Ok, this is the senario. You have just won/inherited/somehow earned enough money to buy Games Workshop. You own every last shred of the company, and are in complete control. What would you do? What direction would you take the company and hobby in?

Personally, I would start by axing LotR. It aparently takes up 40% of the development shedule, yet only makes up 22% of sales, so not only is it impacting on the Warhammer games, its doing so in a stupidly inefficient manner. I would then use the development time regained to provide more support for specialist games, and give some back to Fantasy and 40K.

White Dwarf would regain its focus as a hobby magazine, rather than simply being a way to push the latest releases. New release advertising and promotion would not dissapear, but it would take a backseat to painting, converting, terrain making and new rules articles.

Recruitment and training policies would be tightened up significantly, as it appears there is a big shift in the quality level of staff and customer service depending on the store.

Wages would be looked at in detail. I would rather be paying the staff more and cutting the massive discount they get on products a bit than paying them peanuts and watch them rape the discount.