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    Magnetised Chaos Baneblade Project Log - Concept Pics added

    Making a complete Chaos/ Khornate conversion of the Baneblade, with a Titan thrown in for good measure. Oh yes - my attempt at a Titan Baneblade!

    (EDIT: see post of 9 Dec for concept pics)

    Although I have an army of over 5000 points, this is my first ever kit assembly. Not for nothing is my army known and feared as the Chaos Horde of Ebay. As my Khorne Lord Nauzagedyn of Purgatio says,

    "The sweat of others is the greatest sweat of all!"

    Ick, frankly, but that's what he says, and it makes a change from, "BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD!" I can tell you.

    Given such lack of experience, it either shows an unrealistic and nave ambition on my part or a level-headed desire to work with very large and forgiving pieces that I chose the Baneblade.

    But – I am not going to make it easy on myself – no, anyone with opposable thumbs, an iota of post-Cambrian evolution and a non-vegetative mental state can put a kit together! (Dammit, I just ruled myself out!) No – I am not only going to fully magnetise this mother, I am going to Chaos-ify it to the Eye and back. Indeed, as my Khorne Lord says,


    Good. He's back to his old self, again. Moving on.

    I started by reading a few reviews of the Baneblade kit and building guides, and here they are, in no particular order:-





    as well as a couple of excellent magnetising guides:-


    2. This is the one I followed.

    I also went to The Wookie Hole - - and ordered some spare side armour panels and top track plates so I could configure the tank without sponsons for AV14. (However, I see that the Wookie Hole don't distinguish (or don't realise there is a difference) between left and right versions of these plates, so you might want to wait and order once they have twigged to this. I have emailed them.)

    Moving on.

    A poor workman blames his tools. A good workman surpasses his. A mediocre workman collects them like a squirrel in a nut factory and pretends they make him better than he really is. I have lots and lots of tools…

    These are the ones I used:-

    Side cutters. Indispensible. I got mine from Maplin.

    Rocket Max superglue, with fine applicator tip. Superb stuff. Stays where you put it, bonds in <10 seconds and fills any minor fitting gaps. I got mine from Antenociti's Workshop. I cannot imagine trying this build with GW's excuse for superglue. You can get the fine applicator tips on Ebay – ten for 1. Search for "non clog applicator tips micro precision cyano glue"

    Needle files. For smoothing out the pieces after they are cut from the sprue. Maplin again.

    Long nose pliers. From Maplin. Indispensible for precision lifting and placing duties, general grabbing and holding as well as snapping off tiny bits of plasticard. The only things you can't use them with are:-

    Supermagnets. 3mm x 1.5mm. I got 50 for 3 from Ebay. Use a toothpick with a tiny bit of bluetack on the end to move these guys about. See the pic below - more on that later.

    • A Spot Face Cutter. A what? One of these:-

    It cuts smooth holes in plastic in the blink of an eye, and the diameter just happens to be 4mm, making it perfect for putting my magnets in! I used to make headphone amps and condensers, so I have loads of this kind of thing lying around. I got this one from Maplin. A pin-vice or a Dremel will do just as well, although the Dremel might melt the plastic if you raise the speed too high.
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