Well, thanks to a chap at my local games haunt and the exceptional work of Col. Gravis I've been bit by the Praetorian bug (Well the fact I watched Zulu again the other day might have had something to do with it ). Unfourtunaley I don't have the considerable funds needed to assemble a geuine Praet army. Therefore I found a solution: to convert one. However I'm not good enough to sculpt pith helmets and new tunics over Cadians like most Praetorian players. But I can do fuzzy blobs.

That said I decided to model a 40k rendition of the immortal Grenadier Guards Regiment (you've seen the guys in the big bearskin hats standing outside Buckingham Palace? That's them.) I'll be deploying them using the Grenadiers doctrine (no brainer) and they'll form the basis of my Praetorian army until I can amass enough old school Praetorian infantry models.

Fluff wise I figure that just as the Queen has several elite Household Regiments assinged for ceremonial and protection purposes, so to does the Lord Govenor of Praetoria. But like the Grenadiers of old (and today if you check) these chaps will be a combat force.


Close Order Drill
Iron Discipline
Carapace Armor
Die Hards

Coversion is pretty simple. Since the army is made up of stromtroopers plastic cadians are fine (with the armor and all, remember standard Praetorians don't actually wear armor) All I really need to do is sculpt bearskins over the Cadian helmets.

I already have half a squad done and I'll try to get some pics up as soon as I can get my digital camera working.