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Thread: Shabbadoo's WH40K Log (Dark Angels, Orks, Word Bearers, etc.)

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    Shabbadoo's WH40K Log (Dark Angels, Orks, Word Bearers, etc.)

    So, with only a few models actually finished being painted, I've decided to begin a project log for my Orks, as the upcoming stuff has finally succeeded in lighting a fire under my butt to actually do something. I suffer from APADD(Acute Painter’s Attention Deficit Disorder), so it is a big step for me to actually concentrate on a single thing for any length of time. I know I am not alone in this.

    EDIT: Oh hell. At least I got a bunch of assembling done on one army, but it's all gone to crap now. And yes, I am laughing right along with you. This is now a log of EVEYTHING WH40K I am working on which will primarily be Dark Angels, Orks, Word Bearers, Imperial Guard, and Tau. A few others models may sneak their way in here and there. I'll be posting some oldies but goodies that I still have as well.

    For my first post, here are pics of what I have painted. These are my prototype models for figuring out how I want to paint all of the Orks I have. The trukk is just something I built for Gorka Morka, but I may work it into the list somehow. These models are painted simply enough that I think I will be able to stick with them long enough to get a full army done. I do paint better than this, but I'm willing to cut a few corners to actually have a full army painted to a decent standard for the first time. I'll likely spend more time on models I really like or that are HQ choices. We'll have to wait and see.

    The prototype Ork models and the Trukk:

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