hello, here is my first 2k point empire list for ya! if you could comment that would be great! btw, i know flagellants arn't the best, but i really want to try them out. thanks!

Lords: General of the Empire; barded horse, dawn armor, sword of power, shield, goes w/ knights [179 points]

Hero's: Captain of the Empire; BsB, sword of justice, armor of metric iron, goes w/ big swordsmen unit [120 points]

wizard; doomfire ring, lv. 2 [130 points]

wizard, rod of power, lv. 2 [130 points]

Core: 20 swordsmen; full command, det. 8 handgunners, det. 8 spearmen w/ shields [257 points]

24 swordsmen; full command, det. 10 handgunners, det. 8 spearmen w/ shields [297 points]

9 knightly orders; full command, standard of arcane warding [277 points]

Special: 5 pistoliers; musician, outrider w/ repeater pistol [114 points]

great cannon [100 points]

Rare: helstorm rocket battery [115 points]

20 flagellants; prophet of doom [210 points]

well thats it! thanks again