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    Daniel36's Log - Fun stuff for everyone

    Hey everyone,

    It has taken me a while, but I finally managed to take some pictures of my Imperial Guard army, which I like to call the Vindar 136th.

    These pictures also show some new scenery built by some of our clubmembers to go with our slowly but ever expanding City of Death scenery.

    I won´t write a comment for every picture, since I am lazy.... I will now Orbitally Bombard you all with a bucketload of pictures.... They are not all of perfect quality, and I am way too lazy to do some photoshopping, but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless.

    I intend to update this topic every once in a while. I have several armies I am working on. My Imperial Guard army is my first and favourite army, but I am working on a couple of Death Guard things that involve a lot of greenstuffing, which I found out I am not half bad at, and I am also planning to add some Imperial Fists Space Marines to go with my Imperial Guards. Perhaps I will even get around to painting those Eldar I have lying around....

    But enough about all that, on to the pictures!

    Now, this log will eventually encompass more than just my Vindar army, but I am into them right now, so there. You will also find scenery, Death Guard, Necromunda, mayhaps some Epic in the future, and undoubtedly some Fantasy stuff as well, if I feel like it again sometime.
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