish, a need to do d suitable bits to make five more cultists and a half baked plan for some Khornate raptors using some Age of Sigmar parts to come up with a 40k incarnation of the Ashen Circle. - these are just the nose developed plans, others include another predator converted from the Baal Predator and some kind of Land Raider Redeemer using the chapter approved rules.

I'll get there eventually.