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Thread: High Elves 1000 pts for Tournament next week

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    High Elves 1000 pts for Tournament next week

    I'm going to a 1k tournament next weekend with my HE and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for my list here.

    I've run some test games with it, and I'm 3 wins 1 loss so far with it.

    -Great Weapon
    -Radiant Gem of Hoeth

    -Silver Wand
    -Sacred Incense

    20 Spearmen
    -Full Command
    -Banner of Ellyrion

    Lion Chariot of Chrace

    Lion Chariot of Chrace

    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    The RBTs deploy on hills or in a good support position. Spearmen go in front, with characters joined and one Chariot on each side. Noble uses the Lore of Beasts and casts The Bear's Anger on himself, the Mage takes Lore of Shadow and uses what works best. I got Unseen Lurker in two games and that helped out a great deal.

    RBTs help to thin enemy units out, and I try to get the Spears and Chariots charging together. The Chariots and Noble do all the hard hitting, and I end up winning combat almost everytime. The Chariots overrun the enemy unit, and they get ready to repeat it again.

    The one thing I was considering was taking the Seerstaff of Saphery on my Mage so I can get the spells I feel I'll need.There's one player in the area who likes taking a 20 man block of Dwarf Ironbreakers, so i was thinking of taking Pit of Shades to help thin them out a bit.

    One question: Can I take armor and shield on my Noble even though he counts as a Lvl 1 Wizard? I want to take some Heavy armor and a shield on him to protect himself, but I wasn't sure if that was allowed since he's acting as a Wizard. Does that rule only apply to magic armor?

    Any help is appreciated!
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