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    Warmaster questions

    Firstly I'd like to thank Allah for giving me Warmaster. I'm a little irritated that I spent 100 on Warhammer in the last month and time painting my Dwarfs, when they are now destined for ebay in exchange for this deal. Such a beauty of a game, I've been like a little child at christman today thinking about putting a whole army on the table and not the meagre 100 men I could buy in a 2000 point Warhammer game.

    Tomorrow I've got my gaming club and I'm going to be smooth talking everyone who plays WHFB into having a look at WM. It could sure do with the exposure and imo WM trumps WHFB in the most inportant battle: which can thrown the most units onto the table. Then with a little bit of Mighty Empires my Caliphate of Araby will consume the whole Old World hehehehehe.

    Well where to start? I'm hyped and have many questions.

    About WM, which would I be better off starting, regular WM or the WMAncient or both? I guess it would be down to how many people I could recruit to the cause and which system helps me in that.

    Painting. Could I dip my miniatures to speed paint them or would it look a little poor on the tabletop? I'm not a big fan of painting, I'd consider myself more of a master tactician more suited to pulling off stunningly choreographed battle maneuvours.

    What are the major differences between the tactics of WM and WHFB? I've read the rulebook on specialist games and I've noticed how you can combine units together into battalions. Love that concept! So if a line of 3 missile troops with a line or two of infantry behind the most common or best tactic in most cases?

    Why are cavalry so good? I've heard that they are very important in the game and can sometimes win the day by themselves. I know they get +1 *something* on the charge aswell as being well armoured but that doesn't seem so gamebreaking to me. It might well be there speed and ability to hit flanks then.

    How do Araby play in the game? I've taken a liking to them already and have drawn up a 2000 point list which I'll type at the end. I see them as similar to wood elves in whfb somewhat, because they have fast magic carpets to harass the enemy along with desert and camel raiders, then some rather mediocre infantry in spearmen and standard bowmen. So I see my army as trying to weaken the enemy with massed bow fire and some magic before they hit the center of my lines.

    Elephants. Now these do look very nice on paper with 5 attacks and 4 hits. Then they rampage and do horrific damage to my own guys. How should I wield these brutes? Send them out ahead to do as much damage as possible or out on the flanks where they can't rampage through my infantry line?

    Why do GW sell 3 Araby characters with 2 riding camels when, afaik, the only mounts available to my general and heros are magic carpets or elephants. And djinn, can I ride these as transport? 90 points does seem a lot for 2/2 attacks and +1 to the curse spell.

    Does anyone know if the WMA book includes a turkish army which makes use of Janissary infantry and hashishin? I could be able to use some Araby models as arabic infantry in WMA if I wanted to.

    Does anyone else think that skirmishers would be a useful addition to the game? Not with the WHFB scount rule, but a modified version like 40k's infiltrate so that you could deploy a small unit 20cm ahead of your lines to take up a key position. I can't remember reading about this in historical battles but it makes sense to do so.

    Yours truly, a WHFB to WM convert.

    My rough list. 1905 points at the moment.
    Wizard with flying carpet
    Wizard with flying carpet

    8 Spearmen
    4 Bowmen
    2 Guards
    2 Knights
    2 Desert Riders
    2 Magic Carpets
    2 Elephants
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